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  • Ian With Stubby for the second time!
  • Ian With Nailed at 51lb part of his morning brace!
  • Ian with Jack at 45lb, what a brace of carp to have from the road lake
  • Ians simple but effective rig choice
  • How the Rig looked before being cared out
  • Simple yet affective Straight boil approach
  • Mable at 57lb 4oz
  • Dean with the Archer at 50lb
  • Dan With Bomb Head at 47lb

Ian With Stubby for the second time!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/10/2022

So, with Autumn well and truly here with winter on the horizon, the trees around the lakes are turning with the first drop of the leaf’s, with a run up to a full moon as well it would be interesting to see how the fish reacted. 


Dan Evans fished the Poo and set out fishing long out the poo at 14 wraps, baiting with 4kg of link boilie, chops and the on-site maize a day over the spot. This soon paid off on Tuesday morning landing his pb in form of boilie Head at 47lb2oz. Sticking to his spots, kept the fish coming landing 4 fish with the last bite coming on Saturday morning before reeling in. This scrapped past his old PB and landing a fish called the model at 48lb. Dan Fished Spinner rigs with 12mm link pop ups.  


Chris fishing in the Beach, sets his stalls out with big baits in attempts to pick out the bigger carp. Baiting with straight boilie in 18 and 22mm asylum R1. He wasted no time in getting of the mark landing a 37lb and a low 20 on the first night! Quiet for the next couple nights it wasn’t until Tuesday morning he managed a new PB in form of mable at 57lb 4oz. Well done mate. The following morning Chris was rewarded with another 50 in form of Jam boy at 50lb 9oz being a new 50 for the road! Chris approach was to fish 2 spots one at 21 wraps towards the bung and the other at 13 wraps towards decoy. Catching fish of both spots and fishing a simple hair rig with a matching 24mm wafter. Baiting up to 7kg a day. 


Ian Ockwell decided to settle in the Goo and fished a simple approach throughout the week, fishing straight royal marine boilies and a match the hatch on a standard hair rig. He started the week fishing 3 separate spots with a 1kg of boilie going over the top of each rod each day. Ian managed a fish early in the week from 6 wraps down the left marginal shelf, this went 35lb. Wednesday morning Ian had a brace of carp with one Jack at 45lb8oz and the other one being Stubby at 54lb. The following morning the 15-wrap spot produced again this time in form of Nailed at 51lb. just goes to show simple tactics and sticking to your guns can pay off! 


Darrell fished Tea party 2, despite struggling for the week he stuck to it and worked hard for his bites, landing 2 fish with the biggest being 31lb. Darrel opted to fish at 18wraps towards the far margin and baited with a spread of glugged up link boilies. Fishing solid bags over the top with large hook baits or in darrells words “donkey chokers”. 


Matt Mc in Tea Party 1 kept at it all week, fishing 2 spots one at 18 wraps towards turtles and the other 16 wraps straight out. Despite his efforts and constant baiting with maize and link boilie each day he only managed two fish up to 35lb 8oz but with it being a PB it’s what it’s all about!! Matt fished German rigs with DNA switch white dumbbells. Introducing around 5kg a day. 


Mark Whitney in Dunkirk set out fishing at 16 wraps straight out and baited with 4kg a day with a mixture of boilie, pellet and maize. Fishing spinners over the top with match the hatch or fake corn proved to do the goods, catching 4 fish up to 37lb 8oz.  


Dean Evans fished in Turtles and set out following on from recent form and fished at 20 wraps towards the dot island. It took a couple days for dean to figure out how to keep the bites coming but soon figured it out. Regular baiting to force a bite worked well, baiting with a mix particle and link boilies. Dean ended the week with 13 fish including a new PB and a new road lake 50, The Archer at 50lb, he also had the judge at 48lb. fishing spinners with 12mm link pop ups done the business for dean. 


Tight Lines