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  • Mick Wilson, 32lb haley, Bacheliers
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Mick Wilson, 32lb haley, Bacheliers


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/07/2021

Big storms and a great session for Geordie Mick …


Geordie Mick” Wilson from the Netherlands dropped in for a few days fishing on the Road lake this week. Having choice of the whole lake He decided to have a go in Bacheliers as it was apparent there was plenty of fish at this end of the lake and with the wind hacking into it all week it was a no brainier and of course baiting up was nice and easy from the bank as an added bonus. Now that’s good angling from the off!! Lol 


Mick’s original aim was to just to get a bend on the rods and have a bit of sport for a few days, until the bites started coming then his target changed to a 30 fish total.

Mick started his session baiting up with 10kg boilie and 5kg of maize to the 21 1/2  wrap spot,  fishing all 3 rods with spinner rigs and slow sinking maize. Although no bites came Saturday night Mick added another 5kg of maize and 5kg of boilie crumb to area and it wasn’t long before the action started. A total of 16 takes with 12 fish landed with the biggest being 29lb on the first full day’s fishing, that’ll do nicely. Mick decided he’d had enough fun for the day and reeled in at 8pm for a good night’s sleep. Mick baited up with around 15kg of boilie and maize mix daily, In the morning and before dinner. With the 30 fish target now looking very achievable after a couple of days Mick decided that he would only fish the days so he could get a good nights kip and be fresh and ready for the daily action. This worked well and with takes coming steadily each day the tally was totting up nicely, by the end of his session Mick had totalled up 31 fish landed with a few losses with the biggest being a common called Haley weighing 32lb. Sadly Mick was unable to stay for the full week but I think if he had he would have had at least 50 fish!! Great angling mate and an absolute pleasure meeting you. See you again soon.


            Be good, stay safe & keep those nets wet.