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  • Nick Sutton, 60lb, Brambles, 03/08/19
  • Phil Evans, 38lb 12oz, Bacheliers, 03/08/19
  • Phil Evans, 20lb 4oz, Bacheliers, 03/08/19
  • Phil Evans, 31lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 03/08/19
  • Phil's chosen rig for the week
  • Phil Evans, 30lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 03/08/19
  • All 3 rods locked and loaded...
  • The killer mix!
  • Martijn Markwat, 38lb 12oz, Turtle's Corner, 03/08/19
  • Martijn Markwat, 38lb 8oz, Turtle's Corner, 03/08/19
  • Martijn Markwat, 46lb 8oz, Turtle's Corner, 03/08/19
  • Adam Greenwood, 30lb, The Poo, 03/08/19
  • Adam Greenwood, 37lb, The Poo, 03/08/19
  • 1 of Adams 2 rig choices this week
  • Adam Greenwood, 41lb 12oz, The Poo, 03/08/19
  • Bit of munga!
  • Adam Greenwood, 31lb 4oz, The Poo, 03/08/19
  • Simliar, but a slight variation!
  • Adam Greenwood, 42lb, The Poo, 03/08/19
  • Nick Sutton, 31lb 4oz, Brambles, 03/08/19
  • The mix that snared the biggun!!
  • Obligatory P.B bucket shot
  • Irresistable!!
  • Another Road Lake 60lber!
  • Daz Whitehead, 26lb 8oz, Billy's, 03/08/19
  • Tom Thomson, 38lb 8oz, Birches, 03/08/19
  • Tom Thomson, 35lb, Birches, 03/08/19
  • Off to fight another day...
  • Ian Farmer, 24lb, Shingles, 03/08/19
  • Chris Evans, 26lb, The Goo, 03/08/19
  • James Baggaley, 37lb 12oz, Eastwoods, 03/08/19

Nick Sutton, 60lb, Brambles, 03/08/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/08/2019

With inconsistent weather affecting this area of France for a while now the fish really haven’t known what to do. Still another group of lads were chomping at the bit to get started on Saturday and we were all hopeful that the fish would get well and truly on the munch!

Phil Evan’s choose to set camp in Bachelliers for the week. Deciding to fish past the normal spots in the swim at 29 ½ wraps into the far corner. Keeping it light for the first night Phil baited with 2kg of chopped boilie and pellet spread over the spot. This proved to help him sneak in a quick bite in the shape of mega 38lb 12oz mirror known as “Quaver”, using a Spinner rig which incorporated the D-rig kickers and a size 4 kamakura wide gape, which presented a snowman made up of live system boilie with a northern special topper. Upping the bait on the Sunday to 3kg paid off as this resulted in a 31lb 8oz mirror known as “Old Town Road”, he also had a 22lb common the following morning. The fish drifted out of the swim for a few days which meant he only picked up a low 20 common on the Monday morning after that the fish activity dropped off… until Thursday when the fish showed up again. He had an upper double common, this is when Phil decided to up the bait and try to hold the fish for longer, introducing 8kg of boilie and pellet on the spot. This paid off as by the evening/ early hours Friday morning landing 5 fish up to 30lb 8oz. he topped the spot up through the night with another 7kg of bait which helped him get more fish on the bank. Friday night he applied a similar approach, and this landed him another 3 fish up to 26lb. Upping the bait kept the fish in his swim for longer and I believe if Phil had baited heavy from the start the fish would have stayed in the area.

Next up is Martijn Markwat who jumped into Turtles corner, a peg he’s had great success from in the past. He decided 3 rods at 18 wraps over a tight area of bait, having each rod no more than a rod length apart. Martijn approached the swim positively and baited up 10kg of link and cell on the Saturday night, this paid off with great results as he had two fish throughout the night with the biggest being Breakfast’O’Clock at a spawned-out weight of 38lb 12oz. He decided to continue to bait heavy with 10kg boilie each day and this kept the bites coming for Martijn having a hit of 3 bites through Tuesday night which included a double take! Unfornately one dropped the hook but still managed to land one at 38lb 4oz known as “Charlie”. Wednesday morning, he was greeted with a new PB of 46lb 8oz known as “JB’s”. The fish drifted away from Turtles towards the end of the week but persistance with his spots paid off with a 22lb common on the Friday. 

