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  • Andy Reynolds, Amstell, 62lb, Tea Party 1, 09.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 61lb, Mable, Tea Party 1, 09/10/2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 46lb, Tea Party 1, 5.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 41lb, Tea Party 1, 06.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 44lb, Tea Party 1, 06.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 48lb, Tea Party 1, 06.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 44lb, Tea Party 1, 06.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 43lb, Tea Party 1, 07.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 50lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 06.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 40lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 07.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 43lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 08.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 40lb 4oz, Tea Party 1, 08.10.2020
  • Andy Reynolds, 45lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 08.10.2020

Andy Reynolds, Amstell, 62lb, Tea Party 1, 09.10.2020


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/10/2020

A 23 fish haul and 2 new 60’s for Road Lake……..a session to remember!


The future of the Road Lake at Gigantica is so bright. Not only is there a fantastic stocking system, bringing generations of the huge growing “Main Lake” stock fish into the Road Lake, but this is making the original big girls compete and stack on the weight. Andy Reynolds of “Fat Fish Tackle” enjoyed the session of a lifetime and banked some astonishing fish and what rubs the salt in is he only fished in the daytime!!


The session started on a Sunday and we think he must have been on bended knee, praying to the carp gods, because the results about to unfold were truly biblical. Designated swim was “Tea Party 1” and the chosen distance was 16 wraps, nice and easy. Andy’s far bank markers were between “Shingles” and “Turtles”, spreading the rods out and catapulting Sticky Baits Krill Active over the top. By choosing the shorter distance, he could use a catapult for the boilie, then Spomb out maize on a regular basis at 15 ¼ wraps (to allow for swing back). The results were instant; he had the fish literally searching for the next boilie. End tackle was a D-Rig with around 8 inches of Korda N-Trap and a Krill Active bottom bait, drilled out with a cork plug. The match the hatch tactic worked like a dream and the first fish he landed was “Twin Patch” at 46lb.


Bites continued adding a couple of 30’s to the tally, the next day was a blinder; 5 runs, 5 fish landed, the biggest being a lump of a Common named “Porky” at 48lb. The big girls shied away on the Tuesday, but bites still came, adding a few 20s and 30s, with the little and often approach bringing fish into the swim. Next day something special happened as the call came in to say there was a lump in the net. After weighing, the grin on Andy’s face was amazing; especially when the fish was identified and confirmed a new 50lber in the form of “Broken Tail” at 50lb 8oz. Photos done and Andy went back to work as there were more to be had, all be it a few 20’s and 30’s for the rest of the day. Thursday saw two forties grace the bank in the form of “Budapest” and “Lumpy” at 40lb 4oz and 40lb 8oz respectively.


On Friday the call came through from Andy, telling us he had something special in the net. It turned out to be a new sixty pounder, you can see the delight in Andy’s face in the photos, “Amstel” tipped the scales round to 62lb! Incredibly, half an hour after slipping Amstel back, the phone rang again……..another chunk! This time, “Mable” an absolute stunning Common weighed in at 61lb, so we now have a common to add to the other 60 mirrors!

After the captures, we spoke about the simplicity of Andy’s approach, but the importance of accurate baiting, correct baiting strategy and efficient rigs. These are things we take for granted the more experience we get; it’s safe to say Andy’s fishing was 100% spot on and the stars aligned. All in all, he landed 2 x 60’s, 1 x 50, 10 x 40’s, 6 x 30’s and 4 x 20’s! How’s your muscles feeling now Andy hahaha……….


Well done again from all of us here at Gigantica where dreams come true.


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk........