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We have 3 golden rules, if you follow them everything else listed will have already been covered, the golden rules are, Respect the Venue, The Fish and other anglers!

We have explained the reasons behind our rules to help you understand why they are there.

Respect the Venue

  1. No fish are to be taken off site or even out of your swim under any circumstances.
  2. Drug and Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, those found intoxicated will be asked to leave and will be placed on a collective fishery ‘black list’, preventing them from visiting numerous waters all over France.
  3. We wish to record the growth of every carp so please photo both sides of every fish and record the capture on the catch report forms provided.
  4. 3 rods are allowed per angler, all 3 rods must be in the same swim. More rods does not equal more runs on this venue.
  5. There should be no reason to cut back any vegetation, if something is in your way call the bailiff and he will prune it for you.
  6. Car Parks have been created close to each set of swims to hide your cars from view thus creating the most ‘natural’ landscape possible. Please keep your cars in the car parks once your gear has been dropped off at your swim.
  7. Anglers must leave by 10am on Saturday morning and new customers must not arrive before 12 noon, gates will be locked. The draw will be at 1pm after everyone has a chance to look around.
  8. The draw will be hosted by the bailiff by way of a watercraft draw. Each angler picks a number from the hat, which dictates the position which you will select your swim (Ball Number 1 gets first choice, Number 2 second etc). Your name will be written on the lake map when you choose your swim.
  9. Please bear in mind French law has a zero tolerance to alcohol in the blood; one drink will put you over the limit and could cost you your licence.
  10. Toilets and showers are available for use 24 hours a day. There is constant hot water and complimentary tea and coffee. Please leave these areas in a condition suitable for your own mum to use! Please aim true, flush your cares away and leave as you find, thank you!

Respect the Fish

  1. To stop disease Unhooking Matts, Landing Nets, Weight Slings, Buckets, Carp Care Kits are provided, yours will be tagged and stored if you bring them with you.
  2. Make sure all fins are flat against body before lifting fish and always carry fish back to the water in our weigh sling. If a fish is damaged use the carp care kits on body or mouth as shown, split fins must be referred to the bailiff before releasing the fish, please retain in your net in margins until he arrives.
  3. No carp sacks are allowed on site, if you are found with one you maybe asked to leave! Our bailiff will make pictures if your neighbour will not do it. The bailiff wants’ to see all fish over 50 pounds, day or night.
  4. Barbless hooks only, this is to reduce mouth damage and allows a snagged fish to escape, various patterns are available to buy on site. If a hook snags in your clothing it is not barbless!
  5. No Long Curved Shank hooks, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailer etc, they cause too much mouth damage in the wrong hands.
  6. Use any lead system you like providing the fish can free itself from the lead if the line breaks. .
  7. Braided reel line is NOT allowed nor are shock leaders of any material, braided, Flouro or Mono. We do allow tapered Mainline but its minimum diameter must be NO LESS than 0.33.
  8. No leadcore, "lead free" leaders or shock leaders on fishing rods. Safe Zone leaders ARE allowed.


  1. Shelf life or preserved boilies (hookbaits excluded) are not allowed because of poor nutritional content and excessive break down times. Secure freezers are available for fresh boilies at no charge. Boilies will be tagged and released from the freezer as you wish via the bailiff.
  2. Mainline Baits fresh frozen boilies are available at subsidised rates. Pop ups are also available to compliment the base mixes along with high attract versions.
  3. Particles are allowed but they must be prepared by us on site in advance of your arrival. All particles are soaked and boiled in lake water for maximum attraction. Refills of particles should be ordered 24 hours before required to give us time for soaking and preparation. An up to date price list will be included in your booking pack that you will receive after booking your trip.
  4. Pellets must be ordered from us in advance, own pellets are not allowed to ensure the most attractive and nutritional diet for the carp. You will see that prices for both particles and pellets match those of bulk prices from UK grain/pellet merchants. Profit margins are kept low to reduce your cost of using top quality loose feed. If you like our pellets and exclusive boilies you are welcome to stock up for your fishing back home.
  5. We do not allow the use of any nuts for hook baits or for loose feed, you may use Maize for hook baits if you like. Please do not abuse our policy, if you are found feeding or using nuts you WILL be asked to leave.

Please remember that the boilie’s, particle and pellets we supply on site are fed each and every week and as such Gigantica fish see them as an almost natural food source. The particles available are fed right through the winter months when the lake is closed to the public, this maintains high weights, continual feeding and great conditioning. As such the fish should be as active in early spring as they are in high summer!

Respect other Anglers

  1. To maintain swim boundaries a map has been created, please keep within your boundaries.
  2. You must cast your rigs from the bank, no boating rigs out.
  3. Remote controlled boats are not allowed because they cause too many boundary disputes
  4. If anyone appears intoxicated they will not be allowed to use their boat until they have sobered up!
  5. Permanent markers are an eyesore so they are not allowed, cast your marker from the bank.
  6. We want everyone to have a great holiday so please keep music to a very low level and be aware your voices travel in this quiet part of the countryside. Complaints will be dealt with swiftly!

No angler under the age of 14 are allowed on the Road Lake. 

Road Lake Rules

  • No fish are to be taken off site or even out of your swim under any circumstances.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, those found intoxicated will be asked to leave and will be placed on a collective fishery ‘black list’, preventing them from visiting numerous waters in France.
  • 3 fishing rods max per angler and all fished in the same swim. No stalking and fishing from named swims only.
  • There should be no reason to cut any vegetation, if something is in your way contact our bailiff team.
  • Cars must be parked in the nearest car park to your swim, after unloading.
  • No fires allowed this includes all forms of barbeques.
  • Anglers must leave the venue at 10am on your day of departure. 
  • No leadcore, lead free leaders or shock leaders on fishing rods. Safe Zone Leaders are allowed and can be used.
  • Braided mainline is NOT allowed on fishing rods, spod and marker rods is fine.
  • Minimum line diameter is 0.40, we recommend Korda Touchdown 15lb in weed and with a rod like the Infinity 3.75lb will get you well over 120yds with no leader anyway.
  • You can use tapered knotless lines, such as Tapered SubLine providing the thinner part of the line is 0.33mm (12lb – 40lb).
  • Zigs can take a lot of fish in the warmer months on the Main Lake, for this we do allow lighter hook links of 0.30 (10lb) as a minimum. You MUST dump the lead to have the best chance of landing the fish that you hook.
  • Barbless hooks ONLY, we do carry out rig checks at random.
  • No Pike fishing.
  • No Dogs or any other animals allowed.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the Main Lake. Children of the age of 14 or above are allowed on the Road Lake providing they are supervised by an adult.
  • No bait boats.