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  • Danny Eastwood, 58lb 4oz , New Beach , 29/05/2021
  • Danny having a Hug with Big Mac
  • Its Bucket time !!!
  • Danny Eastwood, 57lb  , New Beach , 29/05/2021
  • shot gun !!!
  • Mwhaa !!
  • Danny Eastwood, 42lb , New Beach , 29/05/2021
  • paul Burt , 49lb, Tea Party 1, 29/05/2021
  • Feeling the love
  • A PB at Gigantica means only one thing !!!
  • Back she goes
  • David Eastwood 45lb - The Poo - 29/05/2021
  • Yet another PB !!! And of course, the bucket treatment
  • David Eastwood 20lb  The Poo - 29/05/2021
  • David Eastwood 36lb   The Poo - 29/05/2021
  • Brian Collins, 46lb , Turtles Corner , 29/05/2021
  • Brian Collins, 36lb  , Turtles Corner , 29/05/2021
  • Brian Collins, 23lb 08oz , Turtles Corner , 29/05/2021
  • Ian Redpath, 42lb 8oz , The cage , 29/05/2021
  • Ian Redpath, 25lb 08oz , The cage , 29/05/2021
  • Ian Redpath, 28lb , The cage , 29/05/2021
  • keith Hayes, 13lb, Bacheliers, 29/05/2021
  • keith Hayes, 24lb , Bacheliers, 29/05/2021
  • Great week lads, until next time, be good

Danny Eastwood, 58lb 4oz , New Beach , 29/05/2021


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/05/2021

6 Anglers, 3 PB’s & a “Big Mac”


With what has been somewhat a strange year thus far it was awesome to welcome my first group as the new boy bailiff, Regular visitors to road lake…..The Eastwood Family & friends annual trip. With steady temperatures around the mid 20’s the previous week the weather was looking good, with highs of 30 degrees and a few showers forecast later in the week

It didn’t take the lads long to get going and into some fish with the first fish coming from turtle’s corner fished by Brian (little legs) Collins with a lovely 40+ common gracing his net. The action steadily continued to pick up around the lake with all the anglers of the mark and catching a few by Tuesday and with a few PB’s amongst them!!! 


Danny Eastwood After a bit of Humming & Rrring decided to drop into New Beach, having fished this swim before he knew what was in front of him and what his approach was going to be, and boy did he get it right. Baiting up regularly with a few kg of Mainline Link and maize as free offerings and a snowman presentation Danny fished at 21 wraps straight out in front, it didn’t take long to Open his account with a cracking 37lb mirror called “Ringo”, the action steadily continued with 30’s & 40’s coming like clockwork. After a walk past the bund on his way to dinner Tuesday evening Danny noticed a lot of fish just cruising around on the top over his baited area and decided a zig approach was needed to up his tally, fishing an 11ft zig with black foam and putting a single spomb over the area the bites came thick and fast resulting in a good number of fish including “Hansen” @ 57lb, only 8oz short of Danny’s PB !!  The bites continued on the zig and picking of fish regularly Dan hit into another Chunk with a fish called “Big Mac” weighing in @58lb 04oz and this time yes!! A New PB!!!! Finishing with a total of over 30 fish and a well-deserved PB. Well done Danny great angling 


Brian (little legs) Collins Had first choice in the draw and Fancied giving Turtles Corner a bash, Brian started by baiting up a 14 wrap margin spot for his left rod and 21 wraps towards the dot island for his other 2 rods with mainline link and maize-hemp mix fishing a wafter as hook bait, it didn’t take long for his first bite on the margin rod to come with an impressive common called the Traveller @46lb on the nose!!  With regular baiting throughout the week Brian continued to keep the bites coming steadily with a good stamp of fish including a few originals amongst them with a lovely looking mirror called The Dispatcher @36lb, and the Norfolk common @37lb 08oz 


Paul Burt dropped into Tea Party 1 after having a few fish from the swim on a previous trip. With the action a little slow Paul started to wonder if he had chosen wisely. Paul continued to bait regularly with around 5kg of Mainline Link and maize – hemp mix fishing wafter hook baits on a D rig and fishing 2 rods @21 wraps towards Turtles Corner and his 3rd towards the spire @16 wraps.  Still with no action by Monday morning Paul decided a change may be needed and on the advice from the bailiff to stick with 21 spot and just maybe make couple of small changes of hookbait and rig, Paul set about changing to a spinner rig with 2 pieces of slowing sinking maize and concentrating only on baiting the 21 wrap spot with all 3 rods towards turtles corner. In the Early hours of Tuesday morning Paul was rewarded with a chunk of a common and a new PB in his net, “The Korda social common” weighing in @ an impressive 49lb on the button!! Unfortunately, no more fish followed but hey!! A 49lb common and new PB!!


David Eastwood dropped into the familiar and his favoured swim The Poo fishing out towards Turtles @ 10,14 & 16 wraps fanning the rods out David felt confident he had most options covered, baiting with mainline link boilies and maize with a snowman presentation Dave proceeded to get the bait out there with an initial start of around 7kg and then 5kg a day thereafter. Davids first take came on Monday just before he normally reels in for dinner in the Way of yet another PB for the group, a beautiful mirror named “Darky” @ 45lb!!! Get in!!  A few bites came steadily throughout the rest of the week including a cracking Common called “Leah’s” @36lb and a couple of other pretty mirrors in the mix for David 


Ian Redpath chose to fish The Cage for the week, with the wind blowing into the swim it seemed an obvious choice, starting his week fishing 5 wraps to a margin spot and 2 rods @ 16wraps straight out to a gravel Bar with nice and easy baiting with a mix of mainline Link boilie, maize – hemp mix Ian started with 4kg on the margin spot and 5kg to the gravel bar. Ian’s first fish came Monday afternoon from the margin spot fished with a spinner rig and  2 pieces of slow sinking maize resulting a 42lb 08oz grass carp called “Astroturf”, his next few bites came of the 16 wrap spot and this seemed to be the spot that did the bites for the remainder of the week resulting in a mint common @28lb that Ian got to name “V rod” after his pride and joy Harley Davison amongst the other fish Ian caught was a stunning mirror called “Hazy Maisie” @ 25lb 08oz  


keith Hayes opted to fish Bacheliers after fishing it previously had hopes of catching a few, and he did just that. Not one to rush things and take things to seriously, well at least until he’d had a cuppa or two, keith set about (in his own time lol) baiting up a spot on the left margin to an overhanging tree @ 21 wraps with 3kg mainline link and maize fishing 2 rods to the spot and his 3rd rod mid water @14 wraps towards the church spire with 3kg of the same mix, repeating this baiting daily keiths first bite came Monday morning of the 21 wrap spot with a stunning unnamed mirror @13lb keith named his first fish “Mr G”.  A couple more fish graced Keiths net this week with another mirror with no name keith fittingly named “PJ’s”


All in all great to have anglers back on the bank, an awesome week had by all. 


Its Been Emotional!!  Until next time guys, take care