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  • Chris Shackleton with Big Shack at 49lb from Turtles Corner 13.4.2019
  • Jack Barrow with Long Common at 48lb 13.4.2019 from Eastwoods
  • Jack Barrow with Swaley's Mirror at 46lb from Eastwoods 13.4.2019
  • Jack Barrow with Cooky at 45lb from Eastwoods 13.4.2019
  • Andy Bowman with Broken Tail at 47lb from Bacheliers 13.4.2019
  • Good save Andy
  • Paul Burt with Toucan at 47lb 8oz from Tea Party 1 13.4.2019
  • Andy Bowman with Rene's at 38lb 8oz from Bacheliers 13.4.2019
  • Big Ste with Last Chance at 36lb from The Goo 13.4.2019

Chris Shackleton with Big Shack at 49lb from Turtles Corner 13.4.2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/04/2019

Week commencing 13.04.2019


Spring is definitely here at Gigantica and with the weather to match it was time to break out the shorts and put the thermals away with the trees turning greener by the day the lakes are starting to wake up and so are the fish. This week we had nine first time visitors and two regular’s Pual Burt and Danny Eastwoods and with this being the first week of the new swim Eastwoods opened up opposite the old Tea party 2 it felt right naming the swim after a much missed and loved regular to the road lake Jackie Eastwoods.


First up was Jack Barrow fishing Eastwoods with this being a new swim and no previous form to go on it was always going to be interesting to see how it fishes and how it will affect the movement of fish around the lake. This is defiantly a short-range swim with a maximum range of six wraps the key is going to be not letting the fish know you are there until it’s too late! After the initial commotion of cutting the swim it took a few days for the fish to move back in but when they did jack hit the jackpot with 2x mid 30s and then  40s on the bounce with Cooky at 45lb, Swaleys Mirror at 46lb and The long Common at 48lb all falling to a Sticky Krill wafter presented on a blow-back rig fished at 6 ½ wraps over a spread of whole krill boilies and a small amount of maize and pellet.


Next up is Paul Burt fishing Tea party 1 with his first two rods placed at 17 ½ wraps towards Turtles corner after initially baiting the spot with 4kg of chopped Cell boilie and mixed Hemp and Maize his third rod was fished on a 8ft zig cast to showing fish with the baited spot producing the first bite on a cell wafter presented on a D-Rig with a size 4 krank. Paul managed a total of six fish for the week including two 30s and Toucan at 46lb 8oz with the bottom baits producing the majority of the bites.


Andy Bowman fished Bacheliers with two rods fished to the road bank one at 18 wraps and the second at 21 wraps both a rod length from the margin with easy baiting from the bank causing as little disturbance in the swim as possible. And was made to wait as the fish slowly moved down the lake with his first bite coming mid-week to a 8ft zig placed at 18 wraps towards the church spire in the shape of Rene's at 38lb 8oz his following run came just before breakfast the next morning this tine from the baited spot at 18 wraps on the left-hand margin over a bed of maize and mixed Link and Fyber boilie with Broken Tail at 47lb falling to an Alantic Heat bottom bait presented on a D-rig this was andy’s only two fish for the week but with a new PB in the bag he was one  happy man.


Chris Shakleton fished Turtles Corner and after getting off the mark early on with an unknown mirror at 49lb from a single pink pop-up cast at 21 wraps towards the left-hand side of the island Big Ste struggled to get back amongst them with fish showing over his baited spots most of the week he just couldn’t pick up a bite. 


Next it was Dale Garvin fishing The Poo after starting the week with all three rods fished on the deck and not getting a lot of action it was time to try a zig for the first time with fish showing in numbers out at 16 wraps it wasn’t long before the rod rattled of and Dale was in to a fish with a previous PB of 19lb and an almighty bend in the rod you could see his knees shaking as he was playing the fish and as a stunning little Road lake mirror slipped in to the net and the sight of a new Pb at 26lb not one of the lakes largest residents but more than welcome all the same.


 Big Ste fished The Goo with his first two rods fished on to the small gravel bar at 14 wraps towards the middle of the lake and his third to a baited area at 6 wraps down the left margin both spot were baited with a mix of 18mm Link and Fyber and some chopped for extra attraction this was fished over with an Alantic heat bottom bait presented on a D-rig it was the 14 wrap spot that paid off for Ste in the early hours of Monday morning with a fish Known as Last Chance at 36lb on the nose little did he know this was to be his last chance as the fish just were not playing ball.


It’s been a great week with some amazing weather topped off with some new PB’s and a great bunch of guys.


So, until next time tight lines