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  • We recommend the use of at least 3.25lb TC rods on the Road Lake. We hire out the Infinity's at Gigantica.
  • Minimum of 0.40mm diameter mainline. We recommend Korda Touchdown in 15lb.
  • If you're fishing at long range, give the Tapered Subline 12-40lb a go.
  • A good quality Spod Rod is an essential piece of kit. We hire out the X45 Spod and Marker.
  • Daiwa Spod reels are true workhorses, that cope brilliantly with the demands of Gigantica.
  • We will advise you of the distances in wraps the the fish are being caught from.
  • The majority of anglers use the Spomb to deliver their free offerings.
  • A big, strong, sharp hook will help you convert more chances.We stock them in the on site tackle shop.
  • Running leads are brilliant for dealing with fish used to encountering semi-fixed setups.
  • We provide scales and weigh crooks at Gigantica.
  • We provide retention slings, so please leave your's at home.
  • Our big unhooking mats are perfect for the Gigantica monsters. Please leave your's at home.

We recommend the use of at least 3.25lb TC rods on the Road Lake. We hire out the Infinity's at Gigantica.


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Rods - We recommend fishing rods with a test curve of at least 3.25lb. This will give you the option of fishing all the swims effectively. It is better to be the master of a stiffer set of rods than reduce your options when you get a good draw. Come prepared to fish anywhere from the margins up to 100yds and you will be fine. Sets of Daiwa Infinity X45 3.75tc rods are available for hire, so you don't need to splash out on powerful new rods just for your visit.


Reels and line - We recommend the use of a big pit type reel with a large spool that is filled up to the rim. Line diameter must be a minimum of 0.40mm (15lb Touchdown), or you can use a Tapered Longchuck Mainline but the thinnest section must be at least 0.33mm (Tapered Longchuck 12-30lb).


Baiting Up - A good quality spod rod and reel loaded with braid are an essential requirement. We quite regularly see people “cheap out” in this department and struggle to get the bait out time after time. We recommend a test curve in the region of 4.25lb with a fast recovery. The Daiwa Longbow X45 Spod and Marker or Korda Kaizen Spod rod combined with the Daiwa Spod Reel are perfect for the job. We have the Daiwa Spod rod and reels available for hire at the lake.


Terminal Tackle - The deep clear waters of Gigantica are not only beautiful, but they allow your terminal tackle to stick out like a sore thumb if consideration isn’t given to matching it to the lakebed. We recommend the use of gravel/clay coloured components. Big, strong, sharp hooks are the name of the game. Size 4 Kamakura Barbless have been used a lot with great success since their release. Fish confidently and use efficient rigs which you have total faith in. Don’t be tempted to try a new “wonder rig” when you visit. 


For longer range fishing, the helicopter rig is used a lot at Gigantica as it casts so well and rarely tangles. However, we feel the mechanics of the heli-rig do have some limitations for nailing the fish. We regularly get anglers telling us of occurrences where they had what appeared to be a pick-up, but it didn’t develop into a full-blown run. A running lead system (as opposed to semi-fixed) definitely helps solve this problem.


Carp Care Equipment - We take our biosecurity very seriously at Gigantica and provide you with all the equipment needed to land, weigh and care for the carp you catch. This includes a landing net, unhooking mat, weigh sling/retainer and weigh crook. Please ensure you don’t bring these items with you.

Please bring your own scales which will go over 60lb.  We recommend the Korda 120lb scales or simular.