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  • Antony Watson, 58lb 4oz, Eastwoods, 4.5.19
  • Kelvin Groenedijk, 54lb 8oz, Doubleboards, 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, 58lb 4oz, Eastwoods, 4.5.19
  • Must be love in Doubleboards 4.5.19
  • Blackspot 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, 45lb 8oz, Eastwoods, 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson's blow back rig does the trick
  • Liam Dykes, 24lb, Beach, 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, 43lb 8oz, Eastwoods, 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, 41lb, Eastwoods, 4.5.19
  • In your face!
  • Liam Dykes, 23lb, Beach, 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, Scaly Banger, 17lb , Eastwoods 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson's personal touch 45lb 4.5.19
  • Lindon Brooks , Poo 4.5.19
  • Lindon Brooks Poo 4.5.19
  • Nicely chopped, ready to go
  • Harry Dean 48 4oz Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 43 14oz Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 29lb Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 23lb Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 22 4oz Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Size really doesnt matter 4.5.19
  • Jamie Robinson 45 12oz Birches 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson, 40 4oz Eastwoods
  • Couple Goals. Doubleboards 4.5.19
  • Jamie Robinson 50lb on the nose, Birches 4.5.19
  • The PB treatment - bit wet are we?
  • Liam Dykes 40 4oz Beaches 4.5.19
  • Mark Culley 45 4oz Turtles 4.5.19
  • Antony Watson 41 4oz Eastwoods 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 39lb Teaparty 4.5.19
  • Harry Dean 41lb Teaparty 4.5.19

Antony Watson, 58lb 4oz, Eastwoods, 4.5.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/05/2019

Considering we’re in the month of May the weather was cloudy with some light showers throughout the week. This however didn’t put the group of 12 anglers off from the walk round and were keen as ever to get going

 Antony Watson, first timer to the Road Lake went straight into Eastwoods, our latest addition. Since opening the swim, it has proven to be prolific and becoming popular amongst the anglers. Landing over 20 fish this week Antony exceeded his PB numerous times securing seven different 40s, two 50s including his biggest catch Hansen at 58 4oz.

 Antony’s tactics for the week was to keep things simple by using a blow back rig with 18lb darkmatter hooklink in gravel brown, Korda kamkura size 4 widegape and an anti-tangle sleeve to push the rig away from the lead.

 Antony’s choice of bait was 18mm cc Moore Live system, topped with a white 14mm glugged in a sherbert goo. Fishing 10 wraps fanned out towards turtle's corner, his baiting approach was to cast a spomb as the marker and walk down the bank to bait up. The bait mixture consisted again of cc more live system with whole and chopped boilie soaked in cc more amino blend 365. Within the first few days this method produced double takes numerous of times proving Antony’s style to the lake was on point, proving no need to adapt. Angling for the week was spot on, well done.

 Finally adding to Antony’s trip to the Road Lake, was the chance to name a 45lb mirror after his daughter Ava making it a trip to remember.

 Harry Dean went straight into Tea Party and a very wise choice that was. Tea party is a very popular swim and produces fish all year round, which it did for Harry.

 After a couple of days Harry’s first bite came on the Monday opening his account with a lovely 28lb followed by another two twenty’s. Harry’s 4th bite was a fish named HAMMER weighing in at 48 4oz; and what a carp it was! Bites kept coming for Harry including another three 40s. All in all his tally for the week ended at 15.

 Harry’s methodology for the week was to fish all three rods at 19 ½ wraps towards turtle’s corner; being the most favored spot within this swim.His baiting technique was to spomb and top up with a throwing stick. Harry used DNA SLK and maize, using in total 30kg over the week duration. The rig that was used was the most faithful IQ D-RIGS, with a size 4 curve shank and 15lb IQ2, accompanied with a Korda safesone leader in clear and fished with a 14mm SLK and 12mm yellow PB pop up (snowman).  Harry also used the solid bag method.

 Good angling Harry.

  Kelvin Groenendijk chose Doubleboards. Usually this swim is low on people’s choice but Kelvin must have known something we didn’t. The fish were showing to the right of Doubleboards, which didn’t take Kelvin long to open his account with a good-looking common at 25 4oz. Kelvin then landed an absolute brute of a carp know as Big Pecs weighing at 54 8oz, ending his week with three fish in total. Well done to this guy and great angling skills

 Alongside Kelvin, travelled his partner Rowan Van Benthem who was next door in Shingles. Fishing two rods at 19 wraps heading towards the dot island; Rowan landed two twenties, one being a common and the other a lovely scaly mirror. Unfortunately these were her last captures of the week. If the carp hadn’t of decided to move from this spot, plenty more could have been landed. Very tidy angling was produced by Rowan and Kelvin.

 Jamie Robinson in Birches fished at a comfortable range of 20 wraps on a clear area over a bed of 18mm ccmore live system and tuna. Jamie’s first bite was on the Monday morning just as he was tucking into his breakfast roll. After a long battle we slipped the net underneath a magnificent carp, Decoy. At the time I’m pretty sure Jamie told me that it wasn’t big and what an understatement that was, weighing in a 50lb on the nose. Decoy was last out in September 2018 at 43lb which made another new fifty for the Road Lake! Jamie celebrated his new PB by having the famous bucket of water chucked over him.

 Jamie’s next bite was on the Friday morning with a stunning common at 45lb 12oz. With only two bites for Jamie throughout his stay I could tell he was more than happy.

 Tactics for the week was spinner rigs with northern special yellow pop ups, keeping it very simple. Tidy angling.

 Jack Williams chose Bacheliers. In my opinion this is an underrated swim and can produce some big fish. Jack fished all three rods at 21 wraps in a line and baited up from the margin to the gaps between the trees with a spread of boilies. This approach was spot on as bites started to pick up. Overall Jack ended up with 5 fish, one weighing in at 40lb 8oz mirror, a grass carp and the rest were doubles. Cell wafters and Ronnie rigs were key for Jack. Great angling shown, assessed the swim well which paid off.

 Lindon Brooks went into the POO known as the big fish swim! Lindon found a clear spot at 10 wraps and started to bait this area. Things were really slow but he didn’t lose his head and stuck at it ticking away. Lindon was finally rewarded with two mirrors, one weighing in at 34lb and the other was a mirror with stunning scales. Unfortunately this was all the action but fair play for Lindon for sticking to his methods and being patient.

 Liam Dykes was late out of the draw but managed to get Beach. Two rods were fished at 21 wraps towards the three trees and once spots were found that he was happy with, bait was then introduced by walking round to the bung and baiting with a catapult.  His third rod was fished towards decoy on a clear spot at 10 wraps. Regrettably this time it never produced.

 Liam’s three bites came from the 21 wrap spot and was rewarded with a 40lb 4oz mirror, a lovely looking common and a scaly mirror. Liam got the water bucket shot which nearly lost his glasses.

 Lastly Mark Culley drew well and went straight into Turtles Corner; but things started of very slow for him. Mark was struggling to hit the 21 wrap but with a little help and advice from the bailiff he was soon hitting the spot and was compensated with a mint of a common at 45lb 4oz; known as Snowflake.  A carp I would love to catch myself! Mark then went on to land another two at 25lb and 28lb. These were all caught with mainline yellow pop ups on a ronnie rig.

 What a week it’s been on the Road Lake for big fish. Accumulating 4 x 50, 14 x 40’s 6 x 30’s 19 x 20’s 9 x singles. My first time as baliff I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of anglers to spend my time with and even though weather wasn’t great we all got on with the job and caught some incredible carp. It was a pleasure to spend with you all and hope to see you in the near future.

 As Andy would say, Bonne Peche and tight lines