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  • Sebastian Dickinson with Hansen at 58lb 01.06.2019
  • what a chunk
  • And away she goes
  • Deacon Olley with Cracker at 45lb 01.06.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Stormin Norman at 44lb 4oz 01.06.2019
  • Richard wood with Ringo at 36lb 8oz 01.06.2019
  • Mark Gale with The Korda Social Common at 50lb 01.06.2019
  • Luke Carrol with The Discus at 44lb 01.06.2019
  • Luke Carrol with Dylan at 44lb 01.06.2019
  • Gary Sims with My Mate at 48lb a new PB 01.06.2019

Sebastian Dickinson with Hansen at 58lb 01.06.2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/06/2019

Week commencing 01.06.2019


With things settling back to normal after spawning the fish are getting back on the feed. The conditions have been a little unsettled this week with temperatures’ up in the high 20s most days with the odd shower and thunder storm thrown in for good measure. Three of the guys this week had already spent a week on the Main lake with some stunning results with Steve Daynes landing himself Ziggy Stardust at 76lb 4oz.


Kicking off with Sebastian Dickinson in Turtles Corner with fish showing out towards the gap between the dot island and the old Teaparty 1 swim at around 21 wraps this was going to be his main focus area baiting up with 2kg of mixed krill boilie and maize with the spom at 20 ¼ wraps to allow for the swing back and his main rods at 21 wraps fairly tight together for the business end he used a multi rig on two of the rods and the other a IQ-D rig all three tipped with a Krill hardened hook bait tipped with a yellow topper. Seb managed two small commons early on in the week both low 20s however patiens paid off with a screaming run in the early hours of Friday morning and after an epic battle he landed himself Hansen one of the Lakes true Gem’s at 58lb. 

What a way to end his week!!!


Next up is Deacon Olley and with the previous weeks success fishing one of the corners on the Main Lake he decided to approach the Road lake in the same way with Bacheliers still available in the draw Deacon jumped straight in there and fish the left margin spots at 18, 21 and one into the far corner at 31 wraps after seeing fish feeding over his long spot confidence was high but the first night past with no action. With the traps reset on the Sunday evening after dinner it wasn’t long before his first rod ripped off it was the long spot and after slipping a dark deep mirror into the net in the shape of Stormin Norman at 44lb 4oz there was enough time to get the picture’s done and get the rod back out before losing the light. Deacon was woken early the next morning with the same rod rattling off and bagging himself another forty this time it was a perfectly proportioned mirror called Cracker at 45lb both falling to a Pacific tuna snowman fished on a blow back rig over two kilo of freebies he managed to back this up with two mid twenty commons.


Koos Leentfaar fished Dunkerque for the week with his first two rods fished at 16 wraps straight out and the third at 10 wraps down to his left-hand side Koos baiting approach was a mix of spoming and throwing stick using a mixture of Dutch Bait Company Strawberry boilie and our house pellet with two kilo over each rod per day and fished over this with a match the hatch boilie on the IQ-D rig resulting in Two low twenty Commons the first on Tuesday morning at 20lb and the second on the Thursday night weighing in at 24lb.


Richard Wood was in Decoy after setting up on the Saturday with two rods out towards the bar at 16 and 18 wraps and his third rod at 17 wraps towards the bunged all of the action came to the one rod fished to the right-hand side landing him nine fish in total over the week with three thirty’s the biggest being Ringo at 36lb 8oz, three x twenty’s and three doubles all falling to a multi rig with a monster crab snowman with a yellow topper this was fished over a mix of pellet, maize and boilie baiting up with around 5kg per day to keep the fish interested and grubbing about.


Mark Gale fished Brambles All three rods were fished to the bar at 18 wraps towards the dead tree on the far bank his baiting approach was a mix of monster crab boilie, maize and pellet using the spom he introduced 6kg per day over all thee rods this was fished over using the multi rig with a monster crab snowman this tactic produced two fish for mark the first a 42lb 2oz mirror on the Sunday night and the second was The Korda Social Common at 50lb on the nose.


Luke Carrol fished in The Beach with the fish stacked up in numbers in front of the bunged he decided to fish the swim with as little disturbance as possible so with all three rods wrapped up at 25 and a mix of monster crab boilies, pellet and maize he decided not to use the spom and walk around to the bunged and bait up with the scoop after introducing 10kg of bait over his spot the traps were set and at around 5am on the Sunday morning his middle rod ripped off with a mid 40 mirror in the retainer it was just a matter of waiting till first light for the trophy shoots however it wasn’t to be the fish had done a Houdini act and pushed the zip open (lesson number one always place the zip at the top of the retainer). With the pain of his loss Luke was determined not to let it beat him with the rods back on the spot and another 10kg of bait it was time to sit and wait it out. The tactics paid off with three more fish on the bank to 36lb by Wednesday evening but still reeling from his first loss and what might have been a new pb for him Luke had one last chance on the Friday evening and with a chunk in the net he had managed to redeem himself with a dark mirror Called Dylan at 44lb on the nose not a new pb but it defiantly softened the blow of the lost fish all of his fish fell to a monster crab snowman fished on a combi rig with a size 4 Kamakuru. 


Gary Sims fished the Poo and with the fish being caught to his left and right it was only a matter of time before he got in on the action with his traps set at 14 wraps towards Shingles he baited the area with a mix of ASM Key Bait Solutions 16mm boilies and pellet this was fished over with a matching wafter tipped with a slow sinking corn topper Gary only managed one fish for the week but what a fish and a new pb with My Mate at 48lb It only takes one bite to make your week and it certainly did for Gary.


Another great week on the road with some new PB’s and a great bunch of guys. the fish are really packing the pounds on who knows how many new 50’s we will have at the end of this year and with next year filling up fast it’s time to start thinking about booking your next trip.


Tight lines everyone see you soon…….

James Jones