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  • Luke Williams with his new PB "Mable" at 57lb 8oz.
  • Luke Williams with "Big Pec's" at 56lb 12oz.
  • "The Jackal" at 55lb 4oz for Mark Harrington.
  • Mark Harrington with "Troy's Chunk" at 55lb on the nose.
  • Steve mount with his new PB, "The Grey" at 50lb 8oz.
  • New PB for Mitch Moore, "Korda Social Common" at 50lb.
  • Mitch Moore with "Cheggars" at 38lb 12oz.
  • Ben Moore breaks his PB with "Long Common" at 49lb.
  • "Twin Patch" at 45lb 4oz for Ian Goodson.
  • 2nd forty of the week for Ian Goodson, "Not All About The Hat" at 44lb.
  • Nick Warburton's biggest fish of the week, "Hobnob" at 44lb 8oz.
  • Beast of a mirror known as "Huckleberry" at 44lb 8oz for John Allen.
  • John Allen with "Dylan" at 42lb.
  • Peter Smith smashes his PB with "The Traveller" at 43lb 12oz.
  • Check this stunner out for Antony at 18lb.

Luke Williams with his new PB "Mable" at 57lb 8oz.


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/10/2021


                                                    First full lake in a while… 



This week we had a full lake with 12 guests on, a few regular faces and some new ones. Temperatures were mid-teens with cold nights. It was the first time in a while that we had a full lake again. In the previous weeks we noticed that some fish would move to the areas where there was no angling pressure. As it was a full lake this wouldn’t be possible. Would it keep on fishing really well? Are PB’s going to be beaten? Would it be another 100+ fish week? Well let’s find out…..



Luke Williams accompanied by his dad had settled on Shingles for the week. After a quick chat with the bailiff he made a wise choice to fish all 3 rods at 18 wraps towards the dot island. A decent amount of bait (8kg) made up from Mainline Cell and mainline Hybrid boilies mixed with some maize went straight out on the spot. Blowback rigs with snowmen were fished over the top. Saturday night was quiet as he expected it to be after putting such a big bed of bait out on the first evening. Sunday at 11 am he got his first take, “Korda Social Common” at 47lb 12oz. Not a bad way to start the week off. A hours later and he was in again, this time with a lovely 30lb mirror. By the end of Sunday Luke had landed 4 fish already. Monday afternoon “Golden Virginia” at 39lb 8oz came for a visit. Tuesday saw 2 more fish being landed. Just before the BBQ on Wednesday Luke smashed his PB with “Big Pec’s” at 56lb 12oz… What a fish!! It only kept on getting better. Thursday another 2 fish were caught. Friday was a very special day for him! Kicking the day off with “Ruby Murray” at 41lb 12oz. The best was yet to come… Half an hour after dinner he had smashed his PB for the 2nd time this week, “Mable” at 57lb 8oz. Well what a week Luke has had, ending the week with 14 fish including 2 of the A-team. Well done mate J



On the opposite side of Shingles Mark AKA Moose Harrington had chosen The Poo.

Mark knew that The Poo often throws up a biggun and was eager to get started. 2 rods went straight out in front at 14 wraps with his 3rd rod aiming towards Turtles Corner at 12 wraps. Mainline cell mixed with our house pellet and maize was the chosen bait. Pop-Ups on spinner rigs were fished over the top. Getting off the mark early is always nice but getting off the mark with one of the A-team fish and a new PB is even better. That is exactly what Mark did when he landed a beast of a common in the early hours of Sunday morning. “Troy’s Chunk” at 55lb on the nose. Awesome mate! 24 hours later he had his 2nd fish of the week “Bronson” at 33lb 4oz. His next action came on Wednesday in the form of a 26lb 8oz common. Thursday morning saw one more fish being landed “Last Chance” at 37lb 12oz. Not a bad week so far but the icing on the cake was missing….. Friday at 3pm it all changed when he broke his PB for the 2nd time, this time by 4oz with “The Jackal” at 55lb 4oz…. This definitely was the icing on the cake!! What a week Mark has had! Awesome mate.



Next to Mark we had his good mate Ian Goodson in The Goo. Both Ian and Mark made a very good decision to both fish at the same distance, so all 3 rods went straight out in front at 14 wraps. This way they wouldn’t cut each other off, and it definitely worked in their favour. Simple spinner rigs with pop-ups were fish over a bed of Mainline Cell mixed with our house pellet and maize. It took a while before the fish moved on to him. His first action came on Tuesday, a new PB it was “Twin Patch” at 45lb 4oz. A few hours later and he was into another 40 pounder, “Not All About The Hat” at 44lb. Not a bad day for Ian with two 40s and a new PB. Wednesday 2 more fish were landed, a 35 lb common and “Gino’s” at 40lb on the nose. Ian ended the week with just over 6 fish including three 40s. Well done mate, there is a 50 pounder waiting for you to come back J



Mitch Moore gave it a go in New Beach for the week. He’s mum had booked this trip as a birthday gift (very kind mum!!!). It was his first time over here at the Gigantica complex. After reading the previous catch reports it was clear that New Beach was in very good form. He surly was buzzing to get started. All 3 rods went out at 21 wraps towards the bund. Bait choice was Mainline Cell mixed with maize. Spinner rigs with IB pop-ups were fished over the top. His first fish came on Sunday afternoon, a lovely 15lb stockie. Tuesday he was made up when he landed “Cheggars” at 38lb 12 oz which was a new PB. Thursday morning saw him have 4 takes resulting into 3 fish landed. The next morning“Fanta” at 32lb 8oz was caught, but the best was yet to come! Saturday morning at 5 am I received a phone call saying I have a possible 50 pounder…And yes it was a 50 pounder. “Korda social Common” at 50lb, which is now his new PB. It’s been a hard week, but the patience paid off for Mitch. Well done Mate!



