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  • Tom with Big Shack 51lb The Beach 25.5.2019
  • Another new pb
  • And away she goes
  • Harry With Smudge at 33lb Turtles Corner 25.5.2019
  • Effort equals reward
  • Miles with Loerchen at 40lb Decoy 25.5.2019
  • Jack with the Hammer at 51lb from The Beach 25.5.2019
  • New pb for Jack
  • Carp love
  • Jack with Long Common at 49lb 12oz from The Beach 25.5.2019
  • miles with Minky at 35lb 8oz Decoy 25.5.2019

Tom with Big Shack 51lb The Beach 25.5.2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/05/2019

Week commencing 25/4/2019


This week on the road lake we saw the tail end of the spawning and the carp hadn’t quite got their feeding heads on this mixed with high pressure of over 1025 and warm weather conditions were less than ideal however the lads still managed to get amongst a few.


First up is Tom fishing The beach and with more fish showing than it was possible to count in front of the bunged on the far margin his first two rods were placed a rod length apart at 22 wraps both rods were fished with Ronnie Rigs tipped with pop-up plastic Maize and a size 4 kurv. He started of baiting the area with a small amount of crumbed and whole Scopex Squid and Cell boilie and topping up with another kilo after each bite this resulted in three fish for Tom with his first fish being Big Shack at 51lb only his second visit to the bank and already breaking the 50 pound mark this was followed up with a nice 31lb mirror and a 24lb common all from the same spot. His third rod was fished at 12 wraps towards Decoy with the same rig and baiting approach but failed to produce the goods.


Miles Fielding fished Decoy and with the main area of activity down towards the bunged this was his starting point with his first rod placed at 17 wraps towards the bunged armed with a multi rig tipped with a DNA Switch pop-up this was fished over a couple of handfuls of free offerings as the fish were feeding very finicky the tactic payed off for miles in the shape of Loerchen at 40lb on the nose this was backed up with Minky at 35lb and a lovely little 20lb common.


Next up was Jack and Buster Maltby the pair started in The Cage and Dunkerque however with only one fish between them by Wednesday and Tom in the Beach having a great start to his week they decided to rotate turns on the rods in beach this payed of in style for Jack landing himself The Hammer at 51lb and the Long Common at 49lb however Buster struggled to get amongst them only landing the one at 16lb a nice little common called Topaz.


David Hogan fished the New Eastwoods swim with his right-hand rod at 10 wraps along the margin the middle rod at 8 wraps towards Shingles and the third fished at 6 wraps to the right-hand side of the marker pole he baited up with 10kg of boilie over the course of the week a 50/50 mix of Pacific Tuna and Live-system along with 2kg of maize this was catapulted out over all three rods this was fished over with a CC Moore Northern Special on the Spinner rig. The most activity came from the right-hand rod along the margin with five runs during the week landing only two of them with a 29lb common on the Sunday and a 40lb Grass carp on the Monday that managed to do the Houdini before we could even get the camera out of the bag.


Harry Hogan started the week in Turtles corner after landing two fish early doors on the Saturday night a 33lb common called Smudge and a 28lb common both on Northern Specials presented on a Ronnie rig from 24 wraps towards the dot island the bites and fish activity came to a sudden stop it was obvious the fish had moved off and had other things on their minds over the next 48 hours all he could do was sit and wait for the fish to move back in however this wasn’t to be so after spotting some feeding fish in the margins opposite Bachelier’s he decided a move was on the cards with his first rod cast to the far margin at 31 wraps the second at 18 wraps and the third at 10 wraps both along the left-hand margin baiting each spot with a 50/50 mix of pacific Tuna and live system sticking with his chosen hook bait a pop-up Northern special the move payed off with a 33lb common called The baby Long Common on the Friday night.


With the spawning out of the way the carp are going to be on the munch and will soon be putting the lb’s back on who knows maybe this year the Road will see it’s first 70 pounder with already three 60s swimming around anything is possible.


Until next time tight lines……

James Jones