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  • Lewis Tattersall - 48lb 12oz - Beach - 7/08/2020
  • give us a kiss.................
  • Callum Riley - 44lb - Decoy - 3/08/2020
  • lewis Tattersall - 30lb- Beach - 05/08/2020
  • Young Tom in Turtles with "Missing link" at 38lb 12oz............
  • Bailiff Phil with "Polly" at 43lb 4oz from "Poo"...........

Lewis Tattersall - 48lb 12oz - Beach - 7/08/2020


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/08/2020

It’s a family affair with PB’s to share………


One thing is for sure the lads needed to bring plenty of sun cream, the previous week had seen temperatures touching the 40s and this week wasn’t looking like there would be a cloud in the sky let alone any rain. Again, the lake saw reduced numbers but with everyone arrived and in high spirits it was time for the lake tour and walk round. Again the fish were so obviously hugging the bund in front of “Decoy” and “Beach” would they ever move out!!!!!! And without further ado we drift into the weeks fishing :D……………


“Beach” is where we find Lewis Tattersall who I’m pretty sure had a week of sleepless nights, not just through catching fish but I reckon on average he heard a fish bosh every 30 seconds for the entire week over the snags in “Beach”. Lewis was very active on baiting up, the bulk of the mix being maize and pellet but with a lot of Mainline Link in the mix too, Lewis picked up fish using a variety of methods, Drig wafter, Ronnie rigs and zigs to great effect, yellow being the colour of the moment. (you can fish 1 rod on a zig) Lewis had constant action fishing 21 wraps to the snag on the bund, the biggest being the awesome “Long Common” and a new PB of 48lb 12oz……….


Over across from Beach we had Callum Riley in the hot peg of “Decoy” Spombing a mixture of maize, DNA S7 boilie and pellet Callum switched hookbaits to suit the fish’s changing tastes. Yellow was definitely a feature of the week and featured in most takes. 15 wraps down the bund was the tactic once again, I mean if it aint broke don’t fix it. Always listen to the bailiffs and see whats been working well the weeks before. Callum had some lovely fish but pick of the crop he had 2 fish bot 44lb named “Mode 1” and also “Mr Massive” which is a right character fish. A body only a mother could love on her haha………


Over in “Dunkirk” was Callums uncle Mark Greenwood, who after a couple of days of getting to grips with his swim finally got onto the fish. Tweaks to the rigs and switching to Ronnie rigs and fake maize hook baits did the trick. You could set a clock on the bite time which was always in the small hours of the morning. Mark baited with maize and pellet ad fished 14 wraps towards “Birches” and was steady away, unfortunately Mark didn’t get into the bigger fish, but he had an awesome time and saw some big girls grace the bank. It was a pleasure pal and we hope to you all very soon ……


Bailiff Phil joined the lads down on the lake for a couple of nights and decided to jump in “Poo” just to see if he could get some fish going down that end of the lake. Tactics were to fish short at the bottom of the marginal shelf at 9, 10 and 11 wraps and bait only over the 10 wrap spot so bait would fall over the others after 2 nights a blanking, phil switched all three rods to 10 ½ wraps and boom. Changing the line lay did the trick and he slipped up “Polly” at 43lb 4oz…….


Last to feature this week Anthony Mcgough was set up in “Brambles” Anthonys energy is infectious he never dropped his enthusiasm all week. It was obvious the fish were held up on that bund and they weren’t for shifting. But he fished that bar in front of him with all his might, then it happened. By baiting with maize and pellet and S7 he drew 2 bites but they were a pretty good stamp of bites as he set a new PB. “4 Scale” graced his net at 42lb 8oz which was awesome he then landed a lovely 32lb 4oz Common to seal the deal. It was a tough one for him but he loved every minute and we loved having you pal…………..


Well those fish have to start drifting out sooner or later it does seem to be very peggy at the minute but hey that’s fishing otherwise it would be called catching haha.


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.