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  • Sharing the moment is what its all about!
  • Martin Coupar, 38lb, Decoy, 08/06/19
  • Neil Budd, 48lb 8oz, Decoy, 08/06/19
  • All about the P.B bucket shot
  • Farewell for now!
  • Neil Budd, 43lb 12oz, Decoy, 08/06/19
  • Neil Budd, 45lb 8oz, Decoy, 08/06/19
  • 2 in retainers, playing one and the lads all sharing the moment! Priceless
  • One from Neils red letter day!
  • It was commons aplenty!!

Sharing the moment is what its all about!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/06/2019

Week Commencing 08/06/19


Well what can I say, with the spawning seemingly out of the way on the Road Lake I thought the fish would be ready to have a serious munch…this was not the case and they still haven’t quite switched back on after the Jiggy Jiggy, with the possibility of the fish spawning again with the warm weather it seems they are dragging things out abit longer than anticipated, this made for a very tough week as the fish were still majorly grouped up in front of the bund. 


Martin Couparcame out high in the draw and fished Decoy, he was only staying until Tuesday which meant the swim would become free once he had departed. Fishing at 17 wraps towards the bund he concentrated all 3 rods at this area. Baiting with Mainline Link and Essential Cell from the bund he fished blowback rigs with Link bottom baits and yellow toppers over the freebies. Martin managed to land a fish after having a couple of aborted runs which turned out to be a new P.B @ 38lb! 


Once Martin had left his mateNeil Buddwho started the week off in Brambles made the short move into Decoyas the fish were still there in numbers. Continuing Martins approach Neil baited from the Bund with a combination of Mainline Link and Essential Cell with a generous helping of our pellet thrown into the mix.  Also fishing 17 wraps down towards the bund, Neil had an absolute red letter day on the Wednesday when the fish clearly switched on for a bit of a munch. Neil landed a new P.B of 48lb 8oz which was an absolute brute of a common that goes by the name of “The Wedge” this fish had been on the missing list for a while and its nice to see it in such great condition. He also landed “Phil Macrackin” and “Twin Scale” @ and @ respectively! What a crazy day! These bigguns were backed up by a 24lb mirror and 3 commons ranging from 22lb to 34lb and none were identified fish which was perfect for Neil as he has 3 kids! So they all now have a common named after them swimming around the Road Lake! Happy Days. Absolutely crazy day mate and glad all the lads came around to witness it, it’s nice to see everybody sharing that buzz!


Kevin Parryfishing in Turtles cornermanaged to nab a couple of fish during the week. The carp were not in the area very often and he moved between Turtles and Eastwoods throughout the weeks whenever they were showing. Kev baited with Tails up O.C.M with a throwing stick and fished 21 wraps towards the dot island. One morning late on in the week he was in Eastwoods and saw a fish show really close in, infront of Turtles. He got round there quickly and flicked a single O.C.M barrel pop up on top of the show…rod on the floor and 5 minutes later he had an absolute churner of a run, with ‘Mr Massive’ slipping over the net cord, a 47lber and a new P.B to boot! Unfortunately Mr Massive decided to do the Houdini and managed to get back to the depths without a picture on the camera. But we did manage to get some stills off of a video the lads were taking.




A special mention has to go to Ian Childs as his joking around and general attitude kept morale extremely high when the fish really really did not want to play ball! Considering there were only 12 fish caught this week the lads had a cracking time and I really enjoyed spending time with you guys and really look forward to you coming out again next year!


I wish I had more to put in the catch report but some weeks the fish will just switch off and its hard to get them interested. The weather was all over the place with stormy muggy conditions then switching to cooler weather with mega high pressure. The carp really did not know what was going on, hopefully next week we have some consistent weather and the fish really start to get on the feed!


Until then,


Tight Lines,