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  • Nath with biggest fish of the week ' Diamond Geezer ' 56lb 13oz.
  • ' HobNob ' at 48lb from Tea party 2.
  • ' Splash ' 39lb 6oz.
  • Nath slipping his PB back.
  • Rig of choice for Nath.
  • Dave in the Beach with ' Castro ' at 42lb 15oz.
  • ' Long Common ' for Jay at 51lb.
  • Jay with ' Charlie ' 47lb.
  • Jay's rig of choice in the Beach.
  • Neil in Decoy with a pristine common.
  • Lloyd in Double Boards.

Nath with biggest fish of the week ' Diamond Geezer ' 56lb 13oz.


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/03/2024

Red letter Session For Tea Party 2!


Spring is certainly here, hot temperatures in the days to lows at night, with strong winds coming our way and plenty of rain it was going to be a challenging week ahead. from the scorching hot temperatures we had last week take a read to see how the weather had an impact on this week’s catch rate.


Kicking of the week with Nathan Collins in Tea Party 2, Nath started out the week taking my advice and following on from Terry the previous, same tactics 22.5 wraps left of the Dot island to the far margin. Once again a slow couple days but we did have a total different weather forecast this week and for sure it slowed the activity down, Nath kept consistent on his spots and what an end he had to his week landing a new PB ‘ Diamond Geezer ‘ at a big 56lb 13oz!! and not to forget another 13 fish graced his net this week, another cracker was ‘ HobNob’ at 48lb. Yellow hand craft hook baits soaked in Isotonic Goo  in 12mmwith a IB SSM topper doing the do for Nath linked up to a IQ-D Rig feeding our House Mix Particle over the top with Mainline Cell boilies glugged heavily in Smart liquid, Nath was just topping his spot up after every bite with 10 midi X’s. Good angling mate well done.


Next of we have David Pearce coming out ball 8 and landing the famous Beach swim! Same again taking my advice and fishing the usual 23.5 wraps up tight to the bund Dave was steady away catching fish every morning around 7am, Dave did manage 7 bites to 42lb. Dave’s brother Jay was pegged up next door in Dunkirk and they agreed to get Jay in on the action in the Beach…. So you can guess what happened, Jay went and bagged the biggest 2 fish from the swim this week with the ‘ Long Common ‘ smashing his PB at 51lb and then backing it up with ‘ Charlie ‘ at 47lb!! good angling jay showing your brother how its done. Something different was used by the two was Mainline Quads Hook baits in white acting as wafters on a Spinner set up with a size 4 Kurve, the pair was baiting from the bund at first light with Mainline Cellin 15mm chopped and 10mm mixed up with House Maize and then after each bite just topping up the spot.


Neil Anderson made his way to the Road lake for the first time this week and what a way to start landing in Decoy. Following on from the week before Neil fished down the right margin at 17.5 wraps smack at the Christmas trees, yet again Decoy was a slow starter to the week and Neil really was patient and just kept plugging away all week and manged 7 bites come Saturday morning. A scrapper 30 common was the best for Neil this week, trying a zig up and down the layers every day but it was just the rods on the deck that done the bites and it was evening time that seemed to be bite time this week. Spinner Rigs fished over House Maize that he was spooning in from the bund meaning keeping the baiting to minimal noise.


Ryan Mundan had his work cut out this week in turtles with big gusty winds smashing straight into his face! Choosing to fish the shorter spots was key for Ryan at 17 wraps up the margin, this made the fishing a lot more enjoyable instead of casting into the savage wind in open water. It was just a couple of fish for Ryan to low 20 falling to solid bags with pink squid wafterswith a small dashing of maize over the top soaked up in squid Smart liquid.


Lloyd Smith started out in the Goo, after a few nights the fish seem to be holding up to the far margin in Double Boards so Lloyd got on his feet and made the move. Little traps with a small offering of Sticky Krillover the top on a Blow Back Rig with a bottom baithe done 2 fish on his first night in the new swim to 29lb. unfortunately for Lloyd the fish did move out and he finished the week on just the 2 bites.


It was a bit of a thrusting week this time around on the Road Lake, with it being on fire the week before the fish defiantly wasn’t up for it this week…  but that’s spring fishing!


For now all the best,



Team Gigantica.