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  • Mixed Particle and Pop-Ups is a great approach to use in the early Spring.
  • Try crumbing the bait and adding liquids when the water is still cold.
  • Mainline Fyber was designed for us specifically for feeding in the colder months.
  • Small quantities in the early part of the years works better.
  • The Spomb usually rules in the Spring.
  • The "buffet theory" works well after spawning
  • If you can bait from the bank, it makes life much easier.
  • Mainline Fyber and maize is a great option in the transition to summer.
  • Mainline Link is a brilliant fishmeal to use in the summer.
  • Don't be one dimensional with your baiting. Chops work great in the edges.
  • We sell Link Wafters in the shop....and they've caught hundreds of fish!
  • Boilie and pellet are a great summer combination.
  • Mainline Link smells so good.....and the carp love it!
  • Glazing you baits in Hemp or Fossil lets you know when the fish are on your spot.
  • Soaking baits in lake water prior to introducing them has had spectacular results for some anglers.
  • Pre-soaking your baits really can be an edge when baiting frequently.
  • The throwing stick is also a good option to keep trickling the baits in.

Mixed Particle and Pop-Ups is a great approach to use in the early Spring.


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Available Spaces
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Spring - The biggest mistake people make in spring is to fish it like it’s summer or autumn and arrive hell bent on fishing at range in 20+ feet of water over 20kg of bait. We are not saying the longer spots in deeper water won’t produce, but the bait and baiting situation needs to be scaled down. A mix of our particles and chopped boilie, with a couple of kilos is enough to get you started. If you have a productive marginal spot that is definitely worth a rod, as you may well be in 8-12 feet of water, instead of 20+, which can make a big difference. 


Zigs - If you do fish one rod on a zig please use barbless hooks, a minimum of an 11lb hooklink and fish to dump the lead on every bite. Black foam still gets most bites sometimes topped with a flash of red or yellow. Brown can also produce and adding Goo or a glug can get extra bites. Frequent recasting with that one rod can pay dividends. 


Summer/autumn - This is peak feeding season for the fish and the time of year where they usually come to bigger beds of bait. With the extra fish in the lake people have under-estimated how much bait they will eat when they turn up on you. We advise at least 5kg to get you started and if you are catching the smaller fish, an increase to 7-8kg will often satisfy them and leave plenty for their bigger friends.


We recommend a top quality fishmeal such as Mainline Link, introduced by Spomb or throwing stick. You can also mix some of our pellet through at a 50/50 ratio if you are on a budget or want to get the spot rocking. The fish love our pellet, having seen tonnes of it introduced to the lake. The addition of some hemp oil, fossoil or liquid food can also add that extra bit of attraction and make your bait stand out.


That said, not all the swims respond well to a heavy baiting approach. The corner swims can be as productive as open water, but you don’t get as much passing traffic as the open water swims. 2-3 kg initially with a wide spread is a much better option in these swims. The golden rule is only bait for a maximum of three days, then stop and wait for the fish to turn up. Continued baiting every day can ruin your swim if the fish are not clearing it up.