All the way down in Bachilier’s we had Sacha Straube. Being down in a corner he chose to keep the disturbance to a minimum by fish 2 rods only. One went out at 16 ½ wraps with the other one at 17 ½ wraps. Mainline cell boilies were spombed over the top. Wafters on combi rigs were the chosen tactics. By Sunday morning he had landed 2 fish already. 48 hours later he had landed a 33lb common. The tactics were definitely working. Sacha caught steadily all week long. Friday morning saw him land his biggest fish of the week, a 44lb common. Sacha ended the week on 14 fish. Good angling mate!



Steve Mount found himself in Tea party 1. After seeing a few fish he chose to fish all 3 rods at 18 wraps. Mainline cell and maize were spombed out at 17 ½ wraps to allow the swing back in these depths of water. The following 48 hours were quiet, so a move was on the cards. Tea Party 2 was the chosen swim. All 3 rods went out at 14 wraps towards the big tree in the corner. The move definitely paid off when on Wednesday just after dinner he landed 2 fish, the best one being “the Grey” at 50lb 8oz which is a new PB. 2 more fish were landed by Saturday. It was hard going but the move definitely paid off.  Well in Steve!




Long time regular John Allen picked number 1 in the draw. Without any hesitation he chose Turtles Corner. John’s target for the week was to catch a minimum of 5 forties. He definitely could beat his target as there are over 120 forty pounders swimming around in the Road lake. 20 wraps towards the big tree in the corner was the chosen distance. 10mm pop-ups  on D-rigs were fished over a big bed of maize. Sunday morning he slipped the net under two 20 pounders.  A few hours later and he was one step closer to beating his target, “Norfolk Common” at 40lb 8oz was ready in the sling for some photos. The next day he was on 2/5 from his target when he landed “Dylan” at 42lb and a 25lb common. By Tuesday he was on 8 fish already. 12 hours later he was another step closer to his target (3/5) with “Huckleberry” at 44lb 8oz. John kept on catching all week long but unfortunaly no more 40 pounders came his way… Ending the week on 14 fish. Next time you will beat it John!




Over in Dunkerque we had Ben Moore who came together with his brother for the week. The chosen spot was 18 wraps towards the reeds on the far margin. Mainline cell boilies mixed with some maize was his bait choice. Combi rigs with snowmen were fished over the top. The first few days were quiet but after seeing Tea Party 1 come available he had a quick chat with the bailiff and moved straight into it. All 3 rods went out at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner. The move definitely paid off when landed “Long Common” at 49lb. Good angling that mate! The next day saw him play a 30lb common. Friday afternoon he got his last action in the form of “The Duke” at 34lb. Good angling mate, hope to see you soon again.



Nick Warburton who is all the way from Italy found himself in Billy’s for the week. Hearing what the swim had done in the previous weeks he was keen to get started. All 3 rods on spinner rigs with pop-ups went out at 20 wraps. Mainline cell boilies mixed with maize got spombed over the top. Nick had the dream start when he landed 31lb mirror within 2 hours of being here. It looked like it was going to be a busy week for him. His next bite came on Sunday, a 24lb common. Unfortunaly the fish moved of him for the next couple of days. Thurday they came back. He landed 3 fish, the best one being “Hobnob” at 44lb 8oz. On his last night he managed to bag one more, a 32lb common. Nice seeing you again mate J


Straight over from Billy’s Tom Smith had set up in The Birches. 2 rods went in short at 9 wraps towards the dead tree and his 3rd rod at 18 wraps just to the left of the 45-degree tree. Mainline Link boilies and maize were spombed over both spots. Combi rigs with wafters were fished over the top. In the early hours of Tuesday he managed to land a 15lb stockie. 24 hours later in the early hours of Wednesday he had picked up a 25lb mirror. You definitely deserved more fish. There is a reason for you to come back J Nice meeting you mate.


One swim down from The Birches we had Tom’s dad Peter Smith in The Brambles.

All 3 rods went out at 18 wraps towards the 45-degree tree. Simple hair rigs with wafters were fished over mainline cell boilies and maize. Peter’s first take came on Monday, a new PB “The Traveller” at 43lb 12oz… Well in mate!! It went quiet till Friday morning when he landed “Borris” at 35lb 12oz. Nice one Peter J



Last but no means least we have Antony in Decoy. Antony started off the week fishing all 3 rods in open water over a bed bait made up from mainline cell and maize. With no success he decided to move 2 rods down towards the bund at 16 wraps on Friday. He managed to pick up a lovely 18lb on the last night. See you soon mate!


Well what a week again. Loads of PB’s got smashed, loads of people got soaked. Ending the week with 63 fish including six 50s. It was my first time looking after a full lake. It was my pleasure looking after you all. What a great bunch of lads. Hope to see you all soon again!



Tight Lines,