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  • Michael O'Regan, 43lb 12oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 28lb 8oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 29lb 4oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 33lb 4oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 33lb 12oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 37lb 4oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 37lb 12oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Michael O'Regan, 39lb 4oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19
  • Matt Hammond, 44lb 8oz, Tea Party, 28/09/2019
  • Picture of a picture!
  • Matt Hammond, 27lb, Tea Party, 28/09/2019
  • Matt Hammond, 23lb 8oz, Tea Party, 28/09/2019
  • Matt Hammond, 22lb 12oz, Tea Party, 28/09/2019
  • Matt Hammond, 23lb 12oz, Tea Party, 28/09/2019
  • Matt Cook, 47lb, The Poo, 28/09/2019
  • Matt Cook, 46lb 12oz, The Poo, 28/09/2019
  • Herbie Faraday, 49lb, Bacheliers, 28/09/2019
  • Herbie's perseverance paid off in the end!
  • We love a bucket shot here at Gigantica!
  • Dave Bunting, 44lb, The Goo, 28/09/2019
  • Dan Lincoln, 43lb 12oz, Beach, 28/09/2019
  • Darren Halls, 10lb, Birches, 28/09/2019
  • Jamie Vant-Harrison, 22lb, Eastwoods, 28/09/2019
  • Steve Bartlett, 41lb 8oz, Shingles, 28/09/2019

Michael O'Regan, 43lb 12oz, Turtles Corner, 28/09/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/09/2019

Week commencing 28/09


With a new group turning up Saturday morning eager to get fishing as lots of fish were seen on the walk round, it looked really good for a few bites!


Starting off proceedings with the best session of this year in Turtles Corner is the dynamic husband and wife team of Mike and Kayleigh O’Regan. Having fished the Road lake a few times he had an idea of what he wanted to do if he got into his 1st choice swim and he didn’t hesitate in getting started, landing 2 fish within hours of being in the swim! Mike baited a large area at 20 wraps feeding with 6kg of DNA switch whole and halved dumbells, maize and pellet all soaked in DNA hydro wheat spod syrup, after the weekend the bait was upped to 10kg a day as the bites were coming thick and fast with double takes becoming a regular occurrence by the end of the week! Keeping things simple at the business end Mike opted for his trusty D-rigs, using a variety of hookbaits including match the hatch Switch dumbbell wafters, buttercorn infused wafters and ISO infused wafters. Mike landed 35 fish for the week, with Bombhead being the pick of the bunch at 43lb 12oz. Numerous 30’s and 20’s backed up Bombhead on this mega session and although none of the real bigguns made an appearance it showed that when you really work a swim, feed them and fish well…the rewards are there to be had! Mike also landed a lovely scaley 28lber that wasn’t in the gallery so they aptly named it “The Honeymooner” as Mike and Kayleigh were spending their weeks honeymoon at Gigantica! We couldn’t think of a better place to be honest…thank you for choosing to spend your honeymoon out here, it was an absolute pleasure looking after you both for the week!


Self-confessed comedian Matt “Golden Duck” “Fine Leg” “Big Dog” Hammond managed to get into Tea Party for the week and also had a bite early doors on Sunday to settle the nerves…Matt decided to fish 2 rods at 20 wraps towards Turtles Corner and 1 at 15 wraps towards the church spire. Matt was baiting with 5kg a day of Baitworks Royal Marine and Atlantic Heat with some maize run through the mix for a fleck of colour, using IQD and blowback rigs with essential cell wafters. Matt finished the week with 9 fish with a couple of “dropped” fish that sparked a change of hook patterns halfway through the week…the best of the bunch being “Lovin Life” at 44lb 8oz, this was backed up by some really nice scaley 20s and a cracking 37lb 8oz mirror!


Up next is Matt Cook who fancied a week in The Poo as it suited his style of fishing and also saw a few fish showing in the area on the walk around…Fishing 2 rods at 16 towards Turtles Corner and 1 at 10 wraps down his right margin Matt baited his spots with Mainline Cell and our house pellet. He waited until Tuesday for his first bit of action landing “Stubby” at 46lb 12oz off of the 16 wrap spot, using a tigernut pop up on a Ronnie rig. The next morning he had an aggressive bite from the close in spot and after a mega battle trying to weave through his other rods without wiping them out he landed Polly at 47lb, not bad for 24 hours fishing! Polly fell to an essential cell wafter on a D-rig fished over 4kg of Cell and pellet. A 21lb 8oz mirror on Friday topped off a great week for Matt, The Poo certainly seems to throw up some of the lakes larger residents!


Herbie Faraday dropped into Bacheliers and after a couple of trips that haven’t gone his way on the fish front, he finally got his reward!! Herb started fishing long right into the far corner of the swim but as the week progressed the fish were showing a lot closer so he decided to drop all 3 back to 23.5 wraps, Herb is “old school” and wanted to fish how he fishes everywhere, baiting with just boilies and fishing D-rigs over the top…well this worked wonders as he went on to land “My Mate” at 49lb which was a new P.B for Herb! Baiting with 4kg of Mainline Link per day with an ISO and Pineapple Goo infused Banoffee wafter sitting over the top! Absolutely made up for you mate, stuck at it and got your reward!


Fishing next to Matt in The Goo this week was Dave Bunting, Dave flicked Ronnie Rigs armed with S7 garlic supreme Pop ups at some shows on Saturday evening in the region of 14 wraps with 5 handfulls of DNA S7 in 15 and 18mm over the top with the catapult, this paid off when early on Sunday morning he had an absolute melter of a bite which resulted in a wicked 44lb common called “Snowflake” Dave stuck to his spots for the week and kept the bait going in consistently for the week, but that was to be the only action….Safe to say he went home a very happy man! 


Dan Lincoln decided on Beach for his home for the week and didn’t really see a lot in the way of fish activity until the last night, fishing at 21 wraps towards the centre of the bund and baiting up with cell and pellet throughout the week he managed nick a last gasp blank saver on the Friday night in the shape of “Mysterio” at 43lb 12oz! Landed on an IQD rig with half a Cell bottom bait and half a Diamond White Pop up... 


Darren Halls fished Birches and also saw a small amount of activity in front of him but stuck at it and landed one of the newly introduced 2019 stockies, which he got to name as it was its first visit to the bank! Darren baited with active-8, cell and essential cell chops/10s/15s/18s and maize and fished Ronnies with pineapple pop ups over the top.


Jamie Vant-Harrison fished Eastwoods and managed a 22lb common before moving into shingles after Steve the bailiff moved out of shingles, the action slowed up after that and was to be his only action of the week…


Steve dropped into the empty Shingles for a few nights at the beginning of the week and managed 3 fish on Monday night, the pick of the bunch being “Elevenareef” at 41lb8oz, all the fish came to 12mm white banoffee pop ups in solid bags, fished over a bed of maize and hemp..


With 56 fish landed this week it was the most productive of the year, Mike fished really really hard and kept the main pack of fish in his swim with the bait, was nice to see bites spread around the lake as well and a great week was had by all, a highlight for me was Matt Hammond laughing at all of his own jokes and telling tales about how his Fine Leg fielding career has gone down hill since he started carp fishing!! Look forwards to seeing you all again in the very near future…


Until then,


Tight lines,