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  • Ben Morgan with Pin scale @ 60lb 4oz Tea Party 1 23/03/19
  • New P.B means a good old soaking!
  • What a carp!
  • Simple, but effective...
  • Steve French with 'The Jackal' @ 52lb from The Beach 23/03/19
  • Steve French with Snooki @ 44lb 8oz from the Beach 23/03/19
  • When the bag dissolves..
  • Steve French with Frankie @ 53lb 4oz from The Beach, MEGA! 23/03/19
  • Steve French with Daniels at 38lb from The Beach 23/03/19
  • Solid bag tactics proved to be the winning method this week
  • Steve French with Stormin Norman @ 45lb 8oz from The Poo 23/03/19
  • Working on those angles!
  • Steve French with a 36lb 4oz mirror from The Poo 23/03/19
  • Steve French with the Long Common at 48lb 12oz from The Poo 23/03/19
  • Steve French with a 27lb 12oz common from The Poo 23/03/19
  • Steves rig of choice
  • Jack Link with Toploader @39lb 14oz from Turtles corner 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with Prince of Darkness @ 36lb from Turtles corner 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with a 26lb common from Turtles 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with Fleur at 34lb from turtles corner 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with one of the 2018 stockies @ 14lb from turtles 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with a 22lb 4 mirror from turtles 23/03/19
  • Jack Link with a 27lb 8oz mirror from turtles corner 23/03/19
  • A lovely brace of scaleys for Jack
  • Jack really enjoyed his triple take in turtles!!!
  • Julien Blot with a 44lb mirror from Bacheliers

Ben Morgan with Pin scale @ 60lb 4oz Tea Party 1 23/03/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/03/2019

WC 23rdMarch


Well what can I say, a first week for me looking after the road lake and what a week to kick it off! Weather was a bit up and down at the start of the week with some high winds and cold nights, but it didn’t seem to affect the fishing too much as 25 fish were landed this week!! We had 3 anglers on and they were chomping at the bit from the word go,

the lads decided their swim choices amongst themselves and got started!


Ben Morgan fancied shingles on the walk round, pitching camp next to Jack in Turtles it didn’t really happen for him as the fish were showing more in ‘the triangle of love’ between T1 and Turtles, so a quick move into T1 it was and it paid off almost instantly as he lost a fish within an hour of moving into the swim! Not to be beaten by this, he refuelled his tank and got some bait out, spombing at 17.25 wraps to his 18 wrap spot using a mix a pellet, hemp, maize and crumbed boilie Ben was rewarded with a 20lb 2oz common on Tuesday! Rebaiting with just 5 spombs after the bite he had to wait until Thursday for his next bite…and what a bite it was! A slow steady pick up followed by a truly EPIC battle in close resulted in an absolute beast of a mirror named pinscale, Jack and I were on weighing duties whilst Ben was getting his waders on for the pictures, we were all so buzzing when the scales swung round to past 60lb!!! 60lb 4oz and a NEW 60LBER for the Road Lake. Ben fished solid bags with micro pellet over his baited spot at 18 wraps towards the big tree in the corner of Turtles Swim. Using a blowback style rig with 1 piece of slow sinking I.B corn to trip this monster carp up. Well done Ben


Gigantica complex regular Steve French plotted up in the New beach and didn’t need long to get amongst some of the lakes larger residents, using his ever faithful solid bag tactics Steve managed to land Jackal at 52lb followed by a common that goes by the name of Snooky which swung the scales round to 44lb 8, this was just his first night! Sunday night was no different, a mega looking mirror named Frankie at 53lb 4 and Daniels a 38lb mirror were in the retainers come breakfast on Monday morning, Steve introduced a small amount of crumbed Krill boilie after his first couple of bites on Saturday night, fishing at 11 wraps towards the middle of 3 trees to the left of decoy, the solid bags fished just off the bait were the ones that produced the goods in this swim. It went quiet for the next 36 hours which had Steve contemplating a move, hearing fish show into the night in front of The Poo sealed the deal, packing down at half one in the morning and set up in the new swim by 3am, flicking his bags out where the fish were showing at around 52 yards he was rewarded with a super quick bite 30 mins after moving into the swim, followed by another bite just on first light Great angling!! Stormin morman at 45lb 8 and a mirror of 36lb 4 were the prizes for moving in the midde of the night. Steve wasn’t quite finished though, the long common at 48lb 12 graced his net on Friday morning, and what an absolute belter! This was followed by a 27lb 12 common on the same morning before nicking another 33lb common just as he was packing up on the Saturday!!


Jack ‘chips and riiice’ Link took the plunge and dropped into Turtles corner, it had done bites the previous week and he was looking to get off to a quick start, fishing Ronnie Rigs at the beginning of the week with royal marine pop ups tipped with a yellow topper he fanned all 3 rods at 19.5 wraps towards the marker pole in front of t1, it wasn’t long before the action started, landing a 39lb and a 14lb common on the first night. Baiting up on Sunday with 30 spombs of crumbed royal marine and our mixed particle. Sunday night Jack heard fish up the treeline and reeled a rod in off the spot and put a solid bag in the area of the shows, a few hours later he had a new PB in the net, a 39lb 14oz mirror called toploader, he got the rod back out as they were still showing and knicked a 20lb common using the same approach. It went quiet for jack for a day or so and with the warmer weather in the day and the fish still showing he decided to reel a rod in and try it out on a zig, recasting every half hour and changing the depth too he soon found the level they were sitting at, which was 7ft off the bottom, landing a 36lb and a 26lb common in quick succession followed by 2 dropped fish. Switching to solid bags and fishing them over his baited spot on paid off as 2 more fish were landed, a 34lb mirror and a 22lb common. A final flurry on Friday finished the week off for Jack with a triple take! This resulted in a brace of beautiful scaley 20lbers and a common of just under 20lb. Jack didn’t amongst the really big ones this trip but solid consistent angling kept the bites coming throughout the week.


Julien Blot from Korda France dropped into Bachilliers for a couple of nights as he was working around the area and helped himself to a beautiful 44lb mirror. Casting at 22.5 wraps just past the big tree on Bachilliers left hand margin he baited up from the bank with a couple of handfuls of crushed fyber and hemp, he used a combi rig set up with a matching fyber hookbait to land this one.


An epic week with some serious fish being landed! How many more are over the 60lb barrier now? Can you afford to not find out? We still have limited spaces in 2019 and the 2020 calendar is open! Great laughs and looking forward to you coming back at the end of the year boys! I hope you all kept fuelled up on the way home….


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