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  • Ieuan Jones with The Nose at 56lb from Turtles 24.08.19
  • Phil Newman with the Unnamed Common at 48lb from the beach 24.08.19
  • Phil Newman's Rig doing the job !!!
  • The perfect combo for Phil
  • Alan Brown with Little Two Tone at 42lb from T1 24.08.19
  • Phil Newman with the Korda Social Common  at 42lb 8oz from the beach 24.08.19
  • Kenny Hawkings with Hurcules at 32lb 4oz from The Poo 24.08.19
  • Andy Renolds Rig of Choice
  • PB Soaking For Ieuan
  • Phil Newman with Gelato at 38lb from the beach 24.08.19

Ieuan Jones with The Nose at 56lb from Turtles 24.08.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/08/2019

Its that time of year again... The Fat fish boys are back in town! Regulars to the lake they wasted no time getting set up. With the weather being bright sunshine and warm temperatures, looked like it could be a tricky week, but the main man Andy Renolds didn’t hold back and started off with a belter…

Andy Renolds came last out the draw and went into Dunkerque. He Set his stalls fishing 3 rods at 14 wraps. Baiting with 4kg of sticky manilla on Saturday night and it didn’t take long before he was into his first fish of the week. Early hours Sunday morning he landed a 39lb common known as “Twin Patch”. Continuing what he had done the previous night, Andy then bait with 5kg of manilla on the Sunday which produced another early morning bite Monday. This time being “Decoy” at 45lb. Throughout the week Andy manged to put 5 fish in total on the bank with the biggest being “The Jewel” at 47lb 8oz. Andy baited with 5/6kg of manilla each day and fished D-rigs over the top, fished with a drilled out bottom bait plugged with cork to turn it into a wafter. 

Kenny Hawking fished The Poo. He had 2 fish throughout the week which came at bizarre times! His first bite came at 12pm During the hottest point of the day and the sun at its fullest! This fish was a stocky which have been uncaught since its stocking for a few years! This weighed 38lb 4oz, Kenny decided to name this fish “Balls Deeps”. The following day he had another bite within a similar time frame this time being in shape of a 32lb4oz common called Hercules. His approach for the week was consistent baiting of sticky manilla introducing 4kg a day. Kenny’s rig choice was a combi rig with a manilla bottom bait with a bright yellow topper. 

Phil Newman had a cracking week fishing the Beach ending up with 10 fish and being top rod on the lake. Started off slow and losing a few fish but soon changed it around to get a few into the net! Phils main approach throughout the week was baiting with a mixture of sticky krill and manilla, baiting up with 5kg a day with a mixture of crumb, half’s and whole boilies. Fishing D rigs with manilla wafters (same approach as Andy Renolds in the next swim) over the top proved productive. Although due to the hot weather and the fish basking in the sun, he did nick a couple on a zig. The pick of the bunch was a 48lb common known as the “Unnamed Common”. But he also landed another 2 40 plus fish! These being “Cracker” at 44lb and the “Korda Social Common” at 43lb8oz. Phil also managed to catch a 38lb mirror called “Gelato”. 

Ieuan Jones fished Turtles Corner and with it being his first time in France fishing all he aimed for was one fish. This happened Wednesday morning when he landed one of the lakes larger residents!! As a crowd gathered to support Ieuan, the fish was weighed at an almighty 56lb!! This fish turned out to be “The Nose” at a new top weight. Too say he was on cloud 9 was an understatement. He set out to fish 19 wraps for the week, baiting with a mixture of sticky baits Krill and Manilla. The baits were glazed in matching liquids to enhance the free offering. His rig of choice was a blowback rig fished with a snowman style baits using a manilla bottom bait and a fluro pop up. 

Mark Dyer went for a simple, easy weeks fishing in Eastwoods. He set out fishing 3 rods at 9 wraps towards shingles and baiting consistently with 4kg of boilie each day. Marks bait choice for the week was Scopex squid and was baiting up via a spomb. His persistence paid off as the fish moved onto to him Friday night and he was rewarded with a 37lb 4oz mirror known as “Quaver”. His rig of choice was an IQD-rig with a match the hatch wafter.

Alan Brown fished Tea Party, setting out fishing two spots throughout the week, with the main spot being 18 wraps towards Turtles and the other being 15 and a half wraps towards Shingles. Continuous baiting of 5/6kg of sticky bait Manilla each day paid off in the end. As the fish moved onto him Friday morning, he was rewarded with 2 fish. With the first bite coming from around 3:30 am off the 18wrap spot. This turned out to be “Little Two Tone” at 42lb. His next fish came at 5:30 off the 15wrap spot which was in form of a 34lb common. Both fish fell to a blowback rig fished with a manilla bottom bait with a yellow topper. 

Over-all it was a hard weeks fishing, but the lake still threw up a few good fish! With the lack of Rain and high Temperatures, the water level is on the low side. The conditions were against them from the start… But the Fatfish boys didn’t let that put a downer on their week with most people managing to catch which was good angling by all! 

Kierren Waters