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Gigantica couldn't be easier to find!

245 miles from Calais, Sat Nav quotes 3 ½ hours to travel.

If using sat nav, type in, Saint Christophe Dodinicourt and it will take you to the main road than runs past the lake. The town of St Christophe Dodinicourt is ½ mile past the lake so if you get to the town you have gone too far.

On Saturday mornings there will be a large sign with the Gigantica logo on it by the side of the road. We are on the left if you are coming from Lesmont which is the next nearest town and the through route from the A26 motorway.

Directions to the lake – drive on the Right!

  • From Calais follow A26 Paris
  • Once on the A26 follow Reims, do not follow A1 Paris!
  • After 1 ¾ hours and before Reims the A26 becomes the A4, stay in the direction of Reims on the A4 motorway, the toll at Reims is 32.90 €
  • After Reims follow A26 Troyes pronounced ‘Twa’
  • The A4 will become the A26 once more, keep following Troyes
  • Leave A26 at Junction 21, 45 mins south of Reims
  • Through automatic tolls, have credit card or correct money 12.70 €
  • Just past tolls there is a roundabout, turn right to Brienne Le Chateau
  • Follow Brienne Le Chateau for 15 miles on same road, passing through various villages inc Pougy
  • After 15 miles you will hit a T junction, turn left into Lesmont, pronounced ‘Lemont’
  • Out other side of Lesmont then turn left after 1 mile at filter lane signed St Christophe
  • Dodinicourt, Gigantica is 1 ½ miles down on the left hand side, look for the Signage.
  • Gigantica is the biggest lake on this road and is easily seen from the road.

Back to Calais

Once in Lesmont the right turn to the A26 is just after the river.
Once through the first tolls follow A26 Reims, not Troyes!
Once through Reims on A4 follow A26 Calais just after built up area, its easy to miss it!
The A26 has kilometre counters every 100 meters, its helps the journey to fly by!


There are two tolls on route, one at Reims and the other at Junction 21. Please allow approx 30 euros for the tolls.

Speed Limits

80 mph 130 kmh on dry motorway
68 mph 110 kmh in the rain
Speed traps are common on A26 and cameras are on A4 through Reims
50 mph on country roads
30 mph through towns and villages
Police Love to speed gun in the towns and country roads, take it easy!