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  • Dave with Hansen at 64lb 8oz and a new top weight!!
  • Lauren with her new BP at 50lb 4oz with Broken tail
  • Laurens Rig and Lead set up for the week
  • Laurens bait mix
  • Ryan with Rons, not for his first trip to France!
  • Ryans Solid Bag set up
  • Ryans bait mix, simple as it comes house pellet and maize!
  • Callum with After work
  • Josh with Frankie
  • Josh big fish bag tactic
  • Josh with his solid bag set up

Dave with Hansen at 64lb 8oz and a new top weight!!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/09/2022

Korda Social 


Well, it is that time of year again for the Korda team to come across the Channel for the yearly social! With temperatures dropping and rain forecasted throughout the week… on paper it looked cock on for an Autumn carve up! But was this the case? Either way it was going to be a enjoyable week regardless!


First up we have Lauren Stanford, being 11th out the bag and picking The Poo, she had a right touch when one of the other anglers swapped swims with her, which lead to her Jumping Straight into Turtles. She wasted no time in getting set up and rods on the spot! After baiting with 5kg of sticky krill and corn it didn’t take long for Lauren to get off the mark, by 7pm a 30lb mirror graced the net. Topping the spot up with a few more kilo and rods repositioned, it didn’t take long to produce another bite, this time being 40lb10oz in form of Herman. Hitting the repeat button and along came a 49lb 8oz common called La Flair being a new PB!! But this didn’t last long as the following day she landed 3 more fish with the biggest being Broken Tail at 50lb 4oz! By Friday Lauren ended the week with 13 fish! Laurens bait mix was made up with 16 and 20mm Krill Boilie and corn, going through 50kg of bait throughout the week. Lauren found baiting little and often to be a better approach than baiting all in one go, keeping bites coming.  Rig choice was an IQD rig with 2 grains of fake corn. 



Sid Knockes fished Shingles and wasted no time getting of the mark with the fish being in the area. Sid started fishing at 13 wraps and spraying a couple hand full of boilies over the top. By 8pm on Saturday sid had landed 2 fish with the second one being sids biggest fish of the week at 42lb8oz called Mr Shady. After a couple fishless nights, Sid moved out onto the 18 wrap spot towards the dot island, baiting with a mixture of link boilie and maize, this triggered a couple of bites. Ending the week with 7 fish. A single knotless knot with a match the hatch out the bag link bottom bait did the trick for Sid. 


Ryan Gibbson AKA Des Taylor, first time in France carp fishing and only recently converted over to carp fishing from the match scene. Ryan decided to fish Tea Party 1 and was quickly off the mark after seeing fish showing in close, swiftly placing a solid bag over the top got him off the mark breaking his French virginity with a 21lb common… if only he knew what was yet to come. After a slow 24hrs after a little convincing of his ways we got him onto a spot at 18 wraps. this paid off as on the first evening he landed his PB of 36lb10oz a fish known as slab man. The match men in him paid of as being accurate and baiting little and often as well as baiting after every fish all throughout the night! Wednesday morning, he had a new PB of Maggie of 44lb! But more was yet to come. To cut a long story short, Ryan ended the week with 14 fish including one of the A team with Ron’s at 63lb4oz smashing. Proper red-letter session for Ryan, good angling and smashing his BP multiple times!!! Ryan approach was maize and pellet only, baiting between 5-8kg a day. Fishing solid bags over the top with a single grain of corn on the hair. 


Josh Smith fished Double Boards, after the long journey to the lake, he settled with putting solid bags out at 11 wraps of the back of our advice for the first night. This paid off as by 8pm he was into his first fish known as Boilie Head at 47lb. The following morning he had another bite this time being a 30lb9oz common. A few days past before Josh’s next bite but after a small amount of baiting from over the top of the spots. Thursday morning josh was in again this time with a fish called Frankie at 56lb3oz! To finish the week off the following morning josh had another bite this time being Percy at 40lb 12oz! Not loads of fish but what an average stamp!! Josh’s approach was a royal marine wafter inside a solid bag while feeding boilie and pellet over the top. 


Jordan Edwards jumped at the chance to be left alone in Billy no mates! Jordan decided to fish 20 wraps alongside the right-hand margin to the overhanging tree. Kick starting the first 24hr of with a 32lb mirror. Despite his efforts, Jordan managed to nick 3 other fish throughout the week but was unable to get amongst the bigger residents. Jordans bait choice for the week was hot shrimp boilie and maize putting between 2-5kg in a day. Then fishing hinge stiff rigs with matching pop ups over the top.


Corin fished Bachilliers for the week. Nicking small stocky on the first night by casting a solid bag to showing fish. There on out he set out fishing 3 on a spot at 23 wraps out and baiting with corn and pellet with solid bags over the top. This kept the odd bite coming but was unfortunate to pick out the better stamp of fish with the biggest being 27lb 2oz. 


Gary Stone set stalls in Birches knowing it had big fish form. After settling and losing one on the first night, Monday he set out fishing 2 rods at 18 wraps out over Krill boilie and maize. Early hours Monday morning this paid off as he landed a new BP of 55lb 4oz in form of Eye-Q caught on a spinner with a krill pop up. This was his only bite of the week but what a fish to have!


Brad Greening picked Decoy for the week going off its pervious form, unfortunately this wasn’t to be as the fish head up the other end but with perseverant, towards the end of the week brad managed to get amongst a few fish! By Tuesday brad had a new spot fishing straight out at 16 wraps to decide to bait lightly with boilie and corn. 2 days later the plan paid off with introducing no extra bait to the spot he was into a 49lb12oz common known as Breakfast O’clock. The following morning the same spot produced this time being cracker at 44lb2oz but the final night he had 4 fish with the pick of the bunch being AJ’s at 51lb and a new road lake 50!! Top angling from Brad on a difficult week. Bait choice for the week was hybrid boilie and corn. Whilst fishing a match the hatch wafter on a D rig. 


Rob Burgess jumped straight into the Beach going of pervious form. But same as brad the fish had other ideas! But by Tuesday morning he came through with a 43lb mirror known as sausage caught at 21 wraps towards the bung, caught over a bed of maize with a spinner rig presenting 2 grains of fake corn over the top. Due to circumstances rob had to cut his trip early and left on the Wednesday. 


Callum Stocks started the week in Dunkque thinking he could make something happen but unfortunate the fish had other ideas! Mid way through the week, Callum had the option to move into Tea Party 2. It took the first night to pass uneventful but a few changes of tactics the following morning soon changed that. Fishing 3 on a spot at 20 wraps and changing his approach from straight boilie with the throwing stick to baiting with a mixture of mainly crumb and whole boilies with a handful of corn. Alongside regular spombing this provided plenty of action.  Ending the week with 10 fish with the biggest being After Work at 50lb and a new BP!! 


Lastly, we have Dave Bendall who started his week in Turtles but this lasted a whole 30 minutes before he changed his mind and swapped swims with Lauren… why you may ask?? Well, the bloke came here for a f***** social so a social he had, ending up in the Poo near the fridge and next to good friend spencer in the goo (the Kray Brothers). Quiet all week but on Friday evening the lake rewarded Dave from his good Gesture at the beginning of the week by landing Hansen at 64lb8oz a new top weight and smashing Dave’s BP. Dave caught the fish on a D rig fished with Fake maize at 8 wraps to his right with a mesh bag of pellet! Previously baiting the spot 2 days before hand. 



Until Next Time 

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