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  • Gary James, 43lb 12oz, Billys, 18/05/19
  • Gary James, 22lb, Billys, 18/05/19
  • Tony Gladden, 37lb 12oz, Decoy, 18/05/19
  • Karl Grimwood, 30lb 12oz, Birches, 18/05/19
  • Phil Turpin, 29lb, Beach, 18/05/19
  • Connor Woods, 25lb 4oz, The Cage, 18/05/19
  • A new P.B is always a buzz!
  • Steve Bartlett, 38lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 11/05/18

Gary James, 43lb 12oz, Billys, 18/05/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/05/2019

Week Commencing 18/05/2019


A difficult week for the lads this week, the fish were grouping up in numbers and getting ready to spawn, food was off the menu with some jiggy jiggy on the cards instead. Fair play to the lads they stuck with it and all understood that it has to happen at some point and there is no way of knowing exactly when it will happen! 

8 Fish came out in a very tough week with DecoyBirchesBillysBeachBacheliersand The Cagedoing the bites.


The biggest fish landed was 43lb 12oz common called ‘The Stalker’ which had smacked on 10lb in a year! Last out @ 33lb in may 2018! This fell to Gary James who was fishing in Billys.He concentrated 2 rods at 21 wraps towards T2, using a blowback rig fished snowman style. 


Tony Gladdenfished in Decoyand had the Dispatcher @ 37lb 12oz, a 20lb 8oz common and a 30+ mirror that managed to evade the sling by the time I had come round to do pics in the morning. Baiting up with a mixture of mainline hybrid and our own cooked hemp split 50/50, fishing 15 wraps out towards the beach he landed all 3 fish using spinner rigs and DF ready tied rigs. It fished hard this week and Tony kept the work up and his efforts were rewarded..


Karl Grimwoodfished in Birchesand managed a quick bite from a 30lb common on the Sunday morning, baiting with Sticky Manilla boilies and a 16mm matching wafter on the hook tempted the fish, but this was the peak of Karls action for the week as the fish did really have other things on their minds. 


New Beachalso managed a fish with Phil Turpinfishing in there for the week. With fish stacked up infront of him ready for spawning it was a tough week as it can be mind boggling when the fish are infront of you but are not feeding at all. Still he managed to land a 29lb common which he named ‘The Highwayman’, fishing 21 wraps towards the left corner of the bund Phil was walking round and baiting up which made life a lot easier, the fish was landed on a spinner rig with a yellow pop up. 


Connor Woodsfished in Cageand had a similar scenario to Phil, lots of fish in the swim but no feeding activity whatsoever! He snared a bite last knockings with a new P.B common of 25lb 4oz coming on the Friday morning. Baiting with Mainline Fyber and our particle mix Connor fished to the edge of the weed bed at 7 wraps.  The fish fell to a d-rig fished with a Banoffee Wafter


I dropped into Bacheliers for a couple of nights and managed to land ‘Daniels’ at a smidgen under 40lb, fishing all 3 along the left margin, the 19 wrap spot to the 1stgap produced the goods, baiting by hand with mainline FYBER and hemp, IQD Rigs with a 12mm essential cell wafter over the top did the business this time!


A tough week but everybody enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing you next year! Lets hope they get the spawning out the way ASAP, 


Tight Lines,