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  • Phil Bailey, 54lb, Turtle Corner, 27/07/19
  • Perfection
  • Phil Bailey - 27/07/19
  • Phil Bailey with Betty - 27/07/19
  • Rowan Hill, 44lb, Bacheliers, 27/07/19
  • Russ, 36lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27/07/19
  • Chip with a grassy 27/07/19
  • Harry, 38lb 8oz, Beach, 27/07/19
  • Harry 27/07/19
  • Harry 29lb 28/07/19
  • Hour of madness 27/07/19
  • Harry with a scaly banger 27/7/19
  • Newbie Rugeley 27/07/19
  • Harry, 46lb, Beach, 27/07/2019
  • Choice of Rig for the Week - Harry 27/07/19
  • Gary with Gary lol - 27/07/19
  • Best of mates 27/07/19

Phil Bailey, 54lb, Turtle Corner, 27/07/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/07/2019

The weather changed for the better this week with some much-needed rain and strong winds on the Friday night carrying through to Saturday pushing the fish around and making them more active. Once the anglers arrived we swiftly completed the walk around to get everyone fishing.

It was noticeable on the tour that the fish were stacked up in the Beach and The Cage, so no surprise this part of the lake was going to be top on people's choice.

Starting with Harry who went into The Beach.  This was a very wise choice from this man due to being most popular amongst the anglers for first choice as it was apparant a lot of fish were in residence. Harry started to fish all three rods at 23 wraps out towards the three trees by taking the advice from the bailiff. Harry made his baiting approach as easy as possible by baiting spots by hand and walking round spreading maize 'n' boile.

Harry had to wait a few days to get his first bite with a mirror at 27lb on a solid PVA bag then followed up with another mirror at 37lb. Harry ensured his baiting tactics remained the same each day by baiting up with maize n boile at the same time which proved to be bang on as Harry's next two fish were crackers landing  TJ at 46lb & Bombhead at 38.8oz.  It was expected Bombhead to be down in weight due to spawning but still as ever in great condition. With the week coming to the end, Friday was a manic one. Harry decided to switch things up by changing one rod to a zig fishing at 23 wraps which was vital as trying to keep the rod in the water was extremely hard, extra nets and slings were needed and even though the fish weren’t huge there were some scaly bangers - as we would say. Difficult week but well angled.


Rowan Hill came last out of the draw Rowan and ended up in Bacheliers but wasn’t disappointed due to being a great swim on the lake. He decided to fish 29 wraps which not many people do in this swim so something different but paid off on the first evening as landed Brokentail at 44lbbang on the nose and what a brute of a carp needless to say Rowan was well chuffed. Unfortunately the bites slowed down having to wait until Friday for last bites with two lovely mirrors. First being a 27lb & a high double, I don’t think Rowan could of fished any better -  solid angling!


Russ fishing in Tea Party fished all three rods at 18 wraps and managed to catch on his first night landing O.G at 36lb 8oz; what an awesome looking carp. Things slowed up for Russ working hard through the week applying various of tactics such a solid bags and zigs which proved to work as Russ had another take later on in the week. Sadly what felt like a big fish got away. If the fish were in front of Russ without a doubt plenty would have been caught.


Chip headed into Brambles, fishing all three rods straight at 18 wraps putting him on the bar that runs down the middle of the lake. Chip had to wait a few days before his first bite with a Grassy at 28lb using a baiting approach of maize and boile spombed out to his spots at 17 and a bit wraps. Chip followed this up with a common at 19lb 12oz. A few smaller fish also showed an apperance this week. Chip plugged away and rewarded with a few of the stockies.

Gary fishing in Decoy had two rods straight out aiming towards Dunkirk onto the bar, with the third rod at 16 wraps towards the bung; aiming for the christmas trees. Gary got off to a good start landing a stunning mirror.  Throughout the week plugging away with regular baiting onto the same spots rewarded Gary a common at 28lb which he was able to name. With no hesitiation he decided name it Gary - Top Lad. 

Dave in Dunkerque was full of confidence as there were plenty of fish in front of him at the beginning of the week. Dave fished two rods straight out to the boulder at 18 wraps and as no one went into The Cage he fished one rod to the marging near the weed bed as thats were most of the fish were holding. Dave unfortnatly only managed to land one fish from this spot with a mirror at 26lb. The bites were slow for Dave as the fish moved out so a deceison was to move onto The Shingles. This time it wasnt meant to be as the fish wasnt playing ball there either.

Lastly, Phil went into Turtle Corner, one of the most popular and a lot of anglers number one swim on the Road. Phil fished two rods at 21 wraps towards the dot island and one heading to Tea Party. Phil was very patient through out the week not losing his head as most people would. The carp were non-existent in this part of the lake but Phil pulled it out the bag on his last night landing a whopper of a common known as the Unnamed Common weighing at 54lb on the nose. This was also a PB for Phil which ended up with a tradition bucket shot. Phil also ended up with 30lb common & 23lb lovely scally mirror.

Well that's it for another week on the Road Lake with a great bunch of lads who was always up for a laugh. Shame the carp weren't playing ball as none of the bigguns made an appearance.


As Andy would say..... 


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche


Mike Gigantica