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  • George Jenkins, 57lb, Tea Party 2, 05.09.20
  • Mick Norris, 55lb 4oz, Decoy, 05.09.20
  • Mick Norris, 53lb 12oz, Decoy, 05.09.20
  • Mick Norris, 53lb 8oz, Decoy, 05.09.20
  • I've had three fifties........get in!!!
  • The mighty Pin Scale going back.
  • Look at the size of that mouth.
  • Mick Norris, 47lb 8oz, Decoy, 05.09.20
  • Mick Norris, 44lb 8oz, Decoy, 05.09.20
  • Paul Robson, 55lb, Dunkerque, 05.09.20
  • Andy Savage, 38lb, Bacheliers, 05.09.20
  • Paul Robson, 30lb, Dunkerque, 05.09.20

George Jenkins, 57lb, Tea Party 2, 05.09.20


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/09/2020

The Three Amigo’s ……….and Julie


With the lake being empty the previous week due to the Korda Social being cancelled, the Three Amigos and Julie had the incredible luxury of the first week in September with only three anglers fishing. With the fish having cleared up any remaining bait, they had the blankest of blank canvasses. The weather was set to bring light northerly winds with temperatures in the low to mid twenties. 


Mick Norris flipped a coin with Paul Robson to decide who got Turtles and Mick lost! He had to settle for fishing in the prolific Decoy swim. Taking the advice of Andy the Bailiff, Mick put two rods down towards the bund at 16 wraps and one out at 20 wraps to the corner of The Cage. Bait for the week was the stomach turning Baitworks Royal Marine (I’d rather smell a prop forwards sweaty jockstrap!!) which was mixed with plenty of maize. Mick had the dream start when on Saturday evening he received his first bite and landed himself a new Pb in the shape of “Pin Scale” at 53lb 8oz. To say he was slightly happy would be an understatement! Things then just got a bit silly. Over the next 48 hours he landed another two fifties; “Mable” at 55lb 4oz and “Frankie” at 53lb 12oz. He kept picking off the fish during the week and by the end of the week had amassed a nineteen fish total. Great job Mick.


Over in Turtle Corner, Paul Robson chose to fish two rods out front at 18 wraps and one across to the left hand margin at 15 wraps. Baiting with Mainline Cell and maize, he was also called into action quickly, when he also landed a new PB on his first night. A 49lb 8oz Mirror made a seriously happy man and took the pressure off straight away. The fish then appeared to drift off, so he made the move round to Dunkerque and fished at 18 wraps towards TP2. First night he had a mid-twenty, then on Wednesday night he landed two fish, the biggest being a new PB of 55lb, which he braced with a 46lb Mirror. Fantastic decision to move Paul. Another 30lb Common came his way the next night before things quietened off again.


George Jenkins fancied fishing Tea Party 1 and after the long journey, took things a bit easy on the first night, just opting to put out bait (Mainline Cell and GLM Sausage Oil) with the throwing stick, so he could get a good nights sleep. On Sunday he got organised and baited three different areas to try and intercept the fish wherever they moved. George used running leads and Spinner Rigs with Pop-Ups on. He continually changed the colours and flavours to try and get the next bite. After picking up a small fish on Monday night, it took a further 24hours before it kicked off. Tuesday night saw no sleep for George as he landed four out of five bites. The best being a big Mirror known as “Two Tone” at 57lb, which was just agonisingly short of being a new PB. A number of fish started to push back through to the Tea Party/Turtles area later in the week and George picked up a fish each night as they transited through. He ended the week with seven fish. 


It was a fantastic week; thoroughly enjoyable, with three of the nicest bloke around. Prior to the trip, they didn’t know each other, but left as friends. Just how it should be. Until next time.....


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica