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  • Craig "the hauler" Bastin with one of his many captures "Ringo" at 38lb..........
  • Joe Reed - 43lb - Poo - 20/07/2020
  • Joe Reed - 32lb 12oz - Poo - 20/07/2020
  • Luke Williams - 40lb - Beach - 19/07/2020
  • Luke Williams - 30lb - Beach - 21/07/2020
  • Reece Bessell - 47lb - Brambles - 18/07/2020
  • Reece Bessell - 47lb - Brambles - 20/07/2020
  • Tom Grifiths - 40lb 4oz - Turtles - 22/07/2020
  • Aaron Burke - 29lb - Birches - 21/07/2020

Craig "the hauler" Bastin with one of his many captures "Ringo" at 38lb..........


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/07/2020

Craig hauls in “Decoy”…………………..


Well the lads that came on this weeks adventure needed their sun tan lotion in abundance, it was hot hot. We had a mixture of experienced Road Lake anglers and a few new anglers to the lake so it was a good mixed bag. The walk round was done and the fish swimming around on the bund in front of Beach and to the right of Decoy was just amazing. It was literally just like an aquarium, the fish cruising just under the surface. All that in mind and with a barrage of information on the lake and all the spots in each peg the draw was done and off they all popped to their designated swims.


Usually we would start on whoever had the biggest fish for the week but this week ive decided to do different as this gentleman fished out of his skin and hauled in 40 degree heat, it was a joy to watch and follow his journey throughout the week. Craig Bastin managed to jump straight into “Decoy” so that’s one hell of a good start BUT you still have to catch them. You still have to bait the area right and have the right rigs and hookbaits on the spot. Craig showed all his experience in deploying plenty of DNA S7 boilies mixed with a light helping of maize, the boilies were whole halved and crushed and deployed 15 wraps towards the bund. To cut a long story short Craig caught 36 fish from “Decoy” it was unbelievable he didn’t get into the 50s as he hit every other category multiple times the biggest being 42lb. S7 hard hookers tipped with 12mm PB popups doing the absolute business, well done Craig you fished like a machine………..


Just to the left of Craig we had Reece Bessell who was frequenting the swim of “Brambles”, Now just in front of brambles there is a bar at 18 wraps and this is obviously a major feature in an otherwise pretty uniformed lake. Fishing at 18 wraps on it and 20 wraps at the back was Reeces plan of attack. On the very first day his rod was away and not only was it away but he was attached to a lump, a 47lb kind of lump that is, “Broken Tail” had taken a fancy to his S7 hookbait on a Ronnie Rig. Not content with this beauty he then went and had yet another 47lber with “The Jewel” . A solid weeks fishing in hot tricky conditions saw Reece have 10 fish including those 2 x 40s see you next year for your lake exclusive !!!........


A jump over the other side we had Tom Grifiths aka “Tom the turtle” or “Daddy Long Kneck” the list of nicknames grew as the week went on. It’s a strange old reason Tom was fishing at all as he actually came as a guest with his mate Ben who was on the main lake. Just in case though he randomly brought his fishing gear in case there was room on the lake for him to fish also. There was an option for him to fish the road lake so he paid the difference and decided to fish in “Turtles”. Tom mainly fished the nights and chose to bait the swim during the day and put the rods out at night. Tom fished 15 wraps to the margins with fake maize on Ronnie rigs and I think its safe to say was pretty frustrated the first few nights. The fish were there and he lost a few due to the snags, they know exactly where they are. So does bailiff Phil as the boat was deployed many a time to get the rigs out hahaha. A few nights in though the call came, “Ive done it” ive a lump in the net. Tom had landed “The Archer” at 40lb 4oz and wearing the most un carpy clothing we did the pics, it was decided that Toms hat was so un-carpy that it had to be burned, so on BBQ night we had a ceremonial burning hahaha. That was Toms only fish of the week but he had a ball and hes such a top lad he will be back soon im sure, and thank you so much for all your help during the days you’re a legend…………


Over in “Beach” we had Luke Williams who was enjoying his first time here at where dreams become reality and this really was a dream week. Luke took a few days to get into the swing of things but once into it he really started to produce some exciting results. A bit of time working on casting and getting Luke baiting with accuracy over the spots, 2 rods out at 21 wraps to the edge of the snags and a rod at 23 wraps into the corner worked an absolute treat. Luke had action all week and when he went and landed a 40lb mirror name “Huckleberry” his week was made, but……..then he went and landed the biggest grassy in the lake “Astroturf” at 42lb 4oz but that wasn’t the full set he needed a 40 common, well the stars were aligned as on the day before home time he did it “Riley” at 41lb 8oz, I mean what a session and fake maize on ronnies proving once again the deadly rig and method. Also a pot of bailiff Phils special glugged Link bottom baits did the trick topped with maize. Maize, Mainline Link and pellet loose feed over the top in large quantities proved they were hungry……….a great week for you pal well done…..


Dan Gurney over in “T2” had a week of 2 halfs, the first few days were a bit of a struggle but it was obvious there were fish about, a couple of lost fish kept him going and baiting at 21 wraps. He started to land a few and then something special. There isn’t too many big mirrors that have lots of lovely scaley patterns on them but…… of the best is the fish named “The Model” and this very fish was what Dan landed. She looked stunning and at 44lb Dan held her up for the camera…..well stuck out mate you can only catch whats in front of you……………


Another of the Bristol boys Aaron Burke, definitely a character he taught me a few Bristol saying that definitely haven’t stuck lol. Aaron started out on a pellet mission, 10 kilo a day, he was spombing out from “Birches” on the bar at 18 wraps out. It was a strange start as to his right Reece was catching off the same bar but they weren’t getting as far down to him. Not put off he stuck to it and never faltered in his determination. Aaron caught steadily from midweek the hard work paying off but never quite got into the good stamp of fish. Its certainly not Aarons first rodeo and has hauled from Road Lake in the past so knows just how fruitful it can be, hes back on an exclusive next year with a mission to prove !!!!!............


Another angler that struggled for the first half of the week was Ben Cannock who started out life in “Dunkirk”fishing out at 18 wraps, unfortunately nothing came from this area and when an all change happened later in the week decided to jump into T2. This was a good move as Ben struck into his first fish, all be it a low 20 at least he was off the mark. Now this is where you value your mates as Craig in Decoy who had hauled all week decided to let Ben fish his swim. Guess what happened? He only went and bagged a 40lber im sure to Craigs delight, Ben you were a pleasure to have on the lake you know it will happen next time!!!........


It was a similar story for Bill Giles who took up the swim of “Bachaliers”, again it took a few days of sitting behind motionless rods. The fish were quite obviously down the other side of the lake but he stook it out and banked a few fish by the end of the week  into the mid 20’s. Fishing open water at 18 wraps and fishing tight was the method that saved the blank…….we cant catch them all and im sure the same strategy on a different week would have produced the goods…..


Last but by no means least we have Joe Reed who was bivvied up in “Poo”. Cracking lad and confident every morning he just bided his time, stuck to the plan and just new they would turn up. Maybe he has a fish sense as when the fish came onto him he had 6 within a couple of hours up to 43lb. This fish was called “Dylan” and the perfect cherry on the cake for Joe who had given his all. Fishing all 3 rods out at 14 wraps and baiting a nice tight area was the way for this flurry of action.


All in all it was a great week and everyone had a great time, the fishing was very peggy as just after the reopening the fish hadn’t seen bait in all the swims. The lads did brilliant and some lovely fish were banked.


Till next time guys n gals, tight lines, be lucky and bag a chunk.