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  • Ronnie Whybrow, 47lb, Tea Party, 07/09/19
  • Ronnie Whybrow, 46lb 8oz, Tea Party, 07/09/19
  • Double take carnage on Saturday morning!!
  • Ronnie Whybrow, 41lb, Tea Party, 07/09/19
  • Brian Tuck, 38lb, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Brian Tuck, 25lb, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Matching the hatch worked well for Brian
  • Brian Tuck, 41lb, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Brian Tuck, 37lb, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Brian Tuck, 39lb 8oz, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Baiting consistently was key for Brian this week
  • Brian Tuck, 24lb, Billy's, 07/09/2019
  • Adam Harsum, 44lb, Birches, 07/09/2019
  • We are always on hand to help weigh and photograph your catches!!
  • Obligatory P.B bucket!
  • Adam Harsum, 36lb 8oz, Birches, 07/09/2019
  • Mark Connor, 37lb, Beach, 07/09/2019
  • Bloody good shot sir!
  • Mark Connor, 22lb 8oz, Beach, 07/09/2019
  • Mark had an array of brilliant t-shirts that gave us all a laugh!
  • John Daly, 43lb, Brambles, 07/09/2019
  • John Daly, 41lb, Brambles, 07/09/2019
  • Lewis Herring, 21lb 8oz, Shingles, 07/09/2019
  • Shaun Vandersteen, 45lb 8oz, Decoy, 07/09/2019
  • Will Warren, 40lb, Eastwoods, 07/09/2019

Ronnie Whybrow, 47lb, Tea Party, 07/09/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/09/2019

Week Commencing 07/09/2019

With another group chomping at the bit to get started we got the walkaround done and the dreaded draw took place! Once that was done and everybody was in their swims we were all hopeful of a few bites! 

Ronnie Whybrow was buzzing to say the least when he was had the opportunity to fish his top choice swim for the week! He wasted no time and writing his name next to Tea Party and set his stalls out fishing 2 spots, one at 18 wraps towards turtles and then one at 15 wraps towards the church spire. Ronnie baited with 5-6kg with a mixture of boilie and pellet, with his bait of choice being A2 baits Tuna and A2 baits creamy toffee boilies. The bait mix was made up of a mixture of crumb, halfs and whole boilie and pellet. Wednesday, he started introducing Gigantica’s mixed particle on both spots. Thursday, he had his first fish which came after a swift recast and a change of plan on the 15wraps spot… switching to a creamy toffee pop up on a Ronnie rig with a small PVA bag of pellet. This fish was Castro at 41lb. just goes to show that when the fish are on you, you can work for a bite! Ronnie had another two fish by the end of the week which both came Saturday morning. These being off the 18-wrap spot. fishing IQ-D rigs with matching the hatch wafters. Ronnie had The Archer at 46lb8oz and then the biggest fish of the week being Errol at 47lb. Only three fish but a trio of 40s, well deserved. 

Brian “Friar” Tuck headed straight for Billy’s from the draw after having success in there on previous visits to the road lake. Brian wasted no time at all in getting set up and most importantly putting a couple of fish on the bank on the first night! With these two fish being Swaley’s Mirror at 39lb8oz and Daniels at 38lb. He set his stalls out in fishing 3 rods at 21 wraps with 2 rods over bait and one rod just off the baited area. He baited up with 7kg on the first night with a 50/50 mix of pellet and boilie, with his boilie of choice being Boss Baits Cotswold club mix. Brian consistently baited each day with 7kg of bait throughout the week. Although picking fish up most nights, Wednesday he managed another brace with this time being Missing Link at 37lb and then his biggest fish of the week being Krack Off at 41lb. he ended up with 8 fish throughout the week and found that most bites came to the rod just off the baited area. His rig choice for the week was IQ-D rigs with match the hatch dumbbell wafters with a running Cog lead set up. The bite time was from midnight until 3am most days.

