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  • Only our particle is allowed at Gigantica.
  • Mainline Fyber was designed for us specifically for feeding in the colder months.
  • Why not bring your partner along for the week.
  • We've even had marriage proposals at Gigantica.
  • It's really special place to wake up on a morning.
  • Spend a week away with your mates, and celebrate each others captures.
  • When dreams come true and you land your new PB.
  • Don't worry about changing Euro's, we accept card at Gigantica.
  • We've even had the odd waif and stray pop in for a photobomb!
  • You certainly won't need these when you come to visit us!
  • You've got to get obligatory mates trip group photo......great memories.
  • What an amazing place to spend a week.
  • Up close and personal with a Superbeast.
  • Back you go......thanks for the memory.
  • Spectacular sunsets await you at Gigantica.

Only our particle is allowed at Gigantica.


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Can I use particles at Gigantica?


Yes, we allow the use of our own particles, which we prepare freshly for you. The mixed particle consists of hemp and maize or we can supply just maize on its own. We do not allow the use of any other particles.


Are nuts allowed?


No nuts are allowed at Gigantica, as they have previously been fed in excess which isn’t good for the fish. In the event that the crayfish are really active in your swim, we will provide a pot of Tiger Nuts to help combat them if we deem it necessary.


Can I use pellets?


Yes, we allow the use of our own house pellets. They are a premium grade pellet which the stock fish have been reared, therefore making them a recognised food source. No other pellet is allowed for loose feed on site.  You may bring smaller pellets for solid bag use, but not for loose feed.


Can my partner and family accompany me to Gigantica?


Non-angling guests are welcome at Gigantica. No guests below 14 years of age are permitted on the Road Lake. The cost for non-angling guests is £225 for the week, which includes the same food package and use of our facilities as the angler.


Can I bring my dog with me?


No animals are allowed at Gigantica.


Can I use my own landing net and weigh sling?


No. We provide all nets, mats, slings and weigh crook at Gigantica, which must be used. We take our biosecurity very seriously, to reduce the risk of infection to our precious stock.  Please bring your own scales and carp care kits.


When do the fish spawn?


This is entirely based on the weather conditions, so we cannot predict when it will happen a long way in advance. In what is perceived as a “normal” year, the carp usually spawn in May, and are finished by the end of June.


Are there any short to medium range swims, as I can’t cast a long way?


There are no swims on the Road Lake which require casts beyond 100 yds, with the majority being fished regularly at 80yds or less. Swims to consider if you want to fish at less than 60 yds are the Cage, Decoy, Poo, Goo and Double Boards.


Are shelf life boilies allowed?


No. Only fresh or fresh frozen boilies are allowed at Gigantica.