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  • New PB for Bailiff Phil, what an amazing fish ............korda social common at 48lb
  • Charlie Sumner - 39lb - Decoy - 23/08/2020
  • Thats what you get for breaking your pb Charlie boy...............
  • Paul Gibbons - 38lb - Tea Party 1 - 24/08/2020
  • Phil Swift - 46lb - Birches - 24/08/2020
  • Paul Gibbons - 44lb - Tea Party 1 - 24/08/2020
  • Paul Gibbons - 45lb 12oz - Tea Party 1 - 25/08/2020
  • Heads up Paul :D !!!................
  • Charlie Sumner - 38lb - Decoy - 26/08/2020
  • Charlie Sumner - 42lb 8oz - Decoy - 27/08/2020
  • Neil Jones - 47lb 8oz - Bacheliers - 28/08/2020

New PB for Bailiff Phil, what an amazing fish ............korda social common at 48lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/08/2020

Next generation comes on a treat and lands new PB……….


There may only have been a small number of anglers on this week but I have to say the effort put in by all was fantastic to watch, every bite was worked for and it was lovely to see Pbs broken multiple times throughout the week. The sun was blazing for the week and no sign of a drop of rain. High temperatures, high pressure it was clear from the off it wasn’t going to be easy but!!......everyone was in high spirits and after the walk round the draw was done!!...... 


Whilst working during the days, offering help and advice and generally running around left right and centre, one of the perks to the jobs is being able to fish the evening in any vacant swims available. This also helps us as bailiffs keep in touch with the lake and see first hand the fishes movements. Bailiff Phil Swift decided to pop into the vacant “Birches” swim where just in front of you at 18 wraps there is a nice gravel bar. The plan of attack was to give them some food for the evenings and heavily baiting maize and pellet with a scattering of Mainline Link and Essential Cell. Three Ronnie rigs were deployed, one with 3 grains SSM, one with a high attract link 18mm wafter and the other a link bottom bait tipped with fake maize. Over the duration of the week bites fell to all including 2 x 20s, 2 x 30s and 4 x 40s the biggest fish being “The Korda Social Common” at 48lb. 


Over in “T1” we had Paul Gibbins Fishing with his lovely partner Kirsty, Pauls target was to fish out at 18 wraps, bait the one area consistently accurately and guess what the deadly method worked again and again and again. But!!..... it did take him a whole 24 hours for the first one haha, “The Supervisor” graced his net first at a weight of 38lb and that was the start of the flood gates opening. Going off the recommendation of the Ronnie rig which is so versatile, paul played around with hookbaits till he found one that they couldn’t resist! This was a bright yellow acid pear drop popup’s coated in sherbert goo over a bed of mainly maize and pellet with a bit of Mainline Link thrown in for good measure. Pauls bite time was like clockwork!! Usually just as bailiff Phil was getting into bed haha then that phone would ring. Paul had a haul of 20 and 30s including 3 x 40s the biggest of the bunch being “Darky” at a whopping 45lb 12oz, I think Paul and Kirsty have their eyes on the main lake again for the future but I tell ya what the fish in Road are catching them up :D……..Top angling, Top couple see you both soon ……………..


Neil Jones decided to take up residence in “Goo” originally but after the first night after hearing fish boshing away to his left desided to up roots and move house on the first morning into “Bacheliers”. Neil also went with the Link and Maize approach varying his rigs from Combi’s to Ronnies, 21 wraps to the margins were the starting point arching his rods and baiting by hand. The start proved fruitful picking up a high double stocky on the first night and on the second evening a low 30 graced his net. I don’t think neil will mind me saying he pulled his back which really impeded his week really. The fish moved into the open water of which he adjusted his approach and carried on catching but I think a fully fit Neil would have been able to keep that bait going in to feed off the smaller fish and draw in the bigger ones. Maize hookbaits, creamy toffee popups and link bottom baits saw a steady stream of action all week and then on The Friday I had the call theres a lump in the net!!!! Neils hard work had paid off “The Wright Fish” lay there waiting for neil to have a big cuddle with her, tipping the scales at 47lb 8oz an awesome end to a tough week on all sides for Neil but he put some serious graft in to land that end prize!!!....................


Last but by no means least we shall end on young Charlie Sumner!!!! The trip was booked for his 18thbirthday and a trip to France fishing and especially a trip to Gigantica was the perfect present. Charlie came with his dad Jim who originally was going to fish too but decided to just enjoy the time with his son and what Charlie dreams come true. I think im not out of turn in saying I thing after the walk round Charlie suddenly felt that “oh my god I may be out of my depth” thought process. Charlies fishing back in England had always been small waters, underarm margin fishing and short range fishing. “Decoy” was the swim that was chosen which was in good recent form. Although Charlie hadn’t done any longer range fishing he certainly new all the basics and had done his research and watched every Korda video possible. For the first 3 days bailiff Phil spent a fair bit of time and although we had casts into trees at first crack offs etc he stuck to it and listened and soaked it all in like a sponge. Charlies first thing he said was id love a 40lber. WOW…… about just a fish to start but not Charlie he wanted a beast. Well how about “The Dispatcher” at 39lb for a start on the second day of fishing. By the Wednesday fishing the spots at 15 ½ wraps was second nature. Hand throwing in big method type balls of damp pellet and maize from the bund elviated the need to spod and would put down a decent bed of bait for the fish to feed. On the Friday it happened!!!! Charlie was hell bent into a good fish, a big common, a 16mm pineapple popup on a Ronnie rig soaked in pineapple goo had been taken. And this was big, into the net she went and I don’t know who was more excited or proud of the moment. Charlie with his first 40lber, his dad at the sheer delight on his sons face, or myself at seeing how his angling had grown and to end like this. “Golden Virginia” was lifted up for photos at a weight of 42lb 8oz. Massive well done pal keep fishing back in England and we will see you back asap…………….


A hot and sticky week that had highs and lows but an enjoyable time was had by all well done everyone this week your all legends……….


Till next time tight lines and bag a chunk.