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  • Dan Schneider, 57lb 8oz, Decoy, 27.4.19
  • You were worth the wait!
  • Not a PB, but it's a Road Lake PB
  • Neil Richards, 50lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 44lb, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 40lb, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 39lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 39lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 39lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 31lb 4oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 31lb 4oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Neil Richards, 37lb 4oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • The action can be frantic on the Road
  • Another one safely in the net
  • Jamie Stanbridge, 46lb 4oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • Jamie Stanbridge, 28lb 8oz, Tea Party, 27.4.19
  • John Daly, 39lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 27.4.19
  • John Daly, 31lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 27.4.19
  • Dale Diamond, 39lb, Turtle Corner, 27.4.19
  • Dale Diamond, 41lb, Turtle Corner, 27.4.19
  • Graham Mapplethorpe, 24lb 8oz, Shingles, 27.4.19
  • Graham Mapplethorpe, 23lb, Shingles, 27.4.19
  • Brian Tuck, 40lb, Eastwoods, 27.4.19
  • Brian Tuck, 32lb 8oz, Eastwoods, 27.4.19
  • Stuart Wigg, 44lb, Billy's, 27.4.19
  • Soaking the baits works well
  • Luke Mallet in action in The Poo
  • Go on Simon....get in that net!
  • Stuart Bliss, 46lb 4oz, Birches, 27.4.19
  • Nick Daffy, 25lb, The Cage, 27.4.19

Dan Schneider, 57lb 8oz, Decoy, 27.4.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/04/2019

It was certainly a week of Spring showers and sun for the anglers on the Road. One minute it was time to break out the mankini; and the next minute everyone was dashing for cover from a torrential downpour! On the upside, the temperatures were moderate, with daytime temperatures in the mid-teens and overnight dropping to six or seven. Variable winds, of varying strengths made it a bit of a conundrum as to where the fish would move, to during the week. 


Dan Schneider was on his first Road Lake visit, having fished the Main Lake on several occasions. Coming out of the draw last, he had a restricted swim choice, but opted for "The Decoy", as you have multiple options for bait placement. Fishing at 14 wraps down towards the bund, disaster struck on Sunday morning when his hook snapped just before netting a big fish, which he thought was one of the fifties! He then endured some really frustrating days, when the fish were in the area but he couldn’t get a pick up. Baiting up with the catapult from the bund with Mainline Link, he introduced a couple of kilos each day and fished with Wafters or Pop-Ups over the top. In the early hours of Thursday morning, his IB Pop-Up on a Multi-Rig was snaffled by one of the big girls. After a slow, heavy fight he slipped the under Frankie at a new biggest weight of 57lb 8oz!


Neil Richards had a good draw and decided on Tea Party for the week. He opted to fish all three rods at 21 wraps towards Turtles, and baited up regularly using a combination of the Spomb initially, and then the throwing stick. There were plenty of fish showing in the area and after a couple of smaller fish, things picked up nicely. Neil was joined in Tea Party on Monday by Jamie Stanbridge when he admitted defeat after two nights in Double Boards, and Neil kindly let him have alternate takes on his rods. Fishing yellow pop-ups over Nutcracker boilies, bites came consistently, and they ended the week with twenty two fish, the biggest being “The Jackal” at 50lb 8oz.


Road Lake regular John Daly had no hesitation in selecting Turtles, and given its recent form, it was easy to see why. With some help during the week from his friend Dale Diamond; John fished two different spots. One at 21 wraps in open water and a shorter spot at 14, where the fish were showing a first light on a morning. After a slow start, he got into his stride and started to pick up a few fish. The smaller male commons were first into the fray, and John landed a couple fishing with yellow pop-ups on Spinner Rigs. A switch over to matching Wafters picked off a couple of better fish to 39lb. The nights were noticeably quiet, and the majority of the bites came during the afternoon before dinner. John baited up with Boss Baits boilies using the throwing stick, and finished his week off with ten fish. Dale Diamond helped himself to two fish late in the week; and as it turned out, they were the two biggest fish of the week at 39lb and 41lb!! Thanks for helping a mate out John.....legend!


