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  • Lee Edman's with Hansen at 58lb from Bachilars 20/07/2019
  • Boom!!!!
  • Andy Taylor with The Judge at 39lb 12oz from Shingles 20/7/19
  • Rob Burgess with Fleur at 35lb from Eastwoods 20/7/19
  • Rob Burgess with Big Shack at 50lb 2oz from Eastwoods 20/7/19
  • Wayne Baker with Errol at 46lb from Tea Party 1 20/7/19
  • The business end doing it for Wayne Baker in Tea Party
  • Roy With Maggie at 42lb 12oz from The Beach 20/7/19
  • Steven Eastwood with The Decoy at 50lb 2oz from Birches 20/7/19
  • Another new pb
  • Dave with his new pb at 30lb from Dunkerque 20/7/19

Lee Edman's with Hansen at 58lb from Bachilars 20/07/2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/07/2019

The fishing this week was always going to be difficult due to the extremely high temperatures of over 40 degrees, but the lads managed to put a few fish on the bank during the week.


urch in Decoy had a slow start to the week until mid-week when the fish moved onto him, finishing up with 6 fish. He caught on an arrange of different spots/ methods with fish mainly coming from a spot at 18wraps which he baited 2/3kg daily with a link and pellet. Bites also came from a 12ft zig and fishing towards the bung at 15wraps.


Dave in Dunkerque had a slow week but persistent with his spots paid off. He fished 14 wraps, baiting with 2kg of chopped link boilie each day, fishing towards the right of the island. Resulted in a low 30 mirror on Thursday morning. Dave went for a match the hatch approach keeping his tactics simple, fishing with a knotless knot with a standard 18mm link bottom bait.


Dan Edmands had a slow week despite his efforts, after moving into 3 different swims he was rewards with a 31lb mirror out of bachillerson his final night fishing 18 wraps out along the marginal shelf.


Andy Taylor fished Shingles. His main spot was 16.5 wraps out, using the right-hand side of a tall tree in the background as a marker. Andy’s baited up with link and pellet mix. On the Monday evening Andy had The Judge at 39lb 12oz. The rig which done the deed was a spinner rig fished with half a cell boilie tipped off with a piece of maize.


Roy fished Beach which started off slow for the week until Wednesday until the fish moved on him, then he managed 8? Fish on 15ft zigs fishing towards the bung. His biggest fish appeared Friday morning which tipped the scales round to 42lb 12oz which was a common called Maggie.


Lee Edmans decided to start the week in Bachilars, he had a flying start to the week catching Hansen at 58lb on the first night. He managed 2 more fish throughout the week with a 35lb mirror and a small mid double common. Lee fished at 22wraps and baiting up through the gaps in the hedge with pellets and chopped/whole boilies. His bait choice for the week was urban baits nutcracker and his fish came to pop up corn or spicy washed out yellow pop ups present on spinner rigs. 

Wayne Baker fished from Tea party 1. He Stuck to his spots fishing at 16 and 18 wraps baiting with 5kg a day with a mix of essential cell and hemp. He only managed the one fish for the week, but he had Errol at 46lb. his bait choice which tempted the fish was half an essential cell bottom bait tipped with half a banoffee wafter. 

Steven Eastwood fished Birches, he fished 16wraps straight out baiting with 2kg of link boilie each day. For all his efforts he only managed one fish being The Decoy at 47lb which fell to a 11ft zig over the spot. 

The korda koach Rob Burgess spent a few nights on the lake at the beginning of the week, dropping into the only empty swim available, Eastwoods. Rob didn’t disappoint putting 3 fish on the bank with the biggest being Big Shack at a new top weight of 50lb 2oz, another new 50 for the road lake!! Robs fish all fell to solid bag approach fished over a spread of mainline isosweet boilies with a pink wafter hookbait at 10 wraps towards Turtles.


Another great week had by all on the Road Lake with the weather playing a big part in the way it fished the lads kept plugging away and got the rewards and to top it off went home looking like they had spent a week in the Caribbean.

Until next time tight lines James…….