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  • John Daly, 61lb, Tea Party 2, 12.09.20
  • "One Spomb John" returning his first 60lb fish.
  • Take that my son!
  • John Daly, 53lb 12oz, Tea Party 2, 12.09.20
  • John Daly, 40lb, Tea Party 2, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 52lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Bosh....get in my face!
  • Lee Mcglone, 46lb, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 46lb, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 44lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 43lb 12oz, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 43lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 39lb 8oz, Decoy, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 38lb, Tea Party 1, 12.09.20
  • Lee Mcglone, 35lb 8oz, Decoy, 12.09.20
  • Brian Tuck, 52lb, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20
  • In traditional Gigantica PB style.
  • Brian Tuck, 51lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20
  • Brian Tuck, 47lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20
  • Brian Tuck, 45lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20
  • Brian Tuck, 45lb, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20
  • Brian Tuck, 43lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 12.09.20

John Daly, 61lb, Tea Party 2, 12.09.20


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/09/2020

John “One Spomb” Daly does the Grand Slam........


With only three anglers booked on for the week, there was a lot of scope for both the anglers and the fish to move around. It was a case of fingers crossed that the excellent form continued. The weather was due to be hot for the time of year, with temperatures to mid-thirties and no rain forecast. 


John Daly was back for his seventh trip on the Road and was supremely confident that he was going to get himself a new PB. He’d been in deep conversation with the “carp gods”, who had told him to fish in Tea Party 2 (actually, Andy the Bailiff recommended it, but he is a bit of a “god”!!!!). With the water level being low, the fish were no longer going round the back of the island, so John fished a spot at 14 wraps to the front left of the island. He baited lightly (hence the name, “One Spomb John”) with Boss Baits CCM boilies and fished a matching bottom bait on an IQ D-Rig. The fish were clearly moving through the channel, as he picked up fish during the day. Unbelievably, his first bite came from a fifty pounder which initially we thought my have been “Big Mac” but turned out to be “Eye-Q” so it was mission accomplished already. 


John baited steadily each day with “One Spomb” (he actually used a couple of kilos each day) and picked off fish most afternoons. John stuck to his guns, and on Tuesday landed a massive mirror which actually turned out to be “Big Mac” at’s yer luck! By the end of the week, John had become the first angler to land a 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 in the same week. Absolutely fantastic.


Lee McGlone went into Tea Party 1 where there were plenty of fish showing. He started off fishing with two rods at 18 wraps towards Turtles and one at Shingles at the same distance. Bait for the week was Boss Baits CCM and Lee fished with a Dumbell Wafter topped with a piece of fake maize on Spinner rigs, with running COG leads. He caught consistently for the first four days of the trip, breaking his PB numerous times. He had twenty fish up to a new PB of 52lb 8oz with “Twin Scale” plus countless 40’s. After a quiet period of around 30 minutes!! He chose to move into the vacant Decoy swim where the fish were clearly showing. Fishing the same spots that Brian had kindly baited he helped himself to another eight fish in the last two days. 28 fish for the week was great angling by Lee.


Brian Tuck started off in the inform Decoy swim, but there weren’t the numbers down there as the previous week. The hot weather had seen the fish drift up in front of Turtles, Tea Party and Shingles. That said, had new Pb’s from Decoy when he caught two “character fish” in the shape of Mr Massive at 45lb and “Broken Tail” at 47lb 8oz. Not the prettiest, but most welcome. He chose to move down to Turtles on Tuesday, where the fish were clearly active. Fishing out at 18 wraps with all three rods, Brian caught consistently for the remainder of the week on running COG leads and Spinner Rigs baited with Boss Baits CCM Wafters topped with maize. The undoubted highlight was a brace of fifties back to back. He caught “Big Shack” at 52lb and then “Toucan” at 51lb 8oz!


What a week the boys had, all catching new PB’s and all having at least a fifty or sixty pounder! The Road Lake is turning into a seriously special venue. It was an absolute pleasure having the boys here and we’re looking forward to the lake exclusive next year. Until next time.....


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica