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  • Jason Hewitt, 40lb, Tea Party, 10/08/19
  • Jason Hewitt, 36lb 12oz, Tea Party, 10/08/19
  • Jason Hewitt, 21lb, Tea Party, 10/08/19
  • Until the next time...
  • Jason Hewitt, 25lb 8oz, Tea Party, 10/08/19
  • Anthony Corbett, 30lb, Double Boards, 10/08/19
  • Charlie Searle, 37lb, The Beach, 10/08/19
  • Charlie Searle, 27lb, The Beach, 10/08/19
  • Charlie with a 37lb Grassy!
  • Mike Peacock, 23lb 4oz, Decoy, 10/08/19
  • Mike Peacock, 20lb, Decoy, 10/08/19
  • Danny Fyers, 40lb, Birches, 10/08/19
  • Back to the depths!!
  • Danny Fyers, 37lb 4oz, Birches, 10/08/19
  • Danny Fyers, 38lb, Birches, 10/08/19
  • Jon Loveridge, 20lb, Brambles, 10/08/19
  • Archie Roe, 33lb, Shingles, 10/08/19
  • Archie Roe, 28lb 12oz, Shingles, 10/08/19
  • Until the next time...
  • Ben Wilson, 41lb 8oz, Eastwoods, 10/08/19
  • Ben Wilson, 29lb 12oz, Eastwoods, 10/08/19
  • Ben Wilson, 31lb, Eastwoods, 10/08/19
  • Steve Williams, 38lb, Bacheliers, 10/08/19

Jason Hewitt, 40lb, Tea Party, 10/08/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/08/2019

Another new bunch for the Road Lake who couldn’t wait to get started, with the weather looking likely to warm up again we were all praying the apps were wrong and we would have a repeat of the previous weeks weather!


Jason Hewittwas first out the bag in the draw and didn’t hesitate to go straight into Tea Party. Chose to fish his main spot at 18 wraps out towards Turtles corner. He spent the first couple days baiting up with straight boilie through a throwing stick. A change of baiting approach Tuesday where he swapped the throwing stick for a spomb. After spombing out 3kg of boilie over the spot that night he had his first fish of the week being a 21lb mirror known as “Jacobs”. Thursday morning he saw fish showing away from his spot and decided to spread the rods fishing 1 rod at 10 wraps towards double boards and the other 16 wraps towards Shingles. A light baiting approach over these 2 spots fished with pva bags. That evening he landed a 37lb mirror off the 16 wrap spot. Thursday night he picked up another 2 fish with one being his biggest fish of the week being “Twin Patch” at 40lb which came off the short 10 wrap spot. Friday afternoon he was away again, this time off his main spot and this fish being “inky” at 36lb12oz, although this wasn’t the last bit of action for Jason… he left his rods out to the last minute and it paid off as at 8am Saturday when most people had packed up his rod ripped off and this produced a 26lb Common. Jason baited with a mixture of Mainline link and essential cell boilies, feeding around 3-5kg a day over the spots. His rigs were kept simple with blowbacks fished with 2 grains of fake corn or a wafter tipped with fake corn either yellow or white. 


Antony Corbettdecided to fish Double Boardsafter seeing fish in the area on the walk round. He got off to a flying start having a 30lb common on the bank within the first couple of hours of setting up. He got the bite while spombing out and on his 10thspomb the rod ripped off. Fishing a spinner rig with 2 grains of pop up corn. His bait mix was made up with boilie and pellet. 


Charlie Searlealthough being last out the draw managed to get into his top choice swim, just shows you never know your luck! The swim being the Beach, waiting until Monday for the fish to move on him.  Fishing at 15 wraps straight out, early hours Monday morning his rod rattled off with a 27lb common this then followed by a 22lb common late Monday evening. Baiting with 5kg a day with Sticky Krill 16mm and 20mm boilie, these were also made into halves and crumb which was mixed with the fishery pellet. Tuesday saw him have another fish in the shape of “Nannas mirror” at 37lb and a new PB! His next fish appeared on the bank Thursday, which was a 37lb grass carp, his first ever grassy! His rigs for the week were spinner rigs with a match the hatch krill wafter. 


