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We currently stock a Mainline Prototype Toffee bait (FYBER) which has done brilliantly on the Main Lake during winter 2016/17. It is available in 18mm with Wafters and Pop-Ups to match. In summer 2017 we will be stocking a new fishmeal bait from Mainline, full details to follow

Please bring only fresh/frozen boilies (no shelf-life boilies allowed), we have large freezers on site for you to store your bait in (max 20kg per angler) during your session. Shelf life hookbaits are allowed such as pop ups or glugged bottom baits.

10kg of Mainline frozen boilies costs 120 Euro's, which you can leave in the freezer during your stay, and take as much as you require. For bait orders of 50kg or more the price reduces by 5 Euro's per 10kg to 115 Euro's. If you don't use it all simply take it home and use it there.

Other good quality freezer baits work well such as, Sticky Baits, Bait Works, Essential Baits and Nash Bait.


Pop-Ups and Wafters are available on site to complement the current stocked boilies, priced at 9 Euro's, which equals the retail price in the UK. 

*Tiger Nuts can be used as hook baits only and must be supplied by us.  These will not be sold in bulk for baiting up. Please do not abuse our policy, if you are found to be feeding Nuts you WILL be asked to leave, we take our fishes health that seriously.


Only particles prepared on site by us may be used at Gigantica, to ensure we know that the particles have been prepared correctly. Our particle mix is made up of Maize and Hemp. This gives the fish an excellent source of vegetable protein, lots energy and lots of roughage for good digestion. A 5kg bucket costs 10 Euro's. Hemp is twice the price of "normal" particles in France, so we are forced to sell it at 15 Euro's for 5kg. Please order your bait in advance by phone 01268 820 440 or by email Should you require more particles during your stay we require 24 hours’ notice to get them ready for you. Please bring your own buckets to store it in.

No Maggots are allowed, Dead or Live.


Our Carp Pellet which is primarily vegetable based has gone into the lake in large quantities, resulting in the fish accepting it as an almost natural food source.

Please do not bring your own pellets for loose feeding, as we want to have control over the level of fish oils our carp ingest. You may bring your own pellets for PVA bags providing you make the Fishery Manager aware of them at the start of the week. Please do not abuse our policy, if you are found to be feeding Pellets which have not been supplied by us you WILL be asked to leave.

A 25Kg sack of our Pellet costs 60 Euro's. Alot of anglers buy a sack of pellet, share it between them, and split the cost.


Prior to spawning, bites on the bottom tend to come over smaller amounts of bait accurately placed. Zig Rigs are also a good alternative tactic to try. Black foam presented in the upper layers tend to be the most productive. At this time of year 10-15kg will most likely be enough for the week. Starting off with 1/2 a kilo and build up if you are getting bites.


Once the fish have spawned bites tend to come over larger beds of boilies. If you are fishing with boilies only we suggest 20-30kg for the week (July onwards) starting with 2-3kg on Day One, topping up with 100 baits after every fish, the fish will tolerate feeding over their heads when they are ‘having it’ due to the depth of water.