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  • Adam Curry, 55lb 12oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • The business end of a fifty pounder.
  • Av' it!!!
  • Adam Curry, 50lb, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 48lb 12oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Get in that net.
  • Adam Curry, 45lb, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Mainline Cell and Essential Cell are a great combination.
  • A simple snowman presentation kept the fish coming.
  • Adam Curry, 44lb 4oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 42lb 12oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 39lb, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 39lb, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 37lb 12oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 33lb 4oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 31lb, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Mark Cooper, 42lb 8oz, Tea Party 2, 15.08.20
  • Mark Cooper, 41lb 12oz, Tea Party 2, 15.08.20
  • Mark Cooper, 39lb 12oz, Beach, 15.08.20
  • Adam used 25kg of maize during the week.
  • Maize and Krill boilies did the business.
  • The bait was introduced using the Spomb.
  • Mark Cooper, 35lb, Beach, 15.08.20
  • Mark Cooper, 33lb 4oz, Beach, 15.08.20
  • Krill Bottom Baits and Yellow Pop-Ups were used for the snowman.
  • The ever-faithful IQ D-Rig worked well for Mark.
  • Mark Cooper, 31lb, Beach, 15.08.20
  • Steve Bastiani, 51lb 4oz, Shingles, 15.08.20
  • Steve releasing Twin Scale back to the depths.
  • Getting a bucket for another PB broken.
  • Dan Jarman, 49lb, Bacheliers, 15.08.20
  • Pominda "Pom" Walia, 42lb, Tea Party 1, 15.08.20
  • Pominda "Pom" Walia, 43lb 8oz, Tea Party 1, 15.08.20
  • Paul Smith, 35lb, Billy's, 15.08.20
  • Paul Smith, 40lb, Billy's, 15.08.20
  • Dan Powell, 36lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 24lb 4oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 27lb 4oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Adam Curry, 27lb 4oz, Decoy, 15.08.20
  • Dan Jarman, 26lb, Bacheliers, 15.08.20
  • Dan Jarman, 26lb, Bacheliers, 15.08.20
  • Mark Cooper, 26lb, Beach, 15.08.20

Adam Curry, 55lb 12oz, Decoy, 15.08.20


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/08/2020

Adam Curry has a spicy old week in the Decoy


It was time for the annual Embryo boys trip and we had seven keen anglers ready to battle with the leviathans of the deep. With previous weeks scorching temperatures out of the way, we hoped that the fish would be feeding hard. Daytime temperatures were forecast to be mid twenties with light southerly winds and a favourable air pressure around 1010. 


Adam Curry had no hesitation picking the in-form Decoy and set about fishing two spots. One out front at 18 wraps and one at 14 wraps towards the bund. Bait for the week was Mainline Cell and Essential Cell, along with some pellet and maize. He started off with around 3 kg on each spot and fished with running leads and blowback rigs on which he mounted a Cell bottom bait and an IB Pop-Up to form a snowman. Adam got it spot on from the start and steadily picked fish off every day and night with a constant stream of bait (he used 65kg altogether) on a little but often basis.


There were many highlights during the week, but beating his PB with a brace of fifty pounders towards the end of the week will undoubtedly live long in the memory. Y Saturday morning he had amassed a very creditable 21 fish haul, including 2 x 50’s, 4 x 40’s and 13 x 30’s. Great angling Adam.


Mark Cooper decided he would fish in the Beach, where it was clear the fish were showing. Having done well on his last trip, he knew what was required to get the fish feeding. Spreading the rods from the corner to the middle of the bund, he had two rods at 23 wraps and one at 21 wraps to avoid the snag. Bait was a mix of chopped and whole Krill boilies and maize and he decided to Spomb the bait out on a little but often basis to draw the fish to his rigs, which was a good decision. Using IQ D-Rigs baited with a Krill Snowman and a yellow topper he picked fish off steadily from the bund, baiting little and often. During the first half of the week he landed ten fish to 41lb 12oz, but experienced a quite 24hrs, which prompted a move to Tea Party 2. The baiting style and frequency was maintained on a spot at 18 wraps. Within a couple of hours he was playing his first fish; good angling. Mark finished the week on a high when he landed himself a 42lb 8oz Mirror known as “Keef”, which took his tally to 14 fish for the week. 


