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  • James Kirk, 52lb, New Beach, 13.10.18
  • Ian Young, 37lb 8oz, Tea Party, 20.10.18
  • Ian Young, 47lb 8oz, Tea Party, 20.10.18
  • Another Road Lake PB soaking for Ian Young
  • Ian Young, 47lb 8oz, Tea Party, 20.10.18
  • Mark Turner, 51lb 8oz, The Poo, 20.10.18
  • PB soaking for Mark
  • Pedro Castro, 40lb, Turtle Corner, 20.10.18
  • Pedro Castro,42lb, Turtle Corner, 20.10.18

James Kirk, 52lb, New Beach, 13.10.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/10/2018

Well that’s another year over on the Road Lake and what a year it’s been with the lakes first 60+ and nearly 15+ new 50s the future is looking bright. With the temperatures starting to drop and the season coming to the end the fishing is starting to slow down and the last two weeks have been a bit of a struggle with the fish still active but not feeding as much as we would like.


Week 13.10.18

This week was particularly quiet with 7 anglers on the lake and with only four fish being landed this week the guys were struggling to get them feeding it wasn’t from a lack of trying with the guys keeping mobile and moving on to any indication of feeding or showing fish this payed off for James Kirkafter making the move from shinglesto the beachon the second day after seeing fish show repeatedly over the same spot with a single Hi Visual hook bait presented on a Ronnie rig the rod took off with an unmistakable big fish run landing himself Frankie at 52lb on the nose.


Week 20.10.18

The final week on the Road lake and the lads this week were determined not to let it finish without a few fish on the bank


Frist up is Ian Young fishing Tea party 1 

Fishing all three rods at 17.5 wraps over two spots both were baited with 3-4kg of mixed boilie and pellets per day and fished over with Link and Hybrid wafters on the I-QD rig the tactic resulted in 8 fish for Ian including 4 fish to the mid 20s Jeff’s Mirror at 37lb8oz and the two biggest Breakfast O’clock at 44lb and Baldrick at 47lb8oz smashing his PB twice in a week.


Next up is Pedro Castrofishing Turtles corner

Pedro fished all three rods at 21 Wraps towards the island his spot was baited with a mix of pellet and boilie using around 6kg per day to start then dropping it to 3kg per day this was fished over with a simple blow back style rig resulting in six fish during the week including three new PBs with a 34lb mirror, Castro at 40lb and Huckleberry at 42lb.


Last but not least is Mark Turner fishing Brambles with all three rods placed on the bar at 18 wraps Mark’s approach was to bait up with 4-5kg of mixed pellet and boilie each day with both spomb and throwing stick this was fished over with matching hook baits on an IQ-D rig this paid off for mark landing the biggest fish of the week with Epaulet at 51lb 8oz in the early hours of Monday morning.


That’s it for this yeah on the road and what a year its been with some massive weight gains this year and some real surprises. It’s been great welcoming lots of new visitors to the Road Lake along with a lot of returning customers. 

Who knows what next year is going to bring for the road lake but with limited spaces left for 2019 and the book open for 2020 why not book your next trip…..

Tight lines…..