Adam Greenwood chose to fish the Poo, he had a game plan of fishing 2 main spots which were 10 wraps down the right-hand margin and 16wraps towards Turtles. The first bite came Monday lunch time off the 10-wrap spot which he had baited with 3.5kg of cell and link boilies through a catapult. The following morning, he had a 21lb common off the 10-wrap spot again but then had a 42lb mirror known as “The Model” off the 16wrap spot. He waited until Thursday for his next bit of action but resulted in two commons from the 10-wrap spot with the biggest being the “Korda Social Common” at 41lb 12oz. That was the last of the action from the 10-wrap spot which only produced commons! Friday morning Adam was away off the 16-wrap spot which produced a 37lb mirror known as “Eutopia”.  Adams rig choice for the week was combi rigs fished with a yellow IB wafter on the 10-wrap spot and a combi with a Link boilie tipped with an 18mm link wafter over the 16 wrap spot. Adam kept his spots rocking by introducing big quantities of bait going through over 50kg boilie in the week.

Nick Sutton fished Brambles, keeping things simple he fished at 18 wraps straight out to the sloping tree and baited with 4kg of straight CC Moore Pacific tuna boilie a day, his plan fell into place on Wednesday night when a chunk of a mirror graced his net! This fish turned out to be “Rose Bud” at a new top weight of 60lb! Another new 60 for the road lake!! The fish showed up that night and Nick managed another fish during the night being a 31lb 4oz mirror. The rigs that tripped up the unit of a mirror was a simple blow back rig with a pacific tuna boilie and a yellow plastic corn topper. Just goes to show that keeping things simple and sticking at it pays off!

Daz Whitehead fished Billy’s, he got off the mark quickly with a 26lb 8oz mirror on the first night caught along the margin. Daz stuck to the margin for the week working spots along the bank. He had 2 more bites but didn’t manage to land them, that’s fishing for you. Daz fished with an 18mm link bottom bait with a plastic corn topper baiting with a mixture of link and pellet baiting around 5kg a day along the margin. 

Tom Thompson fished Birches. Tom set his stalls out at fishing at 20 wraps towards billy’s and baited with a mixture of link and fibre boilies and pellet, baiting with a throwing stick or spomb, tom baited around 4kg a day. Introducing a mixture of halfs, crumb and pellet through the spomb and using the throwing stick to put out wholes. Tuesday morning, he landed a 38lb 8oz commonly known as “le flair” after getting the rod straight back out and introducing some bait he was in again with a 35lb mirror known as “last chance”. Wednesday morning, he was off again this time with a 21lb mirror. Thursday morning, he was away again this time with two commons up to 21lb. blow back rigs with crank hooks done the damage for tom this week, fishing with straight link bottom baits. Constancy was key, keeping bait going into the swim all throughout the day.

Ian Farmer settled down into Shingles for the week starting off on a downer losing a fish early on, he soon made up for it catching a stunning 24lb mirror known as “Wonderberry” on Wednesday morning. Ian fished 16 wraps towards the dot island using an IQD-rig with a straight link bottom bait. Baiting heavy with Mainline Link proved to work for Ian.

Chris Evans fished Dunkerque for the first 5 nights and the fish simply didn’t visit him, dropping into the vacant Goo swim on Thursday and fishing all 3 rods at 15 wraps he managed to save a blank on the last night landing a 26lb mirror that he named “Cashew” Caught on a Northern Special pop up on a spinner rig, Chris introduced 4kg of mixed Pacific Tuna and Gigantica Pellet to tempt the bite

James Baggaley dropped into Eastwoods for his last couple of nights after getting itchy feet in the Goo. Baiting from the bank with 3kg of whole and chopped boilie he managed 4 bites in an evening! Unfortunately only one graced his net which turned out to be “Big Scale” at 37lb 12oz! To say James was buzzing is an understatement, this one fell to a simple KD rig fished snowman style.


Not a biblical week by any means but the fish were definitely a lot more spread out which is good to see. Bites coming from all over the lake and falling to big beds of bait, which I hope will kick start a feeding frenzy in the weeks to come! Once again another great bunch of lads who are already looking forward to their trip back next year!!


Until then,


Tight lines,