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  • Luke Neville, 58lb 4oz, Birches, 8.9.18
  • Adam Cheal, 50lb 4oz, New Beach, 8.9.18
  • Billy Freame, 46lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 8.9.18
  • Matt Burn, 43lb, Tea Party, 8.9.18
  • Luke Neville, 37lb, Birches, 8.9.18
  • Daan Pikaerts, 41lb, Billy's, 8.9.18
  • Billy Freame, 36lb, Turtle Corner, 8.9.18
  • Matt Burn, 45lb, Tea Party, 8.9.18
  • Daan Pikaerts, 37lb 8oz, Billy's, 8.9.18

Luke Neville, 58lb 4oz, Birches, 8.9.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Week commencing 8.9.18.

It’s been a settled week with the weather with daytime temperatures into the mid 20s with mild winds blowing from the Northeast the conditions were looking good.


First up is Martijn Markwatfishing The poo.

This was Martijn’s second week on the Road and after watching the previous week’s action unfold he jumped straight into the Poo with all three rods fished on the same spot at 12 wraps towards the right-hand side of Turtles Corner he baited up with 25kg of Link 18mm boilies and 25kg of pellets throughout the week this was fished over with a size 2 IQ-D rig tipped with white link wafters This resulted in 11 fish for Martijn consisting of nine upper 20s and two 30s with the largest being 35lb.


Next up is Adam Chealstarting the week in the Beachwith all three rods fished at 24 wraps towards the bund he started his baited area with 6kg of mixed Link and Hybrid and 2kg of pellet on the first day then topped this up each day with 3 kg of mixed boilie and pellet each day. His first two rods were fished on a size 2 IQ-d rig tipped with a banoffee wafter and the third was fished on a Ronnie rig tipped with a milky toffee pop up this resulted in one fish for Adam Frankie at 54lb4oz on the Monday morning after seeing very little in the way of feeding fish in the area after this Adam made the move to shinglesfor the last few nights landing him a mid-double on the Friday morning.


Daniel Wortfished The Goo.

Fishing all three rods at 12 wraps towards the church spire his baiting approach was 4kg per day of a mix of Link and Fyber over the spot this was fished over with matching wafters on an IQ-D RIG Daniel struggled to get amongst the fish only landing himself one fish for the week a stunning looking mirror at 39lb.


Billy Freamefished Turtles Corner.

After coming out early in the draw Billy waisted no time getting his rods on the spots with all three placed at 18 wraps towards the island he baited the spot with 6kg of boilie on the first night with fish showing over the bait confidence was high and sure enough by Sunday morning he was off the mark with a 29lb8oz common in the net. The action didn’t stop there with a 32lb mirror and Eye-Q at 46lb12 by dinner time on Sunday Billy went on to land another 13 fish for the week including six mid 20s four 30s and a stunning 41lb mirror all falling to crab flavoured pop ups fished on a Ronnie rig.


Luke Nevillefished Birches.

With all three rods fished at 18 wraps towards the overhanging tree on the far left-hand margin Luke baited his spot with 5kg of mixed boilie 50% CC Moore Tuna and 50% Quad Premier this was topped with 5kg of pellet each day his rig of choice was the German rig tipped with 18mm live system or 18mm hybrid wafters. Luke managed four fish over the week including a stunning 42lb8oz common and one of the lakes A lister’s Amstel at 58lb8oz.


Matt Burnfished Tea Party 1.

Matt fished all three rods at 11 ¾ wraps out towards Turtles Corner baiting up with 10kg of mixed pellet and boilies each day with an additional 10 spomb’s after each fish this was fished over with the IQ-D rig and 18mm wafters landing Matt seven fish for the week up to 45lb.


Daan Pikaertsfished Billys.

Fishing all three rods straight out in front at 20 wraps he baited up with 3kg of exclusive baits boilie and 2kg of pellet each day this was fished over with a size 4 IQ-D rig tipped with Dutch bait company’s secret one wafters. Daan got amongst them early on with 2 fish over the net by Sunday morning with a mid 20 and a 37lb6oz mirror things didn’t slow down either with Daan managing to land 2 fish each day totalling 12 fish for the week including 2 x 40s with the biggest being  at 41lb not bad for his first trip to the road lake needless to say he’s booked on for next year already.


Until next time tight lines !!!!