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  • Andy Lewis - 64lb 8oz - Decoy - 20/09/2020
  • Andy Lewis - 62lb - Decoy - 21/09/2020
  • Andy Lewis - 46lb - Decoy - 19/09/2020
  • Andy Lewis - 42lb - Decoy - 21/09/2020
  • Ali Glisson - 36lb 8oz - Turtles - 21/09/2020
  • Ali Glisson - 36lb 14oz - Turtles - 21/09/2020
  • Ali Glisson - 49lb - Turtles - 26/09/2020
  • Ali Glisson - 43lb 8oz - Turtles - 19/09/2020

Andy Lewis - 64lb 8oz - Decoy - 20/09/2020


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/09/2020

When the biggest fish in the lake brings its friend…………..


With everything that is going on at the minute in the world we saw only 3 anglers on the lake this week and sometimes that can prove very tricky with the fish having lots of areas where they can get away from pressure and hold up. You really have to have your top cards ready to throw down and I have to say a massive well done to all for putting in maximum effort.

One thing I always think is that you should go back home after a weeks fishing shattered, theres no point fishing for a week and all that time and expense to just zip the bivvy up and hope for the best. It was like musical swims at some points but eventually all anglers caught and there were some very special captures. Without further a do lets jump straight into it and head down the path to the swim named “Decoy” where we find Mr Andy Lewis.


With “Decoy” having some good form over previous weeks it has to said Andy couldn’t have asked for a better draw to begin with. It certainly didn’t take too long to get a bend in the rod either, on the first evening at 5.30pm he was in and opened his account with “AJ’s” at a weight of 46lb WHAT A START. The week got even better as on the second day after nailing 3 fish up to 28lb his rod fished in open water where the bar drops off at 20 wraps roared into life. The milky malt dumbbell doing the trick saw Andy in battle with something a little bigger, now when I say a little bigger, I don’t think he could believe what surfaced from the depths. One of the A team lay there in the net, “Rosebud” and when weighed in the water with Bailiff Andy she tipped the scales round to 62lb. What an amazing start the second biggest fish in the lake a little over 24 hours of fishing. After that amazing capture most would probably sit back and relish the moment, but Andy was straight back into action in getting the rod on the spot with more bait over the top. Next rod to rip off was the rod fished down to the bund at 16 wraps, a 35lb common was the result this time but again what was to happen next was just amazing. At 8pm that same 16 wrap rod roared into life, an almond popup on a ronnie rig was hooked into another Road Lake beast and a with a call to Andy saying there’s another chunk in the net the weigh in took place. A new lake record fish named Ron’s at an incredible 64lb 8oz. Andy had only gone and caught the 2 biggest fish in a matter of a few hours this was turning out to be the trip of dreams. The week carried on in good form regularly catching from both areas but not withought effort. Constantly switching hookbaits to keep the bites coming, landing numerous 40s, 30’s and a few smaller ones. Actually the only weight barrier he didn’t catch was a 50lber. Oh well better look next time hahaha. A fantastic weeks fishing by a top angler well done that man !!!!!...........


Now it wasn’t all fun and games and I think if there was a reward for most hard work and effort, I think Aaron Reid definitely deserved it. Aaron chose to start off his week fishing out of "T1" fishing out at 18 wraps over a baited spot, but to no avail, he baited and tweaked but just couldn’t draw a bite. A move was the next plan of action next door into "T2" as he had heard fish in the evenings out to the right of the dot island. Fishing 21 wraps onto where he had heard fish proved the right move!! A 24lb mirror and a 15lb mirror got him off the mark but then all fell quiet again. He had heard those fish again but not in front of him but further down to his left in "Bacheliers". I t was the morning of the 24th and Bailiff Phil found Aaron sat in there looking out over the swim. A good chat about tactics rigs and baiting plan saw Aaron pick up sticks again and move. Baiting from the bank with maize on the 21 wrap margin spot and fanning his rods out with some slow sinking maize rigs saw Aaron pic up another double figure fish that evening. This routine followed suit for the rest of the week but unfortunately on this occasion there was no big girls that came for a cuddle, I guess that’s why we call it fishing and not catching. The exact same tactics on another day could have had a completely different result. Aaron you are a top lad and top angler and we look forward to seeing you again.


Across the pond we had lovely couple Ali Glisson and his partner Daisy, they had decided to take up residence in “Turtles” now you have a few options in Turtles, the snaggy margins or open water or of course both. Ali decided he was going to bait and fish out in open water. Using a mixture of Mainline Link and Maize at 18 wraps. In similar fashion to Andy over in Decoy Ali’s fishing adventure couldn’t have got off to a better start!!!!! On the first evening one of the rods ripped into life with a road lake brute on the end. After a spirited fight Ali was staring down at an absolute chunk of a 43lb 8oz mirror named “Walkers” I think it’s safe to say Ali thought he was in for a hell of a session after that early result. But……….then all fell quiet, just like Aaron he had heard the fish drift off round the corner into the other side of the lake over the next 2 days. With itchy feet the pack up and move was on and thye decided to re set up in "Dunkirk", I think Ali wouldn’t mind me saying this was probably not the best idea as that very evening guess where the fish went, yep back into turtles, so guess what Ali and Daisy did, off they trotted back into Turtles. This was the best move they could have done and by upping the baiting in open water the bites started to pour in. Ali’s first fish after the treck back was only a 50lber haha “2 Scales” followed by a barrage of 20’s and 30’s even Daisy managed to land a few whilst Ali popped to the loo :D. Mostly night time and early morning bites saw a few tired eyes on the breakfast run but I think it’s good to assume that the couple had an amazing week with a haul of 20 fish including 1 x 50 and 3 x 40s, we look forward to seeing you on your return and keep bagging them back in England!


It’s always tricky with only a few on but a good haul of 48 fish for the week and those 2 x big girls saying hello I think the week was a success.


Until next time guys n gals be lucky and tight lines.