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  • James Chapman, 58lb 4oz, Decoy, 14/09/2019
  • Always nice to have mates on hand to help with the captures and share the buzz!
  • Soaking number 2 for James!
  • James Chapman, 32lb 4oz, Decoy, 14/09/2019
  • 2 fish, 2 P.Bs! Cant grumble at that!
  • Martin Short, 34lb, Turtles Corner, 14/09/2019
  • Bloody good shot sir!
  • Martin Short, 16lb, Turtles Corner, 14/09/2019
  • Martin Short, 32lb 8oz, Turtles Corner, 14/09/2019
  • Back to the depths!!
  • Martin Short, 28lb, Turtles Corner, 14/09/2019
  • Matt Siveyer, 52lb 4oz, Shingles, 14/09/2019
  • Big old gob on it!
  • Lots of P.Bs broken this week!
  • AJ Spooner, 40lb 12oz, The Poo, 14/09/2019
  • Happy days!
  • Straight in the chops!!
  • Nik Shave, 41lb, Eastwoods, 14/09/2019
  • Wahey!
  • Nik fancied a swim after his P.B capture!!
  • Craig Lawrence, 48lb 8oz, Tea Party, 14/09/2019
  • Craig with his PB shot!
  • Pete Beavan, 17lb 14oz, Billys, 14/09/2019
  • John Moore, 24lb, Beach, 14/09/2019

James Chapman, 58lb 4oz, Decoy, 14/09/2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/09/2019

Week Commencing 14/09/19


With Autumn very nearly upon us, the warm days and cooler nights are continuing and with a band of high pressure looking like it was in for the week, the fishing could be tough. The lads didn’t think about that and went about getting amongst a few anyway.


James Chapman fancied his chances in the ever consistent Decoy swim and decided to fish 2 rods at 14 wraps down to the bund and 1 rod straight out infront at 16 wraps, landing a new pb at 32lb 4oz on the Sunday evening had James’s trip made but what was to come the following evening was something that dreams were made of! After baiting up before dinner with big balls of scolded pellet mixed with DT Baits N-Blend and Oily Chicken boilie, hemp and maize he returned and flicked his rods out down the bund and baited up with a few more of the bait balls. An hour later his middle rod picked up and another gruelling battle commenced with the fish constantly trying to get into the branches down his right margin! After a couple of hairy moments he managed to coax the fish into open water and after the battle was finished he slipped the cord under “Rons” at 58lb 4oz!!! What a mega result! James fished hinge stiff rigs with small pop ups sprayed with betaine spray before casting out, the fish moved off after that and James didn’t manage another bite, but who cares when you’ve landed one of the biggest fish in the lake! Congratulations!!


Martin Short had been dreaming about Turtles Corner for 2 years since booking his trip to the Road Lake and couldn’t believe it when he managed to get in there! Taking a little advice from the bailiff he decided to concentrate all 3 rods at 18 wraps towards the dot island. Martin had a 34lb common on the Sunday night to get the ball rolling and he started to introduce a bit more bait, using roughly 5kg of Mainline Link and Essential Cell mixed with our fishery particle mix per day. Martin went on to have one of the 2019 stocked fish at 16lb 8oz on the Tuesday…it went quiet for Martin for 24 hour but he didn’t deter from his angling, staying consistent and baiting little and often, this paid off on Thursday when he landed a 28lb common that wasn’t in our records so he named it “Ryans Common” after his son who was meant to be coming out on the trip with him but exams and school unfortunately got in the way, next time I am sure he will be out here with you Mart! Martin mixed his hookbaits up and stuck to his own version of the D-Rig which nailed every fish he landed, considering the fishing around the lake was slow the bites he had were pretty consistent and he topped it off with another 2 commons, "Minky" at 34lb and a  wicked 32lb 8oz common called “Le Buster” on the Friday morning! I am glad you enjoyed yourself mate and look forward to seeing you again next time!


Matt Siveyer dropped next door to his mate in Shingles and waited patiently for his bite! But what a result he had, receiving an absolute stonker of a bite on Wednesday afternoon and after a spirited battle in his deep margins he slid the net cord under “Eye-Q” at a new top weight of 52lb 4oz and another new 50lber for the Road Lake!! Fishing all3 rods at 18 wraps to the dot island Matt tempted the biggun with a cutdown pink wafter on a combi rig, feeding with Mainline Link and Essential cell with our particle mix at a rate of 4kg per day. Well in!


AJ Spooner fancied the Poo for the week and fished really well, mixing things up and changing his hookbaits, rigs etc and trying to make the most of the water in front of him when the fish really weren’t playing ball. He managed to land a new P.B at 40lb 12oz which was a lovely mirror called “Raspberry” AJ landed this on a solid bag with a match the hatch dumbbell fishing at 16 wraps towards Turtles Corner. He baited up with 5kg a day of Mainline Link, Cell mixed with some maize and pellet! 


Nik Shave decided on Eastwoods for the week as it suited his style of angling nicely and he got to work getting his rods out and baiting up from the bank. He lost a couple of fish early on and then got his reward on the Friday in the shape of “Boiliehead” at 41lb which was a new P.B for Nik!! Taken on an IQD rig with a pink salty squid wafter, Nik baited from the margin daily with 3kg of mixed boilie, particle and fishery pellet! Congrats on the P.B mate!


Craig Lawrence fished in Tea Party and managed to nick a bite on the last night with an absolute banger of a common, "Big Bob" at 48lb 8oz was the reward for a hard weeks angling! The fish was landed on a solid bag filled with pellet and a few squirts of mainline smart liquid, finished off with a trimmed down white cell wafter. Craig baited at 18 wraps towards Turtles corner with 4kg a day of crushed, chopped and whole boilies with some pellet thrown in for good measure! Well in mate


Mark Rush started the week in Bacheliers where he managed to nick a 25lb common fishing 20 wraps to the big tree on the margin baiting with 2kg of pellet, mixed particle and Mainline cell boilie, using a Ronnie rig with a white Cell pop up. He then moved into Double Boards as there were fish showing that side of the lake and landed another common of 25lb falling to the same baiting approach and rig fished at 15 wraps towards Bacheliers


Pete “DG” Beavan dropped into Billys and got off to a flyer landing one of the 2019 stocked fish at 17lb 14, it hadn’t been caught before so he decided to name it the DG Common due to the fact he is always in a dressing gown on the bank! This was caught from 21 wraps towards T2 on a Ronnie Rig fished snowman style with a Link bottom bait and ISO infused topper. This ended up being the only action of the week for Pete as the fish seemed to move off his area after taking a bit of a hit the week before.


John Moore and Ritchie Hillman fished the Beach and the Goo respectively and both managed to nick a mid 20 common each….it really was hard going with the weather and the fact the fish weren’t feeding heavily, wasn’t a recipe for lots of carp!


With 17 fish landed on a very tough week the guys stayed positive throughout and some real funny memories were made! Looking forward to catching up next year boys!


Until then,


Tight lines,