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  • Russel Orchard, 51lb 8oz, Dunkerque, 04.08.18
  • Martijn Martwart, 49lb 12oz, New Beach, 04.08.18
  • Elliot Shepherd, 36lb, Bacheliers, 04.08.18
  • Martin Tollerfield, 43lb, The Cage, 04.08.18
  • What A Morning
  • Martijn Marquart, 34lb, New Beach, 04.08.18
  • Lou Web, 34lb, Decoy, 04.08.18
  • Martin Allen, 33lb 12oz, Brambles, 04.08.18
  • Russel Orchard, 51lb, Dunkerque, 04.08.18
  • Just One Of The Spectacular Moody Sky's Over The Road Lake
  • Russel Orchard, 43lb, Dunkerque, 04.08.18

Russel Orchard, 51lb 8oz, Dunkerque, 04.08.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/08/2018


Things are really heating up on the Road Lake this week with temperatures up into the thirties with thunder storms forecast for mid-week conditions were looking bang on for some big hits and it didn’t disappoint. A total of 85 fish out over the week with lots of activity the fish are defiantly demanding large beds of bait as they pile the weight back on after spawning. This week saw a mix of first time and returning visitors to the road lake.

First up was Russel Orchard who opted to fish Dunkerque after seeing a lot of fish showing to the left of the swim on the first night he placed his left-hand and middle rod at 11 ½ wraps towards Birches and his third rod was fished at 10 ¼ wraps towards Brambles fishing all three rods on standard hair rigs with link wafters on a size 4 kurv shank hooks baiting up with 1-2kg of Link over each rod as a starting point then increasing it as the bites started picking up throughout the week also topping up after each bite. Russel landed 27 fish over the week including two x fifties with All about the hat at 51lb and Fosters another new 50 for the Road at 51lb 08oz he went on to back this up with Eye-Q at 43lb 10 x 30s, 8 x 20s and 6 doubles with the majority of the bites falling to his left and middle rod.

Next up was Lou Webb on his second visit to the Road lake this time he decided to fish Decoy after see a lot of fish in the swim on the walk around this was his first choice swim in the draw Lou fished two rods straight out at 21 wraps towards Dunkerque both were fished with Ronnie rigs and 15mm Cell pop ups on a size 4 hook with an initial 5kg of bait on the first day to get the spot established then as the fish started to move in on him this was topped up with 1-2kg each day around 3pm and a further 1kg after each fish his third rod was fished at 16 wraps towards the bung on a 11ft zig. Lou managed 13 fish for the week with the biggest being Mr Shady at 34lb 8oz caught mid-week just after the thunder storms.

Martijn Martwart is on his second consecutive week this time opting for The New Beach after a little casting tuition Martijn was punching the rods out to 24 wraps towards the bung to the showing fish all three rods were fished tight using the IQ-D rig tipped with a link 18mm wafter on a running lead system. Martijn baited up with 5kg of Mainline Link over all three rods per day and topped up with an extra 2kg after each fish this tactic resulted in 9 fish over the week the biggest being The Wedge at 49lb 12oz he backed this up with 1x 30, 4 x 20s and 4 high doubles saving the big girls for his return trip next month.

Elliot Shepherd fished Bacheiliers however with little Singh of the fish moving in on him in the first few days and seeing feeding fish in the stalking swim. He decided to fish in the stalking swim which he opted to fish zigs at 12ft 6 wraps out while using black foam. This resulted in 2 fish with the biggest being Tear Drop at 36lb. 

Martin Allen started of the week fishing in Brambles, fishing all 3 rods at 18 wraps spreading 4-5kg of SE baits over the spot per night. This resulted in a small high double common on the first night. Later in the week then decided to move into Shingles, where he fished 6/7 wraps down his left-hand margin. Martin baited up 5kg over the 3 rods each night. This gave Martin an end result of another 2 fish with the biggest being Scorchio at 33lb 12oz. Martins rig choice over the week was an IQ-D rig with a K-2 wafter.

Martin Tollerfield fished The Cage with mainline link being the chosen bait for the week. He fished 14 wraps down the margin. He baited up with either a spod or catapult to put in 2kg boilie a day. He fished a match the hatch hook bait on a standard hair rig which caught him 2 fish for the week with an 18lb common and Pac Man at 43lbs.

Connor Shaw choice of swim for the week was The Goo. He set out his week fishing at 13 wraps using the church and single boards as a marker. He opted to bait up with the link and using a throwing stick to get the baits out to the spots. Connor fished pop ups on Ronnie rigs over the baited area. This resulted in 1 fish for the week being a 23lb mirror.

Dave Watts fished in Tea Party 1 for the week. Dave set out feeding 4-5kg of boilie a day using the spod for accurate baiting and then a throwing stick to spread the bait around. Dave fished all 3 rods towards turtles with the distances being between 10-18 wraps. His rig choice was a KD rig using a krank hook baited with a mainline link boilie. Although starting off the week slow he had a few fish towards the end of the week which resulted in 1x double and 4x 20s with the biggest at 28lb.

Brad Orchard fished in The Poo for the week. He set out fishing 2 rods at 16 wraps towards turtles using an IQ-D rig which he baited up with 20kg of Mainline link over the week, the method of baiting up was swapping between a spod and a throwing stick. Brads 3rdrod was used casting at showing fish using a spinner rig mainly fished at 80-100 yards aiming towards the right of double boards. He had fish most days with the more bites coming towards the end of the week. Brads chosen hook baits for the week was his homemade tiger nut, almond and honey pop ups or bottom baits. The final result was 3x doubles 6x20s and 5x30s with the biggest 38lb 8oz. 

Well what a week with a fantastic bunch of guys and some absolute stunning fish caught why not book your next trip to the Road Lake spaces are filling up fast for 2019.

Until next time tight lines……..