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  • Clive Gibbins with "Big Mac" at 57lb 4oz.
  • "Korda Social Common" landed by Brad Greening during the Korda Social trip at 49lb 12oz.
  • One of many 40s landed by Brad this week......
  • Snowman fished on spinner rigs did the business for brad this week....
  • "The Nose" at 54lb..... The biggest of a brace of 50s for Lee Walton.
  • Lee Walton with "Frankie" at 51lb 12oz.....
  • Adding liquids can be a big edge to your fishing!
  • A brute of a common known as "Scorchio" at 38lb 8oz for Joe Turnbull.
  • Joe Turnbull with "Percy" at 36lb on the nose.....
  • Clive Gibbins put the new Basic Range through it's paces.
  • "Hansen" at 53lb 8oz came to visit Roger Hind.
  • Roger Hind with "The Submarine" at 42lb 12oz....
  • A Variation of hook baits were used by Joe Turnbull.

Clive Gibbins with "Big Mac" at 57lb 4oz.


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/09/2021

Clive Gibbins can’t resist a burger as he lands Big Mac this week…..


This week we have the Korda lads on for their annual ‘Korda Social’ trip. Normally they are a big bunch but because of COVID some couldn’t make it this year. Temperatures were in the low 30s at the start of the week and mid 20s towards the back-end of the week. With there only being 5 lads on would the fish move into the empty areas? Would it be another 100+ fish week? What I am sure of is that there will be lots of laughs! Lets get started…..




Let’s start the catch report off with Brad Greening who set his stall up in Turtles Corner for the week. After a chat with the bailiff and hearing what the swim did the previous week, he made a wise choice fishing all 3 rods at 21 wraps towards the big tree in the corner. Bait for the week was a mixture of Mainline Link & Cell mixed with our house pellet and maize. Spinner d-rig with the new Mainline Quads were fished over the top. It didn’t take long for Brad to get off the mark, a 31lb mirror and a 33lb mirror were in his net by 7pm. The next morning saw “Brooksey” at 24lb 12oz being landed. At 14h30 I got a call saying “I have a decent one in the sling”, it turned out to be “Flying Dutchman” at 44lb 12oz……and what a fish it was. In the early hours of Monday morning Brad had a double take which resulted in a brace of 40s, the biggest one being 42lb 4oz. A few hours later saw Brad into another fish, yes it was another forty at 44lb 12oz. On Wednesday Brad got his biggest fish of the week with “Korda Social Common” just under the magical 50lb at 49lb 12oz. Brad Caught steadily all week long, ending the week with over 25 fish, 7 of which were over 40lb. Well done mate, you fished it hard.



Over on the opposite side of the lake we have Joe Turnbull fishing in Tea Party 1. Having fished the road lake before Joe knows what this swim can produce so with no hesitation he got straight into it. 2 rods were deployed at 18 wraps towards Turtles Corner with the 3rd rod at 16 wraps towards the church spire. Mainline Cell & Link mixed with our house pellet was spombed over the top. Joe used a variety of hook baits (White pop-ups, Link bottom baits, snowman) fished on spinner rigs. 19h00 saw him land his first fish of the week from a 24lb common from the 18 wrap spot. The next morning a lovely 19lb 8oz mirror was landed from the 18wrap spot. With no action on the 16 wrap spot Joe moved all 3 rods towards Turtles Corner. The move paid off when “Scorchio” at 38lb 8oz was landed. Tuesday two 20 pounders were caught ( 24lb 8oz mirror and 22lb 4oz common).  The following morning I got a phone call at 2am, “The Seargent” at 38lb was the culprint. Joe finished off the week with a total of 10 fish. He fished it really hard and well but definitely deserved more fish. The bigguns just didn’t want to turn up this week in Tea Party 1. You have reason to come back Joe, the bigguns are waiting for you mate!!



Roger Hind AKA ‘Bullet’ chose Birches for the week. Birches has produced some big fish lately and Roger definitely continued that reputation it this week! Well I can’t tell you exactly where he was fishing as he doesn’t use distance sticks and doesn’t fish to a clip hahaha. What I can tell you though is which bait he used: Sticky Krill active boilies fished with a stick krill wafter over the top on booms and loops were used. The first action was on Sunday morning at 6am, a 34lb mirror. 3 hours later and his rod ripped off again, this time it was a bit bigger “The Submarine” at 42lb 12oz. The rest of the day saw 3 more fish being land with “Golden Virginia” at 40lb on the nose. Tuesday was big fish day for Bullet! Starting off in the morning with “TJ” at 46lb 4oz. A few hours later “Hansen” at 54lb 8oz chose to come for a cuddle. The rest of the week a few more smaller fish were landed. Roger you definitely made me laugh this week! Awesome mate! 



One swim down from Birches we have Clive Gibbins in Brambles. Clive wasn’t too keen on Brambles at the beginning of the week as it was very close to Bullet in Birches who does snore quite loudly and would keep Clive up all night haha. After markering around all 3 rods were fished out straight in front staggered between 17-18 wraps. Mainline Active-8 boilies were the freebies for the week which were deployed with the throwing stick. Clive opted to use the new Korda Basic Range this week. He used Ready tied rigs from the Basic Range with wafters. Sunday lunch time Clive’s first fish of the week was landed a 36lb Brambles. Clive picked up some stockies until Wednesday when the biggest fish of the week chose to turn up, a fish known as “Big Mac” at 57lb 4oz…… He somehow always manages to pick up the bigger fish…. He fished it really well and got rewarded with the biggest fish of the week.

Skills Clive!!!! 



Last but no means least we have Lee Walton up in Decoy. Lee was split between Decoy and Tea Party 1 but ended up choosing Decoy which definitely was a brilliant choice. 2 rods were fished at 14 wraps towards the bund with his 3rd rod at 18 wraps towards The Cage. He used Sticky Active Krill boilies in several different sizes where used. Krill wafters on D-rigs where fished on all 3 rods. Let me just say Lee definitely deserved all the fish he had this week, he worked the swim hard and the rewards where to be taken. Being off the mark early is always nice but starting your week of with a 40lb 8oz mirror is even better. Heading into the evening saw 2 more fish being landed from the 14 wrap spot.  Sunday at 2pm “Twin Patch” at 41lb 4oz chose to pick Lee’s krill wafter. Fish were caught all week steadily from decoy with a few 40s amongst them, just the 50s were missing, but guess what it all happened on Friday morning when Lee had a 3 takes resulting into “The Grey” at 43lb, “Frankie” at 51lb 12oz and “The Nose” at 54lb as the icing on the cake…… Lee you’re the man!!!!!



Well what a week it has been, totalling 73 fish. 3 x 50s, 20 x 40s with lots of 30s and 20s.

Not only was the fishing great but the company was amazing. I’ve met lovely people this week and had some great laughs! Lads it was an honour looking after you all!! Stay safe and hope to see you all very soon again!!!


Tight lines,