Graham Mapplethorpe went next door to John in "The Shingles" which had been fishing well recently. Being fairly new to the carp fishing game, his target for the week was his first twenty. With fish showing in the central area of the lake, he started off with two rods at 18 wraps towards Eastwoods and one straight at Tea Party on a zig. His first bite came quickly on the zig rod, and at 20lb it was mission accomplished in fairly short order. He received another zig bite shortly after which unfortunatley dropped off during the fight. The fish drifted around the open water, and Graham managed to pick off another couple of fish. Baiting up with the throwing stick and boilie, and fishing wafters over the top, he landed three twenties during the week.


Brian Tuck went into the new swim at the back of the island called “Eastwoods” for some short range fishing. Fishing at 12 wraps towards Turtles, he was walking down the bank and baiting up with the catapult on a little but often basis, with whole boilie from Boss Baits. Using Wafters on IQ D-Rigs he got into a rhythm after a few days, and landed some stunning fish. The best of his six fish haul was “Loerchen” at 40lb.


Stuart Wigg fished in Billy’s for what turned out to be a frustrating week for him. A quiet couple of days passed before the carp turned up in numbers on Monday. Fishing both the right hand margin and open water, he covered the bases. Spombing a mix of boilie and pellet, and topping up with the throwing stick he managed to land two fish in quick succession on Monday. The ever-faithful IQ D-Rigs and Wafters in a selection of different Goo’s did the trick. His biggest fish was the stunning Mirror known as “4 Scales” at 44lb; which hadn’t seen the bank since 2016, and was 12lb up in weight. 


First time visitor Luke Mallet chose “The Poo” for the week, and following the advice of the bailiff he fished his rods staggered at different distances towards Turtle Corner. On Sunday morning the fish turned up in front of him and he landed two twenty pounders in a few hours, proving he had got his tactics spot on. Despite him remaining confident and not loosing his head; unfotunately the fish didn’t make a return; but sometimes that’s the way it goes. If they had come back, he would undoubtedly have caught them as he fished well. Unfinished business Luke. 


Stuart Bliss went for “Birches” in the draw; a swim which has options out in front and also down to the left hand side. He fished two rods to the right of Billy’s at 20 wraps, and one towards Eastwoods at 12 wraps. Using the Spomb and throwing stick to bait up, he got two areas established. When the fish moved through on Monday he got his bite from the 12 wrap spot, and in fairly short order landed himself a lovely Mirror known as “Gilbert” at a belting 46lb 4oz. On a couple of occasions, flat spots came up from the baited spot in front, but frustratingly a bite didn’t materialise, despite him making subtle changes to presentation and hookbaits.


Nick Daffy fancied a dabble in Dunkerque, and went lightly at first to see where the fish were going to show. Just spreading baits with the throwing stick, he kept disturbance to a minimum and fished three rods at twelve wraps straight out in front. On Tuesday morning, it was apparent that there had been fish next door in the Cage, as potomageton weed was floating on the surface where the fish group up in the spring. Putting a rod in close Nick was rewarded with a pretty double and a mid twenty Common. The fish fell for Wafters fished on IQ D-Rigs.


Jon Millard went into the Beach next door to his mate Nick. Preferring not to fish across to the bund, he fished towards Decoy with two rods at ten wraps and then put one down the left hand margin. He baited up with a buffet of boilie, pellet and maize that surely the fish couldn’t ignore. The fish started to move down towards the Beach late on Monday evening, and Jon helped himself to a pretty Common which he got to name as “Ted”.


It was a really enjoyable week, with a fantastic bunch of lads who remained upbeat all week, despite the fish doing their Spring thing, and moving around the lake continually, but not really feeding hard until later in the week. Some weeks we have to put corks on the end of the knives at dinner as people lose their heads and things turn a bit doom and gloom! Certainly not the case this week. Hope to see you all again in the near future.


Until next time....Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica