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  • Geoff Adams, 46lb 8oz, Beach, 13/07/19
  • Geoffs first bucket of the week!
  • Geoff Adams, 47lb 8oz, Beach, 13/07/19
  • The P.B's kept on coming for Geoff
  • Geoff Adams, 39lb 8oz, Beach, 13/07/19
  • Bruce Walker, 38lb 8oz, Dunkerque, 13/07/19
  • Bruce Walker, 30lb, Beach, 13/07/19
  • Bruce Walker, 29lb, Beach, 13/07/19
  • Bruce Walker, 33lb, Beach, 13/07/19
  • Ryan Iley, 27lb 8oz, Decoy, 13/07/19
  • Ryan Iley, 41lb, Decoy, 13/07/19
  • Ryan Iley, 49lb, Decoy, 13/07/19
  • Thats carpy!
  • P.B.......Smashed it!!
  • Sharing the moment is what its all about!
  • Ryan Iley, 33lb, Decoy, 13/07/19
  • Mike Crossman, 27lb, Turtles Corner, 13/07/19
  • Hooked into a biggun!!
  • Mike Crossman, 51lb, Turtles Corner, 13/07/19
  • Consistent angling paid off!
  • Mikes P.B got obliterated this week!
  • Ricky Clack, 47lb, Bacheliers, 13/07/19
  • We love a bucket shot here at Gigantica!
  • Off to fight another day...
  • Ricky Clack, 23lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 13/07/19
  • Stefan Budenbender, 48lb, Goo, 13/07/19
  • Trying to find a spot for water shots!!
  • Kieran to the rescue!
  • Stefans French P.B!
  • Andy Moores, 44lb, Brambles, 13/07/19
  • What mottled light??
  • Neil Morris, 20lb 8oz, Tea Party, 13/07/2019
  • A beautiful end to a great week...

Geoff Adams, 46lb 8oz, Beach, 13/07/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/07/2019

Week commencing 13thJuly,


With the same old N/NE winds staying out until the later part of the week and temperatures sitting in the high 20’s the Embryo Bailiffs had their work cut out for them on the road lake this week, we saw a few fish dotted around the lake on the walk round, so it was looking promising.


Geoff Adams came out early in the draw and went into Beach after seeing fish down the bund on the walk around and based on the previous couple of weeks it seemed a good place to start. Fishing 23 wraps across to the bund he didn’t have the ideal start to the week when he lost a good fish at the net! Not one to lick his wounds and get disheartened he got the rods back out and was rewarded with a 19lb common pretty soon after. It went quiet for another 24 hours until a real beast of a common slipped over the net cord, “Jam Boy” @ 46lb 8 was the reward! The lost fish was now completely forgotten about. Baiting with 3kg of Baitworks Royal Marine and Gigantica Pellet per day and fishing plastic boilies on a simple knotless knot set up did the trick for these ones. After Wednesday the fish seemed to switch off from feeding on the bottom but still seemed to be in the area in numbers. Geoff decided to switch over to adjustable zigs during the day things really started to kick off. 


Bruce Walker who was fishing in Dunkerque and Geoff decided to team up and share a zig rod in the Beach as it was clear the fish were there in numbers, one walking round to the bund and sprinkling pellet over the area whilst the other cast the zig out worked absolute wonders. The critical depth ended up being 8ft off the bottom and the guys really worked the swim well. With Geoff going on to land 8 more on zigs, beating his P.B again with “Blade” at 47lb 8oz being the pick of the bunch. Bruce landed 12 fish and just couldn’t seem to get amongst the bigger fish, with “Boilie head” at 38lb 8oz being the biggest. Before Bruce decided to team up with Geoff he did manage a few bites from Dunkerque, landing “Joes Common” at 33lb and a couple of 20’s. These all came from 11 wraps towards Brambles with a blowback rig and Atlantic Heat bottom bait with a white topper at the business end. Feeding Baitworks Atlantic Heat, Mainline Cell and Gigantica Pellet he baited the spot with 4kg a day until it went quiet in that swim, dropping down to 2kg a day when the bites slowed down. These two lads fished 1 rod between them for the last few days and had a serious amount of bites. It really did show that working your swim can be so effective.


