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  • Marc Lovegrove, 64lb, The Goo, 1.9.18
  • The Korda Koach was on hand to help out.
  • A milestone achieved for the Road Lake.
  • Brian Tuck, 38lb, Billy's,1.9.18
  • Brian Tuck, 32lb, Billy's,1.9.18
  • Brian Tuck, 38lb, Billy's,1.9.18
  • Celebrating a new PB Gigantica style.
  • Phil Brown, 33lb 8oz, Decoy, 1.9.18
  • Rob Burgess, 46lb 4oz
  • Brian Tuck, 44lb 8oz, Billy's,1.9.18
  • Phil Brown, 45lb, Decoy, 1.9.18
  • Mark Deeprose, 52lb, Birches, 1.9.18
  • Neil Highway, 52lb 4oz, The Poo, 1.9.18
  • Phil Brown, 48lb, Decoy, 1.9.18
  • Marc Lovegrove, 45lb 12oz, The Poo, 1.9.18
  • Getting another Gigantica Soaking!
  • Rob Burgess, 45lb 4oz, The Poo, 1.9.18
  • Rob Burgess, 45lb, The Poo, 1.9.18
  • Neil Highway, 52lb, The Poo, 1.9.18

Marc Lovegrove, 64lb, The Goo, 1.9.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/09/2018

Week Commencing 1.9.18


It’s been a busy week on The Road, with over 70 fish out, and a massive milestone achieved with the lake producing it’s first ever 60 pounder. “Three Scales” was the first through the 60 threshold, weighing in at an impressive top weight of 64lb. Daytime temperatures have been fairly steady this week, with highs of 24 degrees, and the nights getting a little cooler. The big fish seem to have got their feeding heads on and are loving the big beds of bait.


First up are Marc Lovegrove and Neil Highway.

Between them they fished The Goo and The Poo swapping over mid-week. This was their first ever trip to France and they didn’t know what to expect, however with Rob Burgess, The Korda Koach on hand to offer some help with rigs and baiting tactics, it didn’t take long for the pair to start hooking into some of the lakes big girls. Neil kicked it off in The poo in style with his first fish of the week “Two Tone” at a massive 52lb 4oz, smashing his previous pb of 19lb. He followed this up with a 30lb Common, then finished the week on a high with “Ron’s” at 52lb from The Goo. To say he went home a happy man is an understatement! Neil started the first half of the week in The Goo, all three rods were fished at 12 wraps to the tall trees behind Turtles Corner, which he baited up with 20kg of Coventry Baits boilie and 15kg of pellets. Over the week he fished over this with the IQ D-Rig tipped with a Banoffee Wafter on all three rods. Neil being very sportsman-like offered the swim to Marc on the Tuesday morning and following on with the same tactics as his brother he hit the ground running with a 45lb Common known as “The Tish” at 45lb 12oz. He then followed this up with three mid 20s all by dinner time on the Tuesday. Marc’s biggest surprise was yet to come after an epic battle he landed himself a new pb his second of the week and a new Road Lake record with “3 Scales” at a massive top weight of 64lb.


Next up is Phil Brown fishing in Decoy.

Phil fished his first two rods at 14 wraps to the bar straight out and his third rod was fished at 18 wraps to the right-hand side of the swim just in front of the bund. He started the swim off with an initial 10kg of mixed Link 18mm boilies, and 5kg of 10mm pellets spodded out over the two rods straight out. He baited by hand over the right-hand rod. His first bite came on the Sunday morning with a mid-twenty followed shortly after with Frederick at 44lb. Phil went on to land another 12 fish including Twin Scale at 48lb.


Next was a Road Lake regular Matrijn Marqwart fishing Tea Party 1. Martijn fished all three rods at 19 wraps to the right-hand side of Turtles. He baited the swim with 8kg of mixed Link boilie and 10mm pellets per day, topping up after each fish with an additional 2kg. This was fished over with a Slip-D Ronnie rig tipped with a Link Pop-Up. Martijn managed a total of 16 fish for the week with the biggest being Miss Daisy at 40lb 4oz.


Brian Tuck fished in Billy’s with all three rods at 21 wraps towards Tea Party 2 in open water, and baited his spot with 8kg of mixed boilie and pellet on the first day, and followed this up with an additional 5kg per day. This was fished over with an IQ-D rig tipped with a Boss Baits CCM Wafter. The fish didn’t move in until the Tuesday but once they got on the baited spot the fishing stayed consistent with 12 fish by Friday evening including 6 x 30s and a stunning 44lb 8oz Common known as “Nailed”.


Rob Burgess (Korda Koach)

Rob fished the swims that were left at the end of the draw; he started the week in Brambles and fished at 18 wraps to the bar with the IQ-D rig with a size 4 KamaKura tipped with a Bannoffe wafter. This was fished over a bed of Mainline Link 18mm boilies. Robs first fish came on the Monday morning with Mr Massive at 46lb 4oz, which turned out to be his only fish from Brambles. After moving to Bacheliers on the Wednesday morning, Rob managed to slip another one over the net with “Broken Tail” at 45lb from a baited spot at 20.8 wraps into the corner. His final move into The Poo on Friday morning he managed to bag another five fish including “Toucan” at 45lb 4oz and “The Koach” at 45lb, all coming from 12 wraps towards Turtles Corner.


Mark Deeprose fished Birches

Mark fished all three rods to the bar at 18 wraps towards Billy’s which he baited with 5kg of Mainline Link and 2kg of pellet each day using a spod, then topped up after each fish with an additional 2kg. This was fished over with Link Wafters on a IQ-D rig with a size 4 hook. This resulted in 8 fish for Mark including 4 x 30s and topped by The Nose at 52lb.


Roger Morris fished Shingles

Roger fished all three rods tight together at 18 wraps towards the island and baited the spot with 7kg of mixed Krill boilie and pellets. It took a while for the fish to move onto the baited spot, his first bite didn’t come till late in the week with a high double mirror, which was quickly followed with 46lb 4oz Mirror and a 35lb 8oz Mirror. All three falling to a snowman on a blowback style rig.


Aaron Burke fished Turtle's Corner

With all three rods fished at 18 Wraps he baited up with 6kg of Krill boilie and 5kg of 10mm pellet each day over a tight area. This was fished over with an 18mm Krill snowman on a blowback rig with a size 4 hook. Aaron landed 11 fish for the week with 3 x doubles 5 x 30s including “Raspberry” at 39lb 4oz his catch was topped with 3 x 40s with the biggest being “The Model” at 43lb.


Another great week on the Road Lake with brand new personal bests for the anglers, and a new record top weight for the Road Lake at 64lb. The future is looking awesome.

Why not book yourself a trip and land some of these monster carp.


Tight lines……..