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  • Aaron Harbird, 57lb, The Poo, 31/08/19
  • Taking the bucket shot to a whole new level!!
  • The other side of this wicked carp!
  • What a beast!
  • Aaron Harbird, 24lb, The Poo, 31/08/19
  • Aaron Harbird, 27lb 12oz, The Poo, 31/08/19
  • Scott Larman, 33lb 12oz, Tea Party, 31/08/19
  • Scott Larman, 25lb 12oz, Tea Party, 31/08/19
  • Scott Larman, 28lb 8oz, Tea Party, 31/08/19
  • Scott Larman, 26lb, Tea Party, 31/08/19
  • Scott Larman, 32lb 4oz, Tea Party, 31/08/19
  • Ryan Hills, 46lb 8oz, Shingles, 31/08/19
  • Returning a new P.B!!
  • Ryan Hills, 32lb, Shingles, 31/08/19
  • 2 P.B's in a week!! Happy days
  • Craig Novakovic, 47lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 31/08/19
  • Craig Novakovic, 20lb, Bacheliers, 31/08/19
  • Mick Norris, 47lb 8oz, Turtles Corner, 31/08/19
  • Mick Norris, 47lb 4oz, Turtles Corner, 31/08/19
  • Simon Jackson, 37lb 4oz, Eastwoods, 31/08/19
  • Simon Jackson, 29lb 4oz , Eastwoods, 31/08/19
  • Ricky King, 38lb 8oz, Beach, 31/08/19
  • Another P.B Smashed!
  • Back to the depths!!
  • Grant Slade, 40lb, Decoy, 31/08/19
  • Until the next time...

Aaron Harbird, 57lb, The Poo, 31/08/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/08/2019

With the first days of Autumn upon us and warm days with cold nights expected it wont be long until the leaves are dropping and we are pulling out the thermals!! A fresh group of lads were raring to go on a scorching hot Saturday afternoon, all hopeful of a few bites!


Fishing in The Poo for the week we have Aaron ‘brothel creepers’ Harbird who helped himself to the biggest fish of the week with “Pinscale” at 57lb!! Aaron waited patiently until Wednesday morning for his first occurrence which resulted in a 27lb 12oz common! 24 hours later was when things really changed, landing a lovely 24lb mirror on Thursday lunchtime and getting the rod straight back on the spot paid off! Baiting up again and repositioning the rods before the pictures of the smaller mirror resulted in a riproaring take and a mega battle, with Pinscale slipping over the net cord, this one was certainly a lot bigger than the first mirror….Pictures were taken and P.B Buckets were thrown (quite literally). Aaron kept things simple rig wise, deciding to fish knotless knots using a straight out the bag Mainline Cell boilie with a yellow topper. Baiting consistently everyday with a mix of Mainline Activ – 8 and Cell mixed 50/50 with Gigantica pellet at a rate of 5kg per day! Aaron concentrated 2 rods at 16 wraps towards Turtles Corner and 1 rod at 10 wraps down the margin. 


Scott Larman was buzzing to get set up after a good draw and ending up in Tea Party! Starting off with 5kg of Sticky krill on the 18 wrap spot to Turtles he waited until Sunday afternoon for his first bite but then had bites fairly consistently for the rest of the week from the 18 spot and a spot at 15 wraps towards the church spire next to Shingles where fish were showing regularly. Scott started off the week using knotless knots with wafters and corn toppers he finished the week fishing supple Hinge rigs with Krill pop ups and a yellow topper. Scott picked up 9 fish from 11 bites with the biggest being a new P.B common of 33lb 12oz! 


Shingles went early in the draw again and was occupied by Ryan Hills and girlfriend Stef. Deciding to fish all 3 rods on the 18 wrap spot to the dot island and got into the fish pretty quickly, landing a small common on Sunday night. Ryan landed 2 more fish to 32lb over the next 48 hours and then it went quiet for a few days, continuing to bait consistently when the fish turned back up on Friday he managed to land a monster of a common. “The Grey” at a top weight of 46lb 8oz smashed Ryans P.B and the obligatory soaking proceeded much to the amusement of Stef! Ryans baiting approach was to spomb little and often throughout the day with Mainline Link and Gigantica pellet, fishing ready tied d -rigs at the beginning of the week and swapping to his own tied d – rigs after a little rig tying session with the bailiff, with Link wafters at the business end!!


Bacheliers was fished by Craig Novakovic this week and he decided to continue the form of recent weeks and fish long (29 RL) into the corner. This resulted in 3 fish for the week with a 47lb 8oz mirror that goes by the name of Stormin Norman the pick of the bunch! Feeding 5kg a day of Baitworks Atlantic Heat and Gigantica pellet, fishing hinges with yellow scent from hell pop ups over the top! 


Mick Norris jumped at the chance to fish in Turtles and certainly filled his boots. He didn’t have loads of fish but the ones he caught were special with the picks of the bunch being “The Wedge” at 47lb 8oz and “Toucan” at 47lb 4oz! fishing solid bags over bait at 18 rod lengths, Mick baited with 6kg of Mainline Cell and Gigantica pellet per day.


Up next we have Simon Jackson who, after some deliberation dropped into Eastwoods. Simon picked up fish consistently from Sunday morning until Thursday when the fish seemed to vacate the area. Fishing 2 rods at 10 wraps towards Turtles and 1 at 6 wraps to Shingles he landed 7 fish and lost a couple with the biggest being a 37lb 4oz mirror, Simon baited with 4kg a day of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell mixed with Gigantica pellet 50/50 and fishing blowback rigs with Essential Cell hookbaits over the top.  


Ricky King fished in the popular Beach swim for the week and stayed consistent and confident all week, despite not seeing a fish until Wednesday. Ricky lost a couple of fish and then managed to land a wicked 38lb 12oz mirror named “Hobnob”! Feeding with 6kg of Madbaits Nutz boilies and Gigantica pellet per day at 21.5 wraps to the middle poplar at the back of the bund, he fished combi rigs snowman style with wicked whites toppers.


Birches was fished for a few nights by Grant Slade before he moved into the vacant Decoy swim when the fish turned up down that end of the lake, managing to land a wicked 40lb common called “Not about the hat”, he landed this on a Ronnie Rig using s7 pop up tipped with fake corn fished at 14 wraps towards the bund, baiting up with 4kg of DNA S7 boilies per day.


Last but no means least is Gary Cherry who plotted up in the Goo for the week, he fished well all week but the fish just didn’t seem to turn up on him! We all thought a blank was on the cards come Friday evening but he pulled it out the bag landing one of the 2018 stockies at 20lb! this fish was stocked in November last year and has already put on 10lb! Gary fished 2 rods at 16 wraps straight out in front on one rod close in down his left margin, baiting with Mainline Activ – 8 and Gigantica Pellet the fish was landed on a Blowback rig with a Activ – 8 bottom bait and yellow tipper…Perseverance paid off mate!!


Another tough week with 33 fish landed, the fish seemed pre occupied at the beginning of the week feeding on naturals, but towards the end of the week the fish started being picked off over the baited spots …. Let’s see what next week brings!


Until then,


Tight lines,