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The number one question for our bailiffs is what are the best rigs? The answer; a simple yet aggressive one with a SHARP HOOK! Far too many people use hooks when they have gone blunt, which means the rig can be mouthed many times by the Carp without catching hold. If in doubt change the hook even if you haven't caught anything. Check your hook before EVERY cast.

The rule is, scratch the hook down your nail, if it digs in with the lightest of pressure its sharp, if it skates across its not. This can be the difference between you getting a bite, or the fish getting away with it.

Barbless Rule

Barbless hooks will not fall out if the rig is right and the fish is played correctly. For Braided and Stripped Coated braids on Combi Rigs, we suggest an aggressively angled piece of shrink tube to help the hook flip and turn; which also helps the hook stay in during the fight.

For straight mono links such as the IQ D-Rig, this is not necessary, as the stiffness of the line causes the hook to flip like a piece of shrink tube. 15lb or 20lb Korda IQ2 to a size 4 Kurv Shank B is a great combination of stiffness and hook pattern.

Common Mistakes

Angler who insist on using small hooks, experience far more aborted takes, and fish losses during the fight. - small hooks do not catch hold as easily in the huge mouths of the Carp, and their finer wire is more likely to slice out during a long battle. We recommend nothing samller than a Size 6 hook on the Road Lake, but encourage at least a Size 4. The Carps' mouths are huge and the fights long, so gear up to land the fish.