Steve Bastiani opted for Tea Party 2 and set about fishing 18 wraps across to the left of the island. Baiting with the Spomb, he introduced 5kg of boilie pellet and maize. Unfortunately, the fish didn’t seem too keen on feeding over the spot, so a potential move was on the cards. Tea Party 1 had received a bite a night one his left hand rod casting towards Shingles, so Steve decided to make the move round to Shingles.....and what a move it turned out to be. Fishing two rods towards the island at 15 wraps and one rod at Tea Party 1 at the same range he introduced 7kg of boilie and maize, presenting a pineapple pop-up over the top. At death o’ clock the next morning, a steady take on the Tea Party rod produced him a big mirror known as “Twin Scale” which tipped the scales round to 51lb 4oz! Great tactical move Steve and a new PB by some margin. He picked up a 30lb Common the next night before the fish drifted off again.


Paul Smith fancied having a crack at Billy’s which gives great day and night options. He started off fishing 17.5 wraps towards the big tree on the right hand margin and one rod in open water at 18 wraps. Baiting the margin rod by hand with 3kg of boilie, maize and pellet got him his first bite, which unfortunately dropped off, but he “got back on the horse” and rebaited. He landed his first one on Monday which was a pretty twenty pounder. With the margin being quiet on a night, he sensibly moved two rods into open water and that night had a cracking 35lb Common known as Leah’s. The Beach became vacant on Thursday and with a bit of persuasion from Andy the Bailiff, Paul made the move. It paid off in fine style when he landed himself a forty pounder known as Rene’s ending the week in style.


Pom chose Tea Party 1 for the week and fished with two rods towards the corner of Turtles at 16 wraps and one towards Shingles at the same distance. It took him a few days to get to grips with spombing the quantities of bait out that the Road Lake fish are used to seeing. Unfortunately, he lost the first two fish from the rod cast at Shingles; but made amends on Tuesday with a new PB mirror called Jack at 43lb. Later in the week he landed himself another forty known as Lottchen, this time tipping the scales to 42lb. Both fish fell for Krill Snowmen hookbaits fish over Krill boilies, Pellet and maize.


Dan Jarman was a bit of free moving spirit. He started off the week fishing Turtle Corner and it was evident that there weren’t many fish in the golden triangle early on, so on Monday he opted for a move to Dunkerque. Two quiet nights in Dunkerque ensued before fish were seen in numbers round in Bacheliers. Dan made the third and final move of the week on Wednesday and it paid off handsomely. Dan baited with 5kg of boilie and maize at 23 wraps down the left hand margin in the afternoon and straight after tea, he was in action. His first bite was from a big 49lb Mirror known as Broken Tail, and 30 minutes later he was in again with a 26lb Common. A couple more fish towards the end of the week, made the swim hopping and effort worthwhile. Well done Dan.


Dan Powell chose The Goo to start the week, but with no bites over the first two days he followed Dan Jarman into the vacant Turtles Corner when he moved to Dunkerque (it can be like a game of chess some weeks on the Road). Fishing at 16 wraps in open water at one at 15 wraps down the right hand margin, he had immediate action that night, but unfortunately he lost the fish. Baiting little and often in open water (10 Spombs every couple of hours) he got his reward on Tuesday when he landed a 36lb 12oz chunk, known as Joe’s Common late in the evening. The fish moved in to the area towards the end of the week and Dan ended up with another couple of fish, but the monsters evaded capture on this occasion. The fish fell for a Munch Baits Seed Mix snowman fished on a Combi rig. 


All in all, it was a brilliant week with a great bunch of lads. The final tally for the week was ...... and everyone caught fish. Look forward to seeing you all again soon boys.


Until next time, tight lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica