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  • KING OF THE LAKE, Roger was over the moon with Ron's at a mega 62lb!!.......
  • Roger McQueen - 39lb 8oz - The Poo - 21.08.2021
  • Roger McQueen - 46lb 4oz - The Poo - 21.08.2021
  • Brian Tuck enjoyed a very successful week in Tea Party one, here he is with "Frankie" at 52lb..........
  • Brian Tuck with "The Jewel" at 46lb.....
  • Proper two toner for Brian Tuck. "Humpy" at 31lb 8oz
  • Ian Young playing a fish up in Decoy
  • Deacon's biggest fish of the week. "Big Shack" at 51lb 4oz
  • "Broken Tail' at 45lb 12oz...... Recapture for Deacon Ollie.
  • A brute of a common known as "Snooki" at 42lb for Deacon Ollie.
  • How about landing this fish on your first evening..... "Eye-Q" at 48lb 12oz for Ian Young
  • NEW PB FOR IAN YOUNG!!!!! "2 Scale" at 50lb 8oz.....
  • "Unnamed Common" at 47lb 12oz.... Beast of a common for Ian Young
  • Simple spinner rigs with yellow hookbaits seems to be doing the business lately
  • One Spomb John Daly with "Charlie" at 41lb.....
  • This stunning common known as "Jam Boy" at 42lb decided to come and give Mark Birchmore a cuddle.
  • Mirrors like these are always welcome!!!
  • One of many big fish Andy Lewis had this week. "Le Flair" at 41lb.....
  • "The Grey Plated" at 42lb 4oz for Andy Lewis.
  • What a clean fish "Chamonix" is..... 36lb 8oz.
  • THESE FISH ARE HUNGRY!!!! Boilie and maize has been doing the business.
  • Just look at it, no words are needed to describe this fish. Louise Hempton was the lucky one to land it.
  • Phil the bailiff with "Century" at 37lb 4oz.....

KING OF THE LAKE, Roger was over the moon with Ron's at a mega 62lb!!.......


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 21/08/2021

Over the previous two weeks there have been over 100 fish caught. Will this week be the 3rd week in a row????


This week we have 9 anglers on Road Lake, including Phil the bailiff and his missus, Louise, who were  fishing together. Temperatures were in the mid-20’s, with some cooler nights. On the walk round it was obvious that the fish were spread over the whole lake, with quite a few in front of The Poo. As there are only 7 anglers in the draw everyone would get into a decent swim. Personally, I think every swim on Road Lake can produce fish if you put the work and effort in. Let’s get started…….


First in the draw was Ian Young who has fished Road Lake before. Coming out first in the draw is not always what you want as having the choice of the whole lake can be quite daunting. After a quick chat with the bailiff and seeing what the swim did on the previous week, Ian chose to set stall in “Decoy”. He started off fishing 2 rods down towards the bund at 14 wraps and set his 3rd  rod straight out in front, at 18 wraps, towards the old tree. Mainline Link and Cell, mixed with maize was his bait choice for the week. Hook baits were 2 bits of IB SSM on the short spot and a snowman on the longer spot. When fishing down towards the bund you can bait up by hand, that’s what Ian did. He spombed over his 3rd rod. If fishing at 18 wraps you would want to be spombing at 17 ½ wraps to allow for the swing back. Ian would agree with me when I say he had a session never to be forgotten. Saturday, just before dinner, Ian landed a lovely 17lb 8oz mirror from the long spot. 3 hours later at 9pm, I got a phone call with the words “I have a massive mirror in the net…..” Ian’s target for the week was to break his PB and guess what? It happened on the first evening of him being here! A fish known as Eye-Q at 48lb 12oz was the massive mirror. Ian was over the moon but it was only Saturday evening and there were loads more to come. Sunday morning he picked up a lovely 29lb 12oz from the long spot again which made him move one of his 14 wraps spot rods to the longer spot. Fishing 2 rods now at 18 wraps and one rod at 14 wraps towards the bund paid off as he picked up another 5 fish that day, with Mia, at 43lb, being the biggest. It slowed down a bit after that for Ian. He only picked up a couple of smaller fish until Wednesday, when he landed “The Korda Social” common at 46lb 8oz. From Wednesday on, the 14 wrap spot seemed to be producing more fish than the 18 wrap spot. He picked a few fish up on Thursday but on Friday it really kicked off. Ian landed three 40’s within an hour: “The Wedge” at 48lb 4oz being the biggest of the 3 fish haul. The best was yet to come….. At 8pm I got a phone call again, this time it was for “2 Scale” at 50lb 8oz. Again a new PB for Ian….. What a session Ian has had!  Breaking his PB not only once but twice. Well done mate!!


 Over in “New Beach” we have Andy Lewis. Andy definitely brought enough bait for the week with about 100kg of DNA S7 and DNA SLK boilies. He mixed them up with maize and some liquids. All three rods went out at 21 wraps towards the 3 big trees on the horizon. Andy started off fishing all 3 rods on the bottom, 2 on combi rigs and 1 on a spinner. He used variant hook baits with SSM, getting him the first take on Sunday:  a 14lb stockie. After having a chat with the bailiff, and hearing what a zig did the previous week, Andy decided to change his left-hand rod to a 12ft zig with yellow foam. When fishing a zig in Beach it seems best to fish it on your left-hand rod as the fish tend to kite to the right. Minutes after putting the zig out it ripped off with a 17lb stockie. Andy kept the bait going in, and was getting takes on the zig while spombing. 5 more fish came on Sunday, with “The Grey” at 42lb 4oz being the biggest. Andy picked fish up every day, most of them came to the zig. On Wednesday he picked up his biggest fish of the week on a combi rig with SSM. A fish known as “The Long Common” at 48lb 4oz. Andy ended the week having landed 37 fish.  Awesome mate!!!



After a disaster getting here, Deacon Ollie managed to get into the famous “Turtles Corner”. Deacon had a few issues with his car whilst traveling over on Saturday which made him arrive late Saturday night. He put his bivvy up and got a good nights sleep so he could start fishing first thing Sunday morning. Mainline Link and Cell together with our mixed particles (hemp/maize) was his bait choice  for the week. Deacon started fishing 2 rods at 21 wraps towards the big tree and his 3rd  rod towards the margin, aiming at the over-hanging tree. Rig choice for the week were D-rigs on the longer spot, with either SSM or match the hatch bottom baits over a good bed of bait and a solid bag with a 10mm pop-up on the margin spot. Sunday evening Deacon had brace of fish, the biggest one being “The Tish” at 44lb. His next fish came Sunday to a solid bag, a 17lb stockie. Tuesday saw Deacon catch 5 fish, a double, two 20’s, one 40 and “Big Shack” at 51lb 4oz….. Deacon caught steadily all week long with both spots producing fish. The margin spot seemed to produce more stockies. On Friday morning at 1am Deacon called saying he had 2 lovely fish to be photographed. The first fish was “Snooki” at 42lb, the second one was “Holly” at 37lb (this is Phil the bailiffs target fish……). Deacon finished off the week with a total of 18 fish. One 50, five 40’s and lots of 30’s and 20’s. Great angling Deacon!!


Next up we have Mark Birchmore who chose to fish in “Birches” for the week. Some big fish have been coming out of this swim recently, with at least one 50 pounder a week for the last 3 weeks. Mark started off fishing at 18 wraps, towards the 45 degree tree on the opposite side. Baiting approach was a mixture of Mainline Link and Cell mixed with maize, spombed out at 17 ½ wraps. Hook baits for the week were snowman (Link bottom bait tipped with a yellow pop-up). Mark was the first one to be off the mark with a lovely 23 lb mirror just after dinner on Saturday. The rod went straight back out in the hope of another quick bite as it looked really good, but He had to wait till the following afternoon when a grassy picked up his snowman. Against all expectations the 23lb 8oz grassy behaved itself on the bank really well. Just before going to dinner Mark landed “Dylan” at 38lb 8oz. The next day, again just before dinner, he landed a 20lb mirror. Bite time obviously being just before dinner,  Mark make the decision to have his dinner delivered to him the following day, thereby avoiding bringing his rods in at this crucial time. This was a good decision: the next day he landed a stunning 18lb 4oz common. Mark caught steadily all week long, his biggest fish being “Dylan”. Mark fished it really well, it’s just a shame none of the big girls turned up…..


 One swim up from Mark we have one spomb John Daly. John is on his second week. Having had great success in “Tea Party 2” last week, he couldn’t wait to get back in there for his second week. With no hesitation John set the traps exactly as he’d done last week when he caught some stunning fish. 14 wraps just to the left of the dot island. He baited up for the week with Mainline Link, mixed with maize. D-rigs with match the hatch wafters were fished over the top. John is known as One Spomb John as he doesn’t tend to put a lot of bait out but still seems to catch the bigger fish. With him only fishing during the day, it was going to be a bit tricker, but nothing scares John. Sunday afternoon saw him get his first fish of the week, “Smudge”,at 32lb. A few hours later and he was into his 2nd fish: this time a 10lb stockie. Monday evening turned out to be a mad hour for John with 3 takes and landing all 3 fish, “Charlie” at 41lb was the biggest of the bunch. The fish seemed to have moved off after that mad hour and the next couple of days where quiet for John until Thursday when he landed a lovely stockie. This was John’s last action for the week. I’m sure he‘ll be back soon to get them bigguns, he normally gets!! 