Adam Harsum fished Birches and kicked off the first night in style! Breaking his PB with a 44lb common known as The Tish. Adam baited 6kg each day with a mixture of boilie from A2 baits, these being Tuna and Garlic mixed with Creamy Toffee. The baits were covered in fish oil and left to soak before being introduced. Wednesday morning Adam had two fish with the biggest of the bunch being Inky at 37lb8oz. Adams rig choice for the week was D rigs fished snowman styler, which consisted of a match the hatch bottom bait and a tuna and garlic pop up, varying colours. 

Mark Connor fished the Beach and although it took a couple of days to get his head around the swim and fish activity he landed a 12lb stocky. This was caught at 22 wraps towards the bund on a Ronnie rig with a DT baits green beast pop up. Wednesday night he had a change of tactics and decided to work as a team with his mate Shaun in Decoy. They decided to both fish the bund and bait a big area! This worked a treat for Mark as only 10 minutes after he had finished baiting up, he was into a 37lb P.B common known as Bullwinkle. 

John Daly started the week off in The Poo knowing that Three Scale is long overdue! But after not seeing any fish for the first couple days he decided to move into Brambles after hearing fish in the general direction over the last couple of nights. He set out fishing the normal spot at 18 wraps towards the crocked tree. Baiting the spot with 6kg of pellet and boilie. Tuesday evening, he was rewarded with a 41lb mirror known as KEEF.  This was caught on a D rig with a match the hatch bottom bait. Thursday, he decided to pull one rod off the spot and bring it closer in after seeing fish in close. Fishing at 10 wraps, he baited a spot with 5kg of boilie and pellet. Fished with a CCM fluro pop up on Ronnie rig. Friday morning, he landed a fish called Frederick at 43lb… most people would have been happy with a low 40 but not john... this was because it was ounces under his PB! Unlucky on that front but still a cracking fish. Johns Boilie choice of the week was Boss baits Cotswold club mix. 

Lewis Herring fished Shingles and set out fishing 3 rods at 18wraps towards the dot island. Starting off baiting light with 3kg of boilie the first night and then 5kg the second night.  After not seeing many fish in the area he eased off on the bait for the next 36hours. Wednesday, he upped the bait, introducing 6kg of halfs, crumb sticky manilla and fishery pellet. Thursday morning a bite out of the blue at 9am resulted in a blank saver for Lewis. This turned out to be Dion at 21lb8oz. Lewis caught this on a Manilla pop up presented on a Ronnie rig. 

Shaun Vandersteen fancied Decoy for the week, he set out fishing 2 main spots being towards the bund and then 10 wraps towards Beach. Baiting consistently with 5kg a day with Dt Baits N-blend. He persisted and got the reward Friday morning in the form of Loving Life at 45lb8oz. The rig that done the damage was a trimmed down blood and orange pop up on a Ronnie Rig 

Will Warren tucked himself away in Eastwoods for the week, it was tough going and he ended up having his first fish on Friday morning in the form of Century at 40lb. Will fished 8 wraps towards shingles using a trimmed bloodworm pop up presented on a Ronnie rig. Will baited 6kg a day with Sticky Baits manilla and pellet and then also introducing 1kg of mixed particle. This was enough to nick his only bite of the week which was a 40! 

Harry Darby fished Double Boards and fished 3 rods at 15 wraps towards the corner of Bachilliers. Early hours Wednesday morning he landed his first fish in the form of a 24lb common. This was caught on a multi rig with a link pop up with a white topper. Harry’s bait choice for the week was Mainline Link and fishery pellet. Harry baited 2kg a day with a mixture of link and pellet glazed in link liquid. Thursday at a similar time he was into another fish this time being a 21lb common. This was caught on a hinge stiff rig with a link pop up with a yellow topper.

A tough weeks fishing but with the average weight of the fish rising its been worth the wait for the bites! The main piece of advice to take away from this week has been to keep changing hookbaits/ rigs to try and entice that all important bite, especially when you have fish showing over your abite areas!

Until next time,


Tight lines,


Steve and Kierren