Mike Peacockbegan the week in the Goo but moved into Decoyafter 2 days due to fish being present in the area. Mike made short work getting into the fish having one on the first day. Mike decided to fish two rods down towards the bund at 14 wraps. Fishing spinner rigs, the first fish came to a pink pop up. On Wednesday he had 3 bites which resulted in 3 fish with the biggest being Wonderberry at 23lb 4oz. Mikes baiting approach was little and often baiting up every hour throughout the day with a mixture of boilie and pellet, with the mix being predominately pellet! Mike fed 50kg of pellet throughout the week to give you an idea of the volumes!


Danny Fayers set up in Birchesfor the week. Fishing at 18 wraps out towards Billy’s and baiting with around 5kg a day with a mixture of Mainline Fyber and pellet. Wednesday at 10:30pm saw Danny have his first bite with a lovely 40lb mirror called “Gilbert”. A quick recast and after photos, he didn’t hang around topping the spot up! The effort paid off as half hour later he landed a 37lb4oz common. He made the most of the opportunity of the fish being on him. Continuous baiting each day saw him have one more bite early Saturday morning in the form of a 38lb mirror known as “O.G”. His rigs were simple old school knotless knots with 2 pieces of pop up corn with a shot on the hair pinning it down to the bottom.


Jon Loveridgefished Bramblesfor the week in order to try and pick up a better stamp of fish. Unfortunate for Jon this was not his week due to Losing two fish on his own accord… but he did manage to get off the mark Wednesday morning with an angry 20lb common. Jon fished 18 wraps straight out baiting with 9kg a day with a mixture of Sticky krill, CC Moore live system and Mainline link boilies. Fishing with IQ-D rigs with 2 grains of plastic corn tempted the common.


Torben Reesdecided on Billy’sdue to the long margin suiting his style of fishing. He fished 19 wraps towards the big tree and baited from the bank spreading his bait in a long line. Baiting with 3kg of essential cell each day paid off for Torben Wednesday morning when he landed a 17lb mirror which he caught on a multi rig with a sticky krill pink one. 


Liam Tredgettfished Turtlesfor the week, setting his stalls to fishing 19 wraps. He baited with 7kg a day with a mixture of DNA Switch, SLK and fishery pellet. Didn’t get amongst the bigger residents within the lake but had a couple of 20lb commons. Which he caught on a spinner rig with a wafter glugged in vindagoo and mystic spice.


Archie Roefished Shinglesand had his first bite on Tuesday morning in shape of “Fleur” at 33lb. baiting consistently throughout the day with a mixture of Sticky krill and pellet, going through around 5kg a day over the spot. Fishing at 18 wraps towards the dot island. Thursday evening saw Archie have another bite off the spot fishing in the form of “Chip” at 28lb12oz. Archie used the ever faithful spinner rig switching hook baits proved to have worked as the first fish fell to a 14mm link pop up and the next bite came to a krill wafter with a fake corn tipper. 


Ben Wilsondecided to tuck himself away in the new swim Eastwoods. Fishing 3 rods at 10 wraps towards turtles was the plan of attack for Ben. Waiting until Wednesday for his first bit of action. As the fish moved on him, Wednesday evening he had his first fish of the trip in the net being a 41lb 8oz mirror known as “Phil Macrackin”. Ben had 32lb grass carp throughout the night. Picking off fish for the next couple of days up 31lb. Then the fish moved off him. Ben approached the swim by baiting up with a mixture of Mainline link and fyber boilie with Gigantica pellet throughout the week, baiting up with a scoop from the bank. His rig choice was a slip D rig and followed the trend of the week using fake corn which paid off for Ben, landing a total of 5 fish. 


Steve Williamsdecided on Bachiliersfor his home for the week. He set his plans out to fish at 23 wraps just past the big tree. Baiting up straight away on the Saturday with 10kg of pacific tuna boilies. Topping up the swim with a 3-4kg a day it was Thursday when the fish moved on him and sticking to his spots paid off. As Thursday morning he landed a 38lb mirror known as “Quaver”. Steve nailed the fish on a spinner rig fishing with an almond washed out pink pop up. 


Another week done on the Road and the fishing hasn’t been tremendous. We desperately need a couple of weeks of solid rain to stir the water up and bring the levels back to normal, lets hope next week brings a monsoon!


Until then,

Tight lines