Just to the left of Tea Party 2 have Brian Tuck in “Tea Party 1”. Same as John, Brian is on his 2nd week. Brian is a regular to Road Lake, so he knows the lake well. Wanting to fish next to John, Tea Party 1 was a perfect choice. Before I start talking about his week, I would just like to mention that Brian loves getting slapped in the face whilst taking photos with the fish……. Let’s get started. Brian chose to fish all 3 rods tight at 18 ¾ wraps to Turtles Corner. Baiting up heavy with a mixture of Mainline Link and Cell with some maize was the plan. Fishing D-rigs with link bottom baits over the top. It didn’t take long before the first fish was in the net - a lovely 30lb 8oz mirror. The next morning Brian landed a brace of 30’s. The rods went straight back out with a few spombs over the top. An hour later it was off again, this time with a high-20 mirror. Brian was catching regularly but the big girls seemed to be avoiding the net until Wednesday. After returning back from the BBQ, it kicked off, with 3 takes within half an hour. The first one was a mid-20lb and then the bigguns came. “The Jewel” at 46lb and to top it off “Frankie” at 52lb….. Brian caught steadily all week long, finishing off with just under 20 fish for the week. 



Down in The Poo we have “Roger McQueen”, who wanted to break his PB this week. When talking with the bailiff Saturday on how to approach the swim, there where lots of fish boshing straight out in front. All 3 rods, at 14 wraps, straight out in front, was the plan. Bait for the week was Mainline Link and Cell mixed with maize. Hook baits were IB wafters soaked in goo. Roger’s first fish came on Sunday evening - a lovely 22lb 8oz mirror. A few hours later saw him into another fish, this time a 23lb 12oz common. Hearing fish boshing closer in during the night, Roger made the decision to move one rod to the right at 10 wraps, aiming at to the right of Turtles. The next day he moved a second rod towards the right but this time at 12 wraps. To say the decision paid off is an understatement. At 3pm he broke his PB with “Nutmeg” at 39lb 8oz, but something special was yet to come… After dinner Roger had a double take. The first fish was a 27lb 7oz mirror but the 2nd fish was something very special…… Roger had only gone and caught “Ron’s” at 62lb, the biggest fish of the lake!!!!! If you ever meet Roger and ask about it he will have a story to tell. The next couple of days he caught steadily, landing “The Stalker” on Friday at 46lb 8oz. Well done Roger. See you next time when you return to catch “Fully Loaded”…..


Last, but no means least, we have Phil Swift and Louise Hempton fishing in “Bacheliers” for the week. Phil and Louise would be fishing alternatively. Bacheliers is one of Phil’s favorite swims. Two rods went straight out at 21 ½ wraps towards the big tree on the left hand margin. Phil chose not to fish all 3 rods to the margin. His 3rd rod was cast to showing fish with a solid bag. Bait for the week was Mainline Link and Active-8 boilies, mixed with pellet and maize. Spinner rigs fished with either SSM or a link bottom bait with a pineapple pop-up were deployed on the spots.  They started to fishing on Sunday. Their first fish come on Sunday evening for Louise: a very nice looking 12lb 4oz stockie. A few hours later and they were in again this time. It was Phil’s go this time, landing a 15lb mirror. By Monday morning they had had another 2 fish in the net. Monday evening saw them have a double take, with their biggest fish of the week being landed “Century” at 37lb 4oz and a 15lb mirror. Phil wouldn’t mind me saying that he only catches pasties, so well done on the big fish Phil….. Thursday morning Louise broke her PB with a lovely 25lb mirror. Super, Louise! You have definitely turned into a keen carp angler. They caught steadily all week long, but sadly the big girls just didn’t want to show up…….


 What a week it has been, with Ron’s coming out at 62lb. Lots of fish over 40lb with a few 50s. Numerous PB’s got smashed and not only once, but twice. Yes, this makes it the 3rd week in a row with over 100 fish, the total this week was 140 fish. I couldn’t have asked for a better first week!!! What a great bunch of lads…. 


See you all soon