Up next is Ryan “1 rod” Iley, who jumped at the chance to fish in Decoy for the week and didn’t hesitate in getting off the mark quickly. Landing a 27lb 8oz mirror that he has named “Oliver” within an hour of getting the rods out. Things looked good for the week ahead and Ryan stayed consistent with the bites. Landing 9 fish in total fishing 14 wraps to the 2 big trees across on the far bank. Baiting up with 8 big scoops of Mainline ISO Sweet, Link and Gigantica Pellet every couple of hours kept the bait topped up throughout the day, over this he used combi rigs with a variation of different pop ups, most of his bites coming on yellow Sticky Signature pop ups. “Herman” at 41lb and “Cuppers” at 49lb 4oz were the stand out captures for the week, backed up by “Merguez” at 33lb and 6 smaller ones.  Considering the conditions were not great and with Geoff and Bruce smacking them on zigs in front of him, he stuck to his guns and kept them feeding on the bottom throughout the week. Ryan also managed to land a 12ft Free Spirit Rod that had somehow made its way into the lake (we wont ask how) but it was his and he was very very happy to get it back!  


Turtles Corner was occupied by Mike “the thong” Crossman and things were looking pretty quiet in his half of the lake at the beginning of the week. Managing to grab an out of the blue bite on the Monday which was a lovely 21lb common, the action was slow until Friday when the wind finally swung round and got the fish on the move! Sticking to his 21 spot all week and baiting with 5kg of HMV baits boilie and Gigantica pellet per day worked in his favour when he had a mad hour on Friday afternoon. As I was in the swim taking pictures of a 27lb common he had just landed his middle rod went into absolute meltdown, an epic battle started and the fish knew exactly where it wanted to go (into the left corner of turtles where there are some overhanging trees) constant pressure managed to turn the fish and not long after that she was slipping over the net cord! Mike’s P.B was 36lb and was asking if I thought it had broken it. When I put my waders on and said we were weighing it in the water, this pretty much answered his question for him! 51lb of massive mirror carp…”Frankie” absolutely made Mikes week and he was absolutely buzzing. Mikes 2 smaller fish fell to combi rigs with yellow aniseed pop ups and the big girl was tripped up by a D-rig with a HMV wafter tipped with a yellow topper. Its hard going when you don’t see fish in your swim for a lengthy period of time in the weeks session, but as we say to all the anglers, stick to your spots and be confident in your approach so that when they do turn up you will have them…this is exactly what Mike did and he reaped the rewards! Well done


Ricky Clack came out last in the draw and was amazed when Bachelliers was still free, taking my advice and fishing along the tree line worked well when his 19 wrap spot produced “Broken Tail” at 47lb on Sunday morning! Another new P.B which was tempted by a 12mm yellow aniseed pop up fished on a spinner rig, Ricky fed from the bank with 5kg of mixed Gigantica Pellet and Blakes Bait’s milky nut pro boilies. This was the only action for the week until Friday when he tripped up at 23lb 8oz common fishing right up into the corner at range. 


Stefan Budenbender dropped into The Goo and also had a quiet week until the wind swang around on Friday and got the fish on the move! Fishing 15 wraps straight out in front of him he also landed “Broken Tail” a swim down from where it had been caught 6 days previous! Also landing a 24lb common on Saturday morning things ended on a good note for Stefan. Both fish fell to a homemade Orange Pop-up fished over a bed of Mainline Link and Fyber mixed with Gigantica Pellet



Next up is Andy Mooresin Brambleswho played Gilly for Ryan for a fair portion of the week, but managed to get in on the action Friday morning after losing a couple of fish earlier on in the week. Fishing 15 wraps towards the corner of Cage’s margin he baited 4kg per day of Sticky Krill in 12s and 16s, pure and cloudy Krill liquid then coated in Krill powder. Fishing a Mulberry white pop up on a Spinner rig over the top he tripped up a fish known as “Cracker” at 44lb, a new P.B for Andy and a well-deserved capture as he worked his socks off all week!  


Last but by no means least is Neil Morris who was trying to break the Tea Party duck from the week before. With a lot of fish staying down in Beach/Decoys water. Fishing 19 wraps towards Turtles, he managed to grab a bite on Friday as well landing a 20lb common which was very welcome after a tough week! Neil used a spinner rig with a B5 pop up fished over a bed of B5, Cell and Pellet. 


Another tricky week with the fish still now switching on properly after spawning the week previous, we could really do with a break in the weather and it isn’t looking very likely next week with temperatures looking to reach the 40’s again. The guys made this week really enjoyable and with 44 fish landed and over 50 bites it is starting to get back to where we want to be! 5 new P.Bs and lots of happy memories to share forever.


Until next time, 


Tight lines,