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  • Ricky Cornish, 49lb 8oz, Beach, 06/07/19
  • Ricky Cornish, 34lb 8oz, Beach, 06/07/19
  • Ricky Cornish, 43lb 8oz, Beach, 06/07/19
  • Swaley Ryan, 57lb 8oz, Billys, 06/07/19
  • Other side of an absolute UNIT!!!
  • Enjoying the moment with Terry
  • Swaley Ryan, 48lb 8oz, Billys, 06/07/19
  • 2 fish, 2 P.Bs SMASHED!
  • Magical moments shared with mates
  • Jack was hoping he didn't get a bucket as well !!
  • Well held Swaley!
  • Patience paid off!
  • Phil Brown, 26lb, Birches, 06/07/19
  • Dave Williams, 25lb, Shingles, 06/07/19
  • Jack Gardener with his 34lb grassy!!
  • Jack still ended up getting wet!
  • Liam Radband, 32lb, Turtles Corner, 06/07/19
  • Saturday morning blank saver, with a new P.B to boot!

Ricky Cornish, 49lb 8oz, Beach, 06/07/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/07/2019

Week Commencing 06/07


With another group of 12 chomping at the bit to get going the lads didn’t hesitate to get fishing once the walk round and draw had been completed. With winds staying NE for most of the week and temperatures around mid 20’s with a few scorchers thrown in, everybody was hopeful for a bit of action.


1stout the draw Ricky Cornishwho decided to drop into Beachas we saw lots of fish down the bund on the walk round. Fishing 2 rods at 25 wraps across to the bund and one down his left hand margin at 13.5 wraps Ricky had to wait until Monday for his first bite which he had off of the 13.5 spot, a lovely 34lb 8oz mirror called ‘Molly’. Fishing creamy toffee pop-ups on a spinner rig. Baiting with 20 spombs of Insta Baits ‘banoffee twist’, Mainline Fyber and Gigantica pellet a day on his 13.5 spot and 3kg a day of the same mix along the bund. Ricky had 2 more bites on Monday both from the 25 spot, a 30lb common and a smaller 16lb mirror. It went a little bit quiet for a couple of days after that with the fish seemingly not interested in eating anywhere in the water column with a zig rod being worked in the swim as well. This all changed on Wednesday when Ricky landed a mega 49lb 8oz mirror named ‘Eye-Q’ this also came from the 25 spot but with a different hookbait, 3 bits of plastic corn was the winning combo for this brute! An hour later and he was in again, this time landed another cracking 40 with ‘Kids Arms’ in the net at 43lb 8oz, from the 13.5 spot this time! 2 spots producing it looked good for a couple more bites. This was not to be as come Wednesday night the fish decided they fancied some more Jiggy Jiggy and had a 3rdspawning session…Cage and Billys margins were alive with spawning fish ALL NIGHT.


Next up we have Swaley Lee Ryanwho opted to drop into Billysfor the week, with shows slow and it fishing slow around the whole lake, Swaley stuck to his guns and kept consistent with his baiting. When the fish turned up on Wednesday after dinner it looked good for a couple of bites until they started their shagfest. Swaley repositioned his rods away from the spawning fish casting all 3 rods straight out infront of him at 6 wraps all with solid bags, in the hope he could nick a bite from a spectating fish. This worked an absolute treat when he landed 2 gooduns in quick succession, ‘Fosters’ came first at a whopping 57lb 8oz, followed shortly after by ‘Blade’ at 48lb 8oz. An absolutely mega brace which was shared by the rest of his group. Jack and Tel getting involved in the water and helping with the matts and the brace shots made it an epic experience to be involved in. These sorts of moments really are what it’s all about, sharing the buzz and enjoying the moment whether it’s you or your mate that has landed the fish! This proved to be the end of the action for Swaley but as you can probably imagine he was absolutely made up.


Regular Phil Brownand wife Sandradropped into Birchesfor the week and things looked good from the off as Phil landed a 26lb common on Sunday morning. Fishing over Link and Pellet at 18 wraps straight out in front, with corkdust Link wafters on IQD rigs at the business end. Things quietened down for the majority of the week until Thursday when Phil managed to nab another common at 23lb 12oz. 


Dave Williamsdecided on Shinglesfor the week and also had a mega quick start with 2 bites on Saturday night, unfortunately he lost 1 of these at the net which looked to be a decent common…nevertheless he landed the 2ndbite which turned out to be a mega 25lb mirror which he has named after his daughter and carp catching machine ‘Sophie’. Fishing at 18 wraps towards the dot island, this one fell to a white Krill pop up fished on a spinner rig with 15 spombs of whole and chopped Sticky Krill over the top. Once again, the bites slowed right down for Dave until the fish turned up again on Friday. Casting mesh bags with crumb and chopped krill at showing fish accounted for one more bite in the shape of a 20lb common.


Jack Gardenerreturned to the road lake with a score to settle as the previous trip ended in a blank, he plotted up in Dunkerquefor the week and managed to nick a 34lb grassy on Monday. Over the moon that there wasn’t to be a repeat occurrence he kept consistently baiting at 10 ¾ towards Brambles with 3kg of Instant Baits Whisky twist and Banoffee twist per day which resulted in an 18lb common on Tuesday. Both fish were landed on Spinner rigs with Yellow and White pop ups being the hookbaits of choice.


Liam Radbandthought his luck was in when he managed to get into Turtles. But with the fish heavily grouped up ready to have another go at spawning they just didn’t visit his areas. Patiently sticking to his spots and baiting consistently at 19 wraps towards the dot island with 20kg of Sticky Krill and Mainline Cell throughout the week. Saturday morning it all came good and the blank was saved, in the shape of a 32lber named ‘The Pansexual Common’, a new P.B and a reward for some very patient angling. This one was landed on an Essential Cell pop up fished on a Spinner rig.


We have said it a couple of times this year already but I really really hope the fish are done spawning now. I was starting to question why it was fishing so slowly at the beginning of the week, but what happened Wednesday night/Thursday morning explained all. Lets hope next week brings a major hit and these fish seriously get on the feed after their prolonged love making experience.


Until next time,


Tight lines,