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  • Danny in Turtles with "Nailed" at 48lb what a cracking common..........
  • Ash Reeves - 42lb 8oz - Bacheliers - 12/08/2020
  • Ash Reeves - 32lb - Bacheliers - 13/08/2020
  • Danny Eastwood - 42lb 8oz - Turtles - 13/08/2020
  • Danny Eastwood - 42lb 8oz - Turtles - 14/08/2020
  • Danny Eastwood - 37lb 8oz - Turtles - 11/08/2020
  • Dave with a big kiss for Lottchen at 43lb from Tea Party 2......
  • A touch wet there Dave haha............
  • Luke in "Goo" with Twin Patch at 42lb.....
  • "Diamond Geezer" tipping the scales at 43lb 8oz. 1 of a 4 fish hit for Luke...........
  • Hows this for a release shot!!....... Well done Luke....
  • Mark had to work hard for this one!.....stunning in the sun is this low 20 common......
  • Bailiff Phil with "4 Scales" at 42lb 8oz.........
  • Steve in Tea Party 1 with Dylan at 43lb.......

Danny in Turtles with "Nailed" at 48lb what a cracking common..........


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/08/2020

Turtles has a blinder…………..


Will somebody turn that sun down a touch as its bloomin scorching. I mean don’t get me wrong the tans coming on a treat, but it is making the fishing rather unpredictable. The fish do seem to be still holding up in certain areas, especially “Decoy” and “Beach” but there has been signs that they are drifting about, could it be the week where they vacate these areas finally in search of some good beds of bait. Well, all shall be revealed…………


We shall start this week in “Turtles” where we have the seasoned regular Mr Danny Eastwood, Danny is no stranger to The Road Lake and knows just how to approach it, 1 area, 3 rods bait regular of about 5 kilo a day and the fish will come. Most of Danny’s bites came in the evening or early hours of the morning and with the temperatures being so hot we had made the decision of only retaining fish from 5am in morning. This caused bailiff Phil to have a very sleepless week but who cares when your taking photos of some stunning carp. The action started on the Sunday morning and first fish on the bank was “Inky” at a weight of 37lb 8oz and 30 minutes later the first 40 of the week in the form of “Cracker” at 42lb 8oz. Danny was baiting with mainly maize and Mainline Link boilie and fishing link with different toppers on blowback rigs. The pinnacle after catching 11 fish during the week and having to leave a night early due to quarantine coming in in England. Danny went and bagged a 50, 53lb to be precise, “The Decoy” what an ending to a great week and we will see you again next year my friend. 


Over from Danny we had his dad Dave Eastwood  in “Tea Party 2” who the week was a little slower and couldn’t quite get in full contact with them. Dave still picked up a few doubles through the night but all his hard work payed off when he got a good soaking, and it wasn’t even a PB lol, Dave went and bagged himself “Lottchen” at 43lb. Dave opted for a similar approach to his son and Lottchen came at nice little spot at 10 wraps just into the main body of water off the marginal shelf which had produced well in the past for him…. Great character and we had a ball. If it wasn’t tying shockleaders on the spod rod or re spooling his reels or chance encounters as we met on Dannys swim haha….. Till next time my friend….


Next to Dave in “Tea Party 1” we had Steve, fishing the open water out at 18 wraps. Steve’s results were very similar to Daves next door. Picking up a few stragglers along the way and then he too went and banked a beauty on the last day before heading home early. “Dylan” came to play at 41lb and Steve held her up for photos in the beautiful sunshine!!! Well done mate, you never faltered all week and were a pleasure to assist………..


Bailiff Phil Swift decided to head away from where any of the draw had gone and prepped up “Bacheliers”On the Sunday 10 kilo of maize was deposited from the bank on the 21 wrap spot to the margins around lunch time. After a sneaky look a few hours later when passing he saw black shapes on top of the area. Another 3 kilo of maize over their heads ready for after work to do a quick night. Well the sights that were waiting of black shapes all over the area when he returned were amazing. What do you do put a bit of bait over to try spook them so you can get your rigs out or cast single son them??? 2 scoops of maize went over their head then he ran back to get a rod in as quick as possible. The next 30 minutes were ridiculous. As soon as the lead hit the lakebed without the line being taken from the clip it was away. 4 times over the next 30 minutes it was carnage!!! Bailiff James came over for photos the biggest made 42lb 8oz in the form of “4 Scales” a lovely long original mirror. After all that action and covered in fish slime and being a meal for the mozzis he called it a do and went back over to the comforts of his van over the road haha. Phil moved out of bacheliers to let someone else move onto the feeding fish the next day……..


Luke started out his weeks adventure in “Decoy” now in previous reports you will have seen that this is a going swim yet it wasn’t producing the results that Luke wanted. Having said that he was the first to go on the catch report sheet banking “Grant Mitchell” (don’t get me started on this fish name) she is such a pretty fish and didn’t deserve this name whatsoever lol. Luke made a very brave move after only 2 nights in Decoy he moved into “Goo”. It was clear there was fish there especially after the results above but what happened next was nuts. So, when Phil was riding past and asked if hed seen much he said yeah a few around the back of the spot. Luke was then sworn at to start spombing maize over the spot as this was drawing fish to the spot. The tactic was instant and with Phil still there it was a teamwork effort unhooking fish putting them into the retainer whilst Luke recast to catch another. The image of 4 fish in retainers is the result of 15 minutes of a mental feeding spell!!!! Lukes tactic was the maize attack pure maize out and spinner rigs with 3 grains plastic maize. Well done you long haired beauty hurry back……….


Another mover for the week was Ash Reeves who started out in “Brambles” but again got itchy feet after the first 48 hrs. After the success in “Bacheliers” he was first to jump into the newly vacated swim. Ash fished the margin spot at 21 wraps but also worked his rods out in open water at 18 wraps. Again, the maize approach and again the spinner rigs on 3 grains of maize it really is the magic number. Ash picked up fish instantly banging a few upper 20s onto the bank. Before the week was over, he got the bend in the rod he deserved with “Erroll” at 42lb 8oz and just because it was hot Luke decided to throw a bucket of water over him just for the hell of it hahaha. A top week with a top guy well done mate……….


The week was drawn short with the quarantine measures coming in back in the UK but all the lads had a great week and we hope to see you all back soon. The week had 1 x 50, 8 x 40s and that was backed up with another 26 fish of doubles 20s and 30s.


Until next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.