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  • Celebrating a Summer PB Gigantica style....epic!
  • Sean Husky, 50lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 43lb, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 42lb, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 39lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 36lb, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 35lb 4oz, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 34lb, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 32lb, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Sean Husky, 30lb 12oz, Turtle Corner, 11.8.18
  • Mark Cooper, 49lb 8oz, Tea Party, 11.8.18
  • Mark Cooper, 43lb, Tea Party, 11.8.18
  • Mark Cooper, 42lb 8oz, Tea Party, 11.8.18
  • Mark Cooper, 31lb, Tea Party, 11.8.18
  • Mark Cooper, 31lb, Tea Party, 11.8.18
  • Liam Tredgett, 50lb 8oz, Shingles, 11.8.18
  • PB Celebration, Gigantica style
  • Thanks for the memories Big Pec's
  • Iv'e only gone and had a fifty pounder first cast....Boom!
  • Alexander Chat, 50lb 8oz, Beach, 11.8.18
  • Alexander Chat, 49lb 8oz, Beach, 11.8.18
  • Catching big carp with your mates......priceless.
  • Kingsley Martin, 52lb, Brambles, 11.8.18
  • Kingsley Martin, 40lb 8oz, Brambles, 11.8.18
  • Kingsley Martin, 38lb, Brambles, 11.8.18
  • Kingsley Martin, 37b 4oz, Brambles, 11.8.18
  • Watching the babies in the pond over dinner.
  • Alex Martin, 43lb 8oz, Birches, 11.8.18
  • Alex Martin, 41lb 12oz, Birches, 11.8.18
  • Alex Martin, 33lb, Birches, 11.8.18
  • Zak Husky, 44lb 12oz, Bacheliers, 11.8.18
  • Zak Husky, 36lb 8oz, Bacheliers, 11.8.18
  • What a brilliant week....cheers lads.

Celebrating a Summer PB Gigantica style....epic!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/08/2018

Another week in paradise commences on the Road Lake, with a couple of last minute cancellations, we had nine lads on for the week, many of whom, were on their first French trip, so plenty of scope to do some serious PB smashing. The weather has been much cooler this week, with mid twenties being the norm during the day, with the odd hotter spike up to 30 degrees. Winds were mainly coming from a southerly direction. 


First time visitor Sean Husky went into Turtle Corner and following the advice of Andy the bailiff set up his stall fishing three rods out in open water at 18 wraps. After the long journey, he didn’t put much bait out on Saturday night; but preferring a good sleep. Sean got straight to work on Sunday morning baiting up with a mixture of Mainline Link, Sticky Manilla and pellet with the Spomb. He regularly introduced bait throughout the day, which had the desired effect, and he started to pick the fish off. His target for the week was a 30 pounder, which would be a new PB, and it didn’t take long to smash that. On Tuesday, he landed Mirror’s of 32, 35, 36, 39 an 43....job done. Things got even better on Thursday when he landed “The Hammer” at 50lb 4oz, down a little in weight after spawning. His bites came to double 20mm bottom baits fish on combi-rigs, and during the week he used 50kg of bait. Sean finished his week with an excellent 30 fish haul, consisting of 1 x 50, 2 x 40’s, 9 x 30’s, 10 x 20’s and aa few doubles. Brilliant fishing Sean. 


Mark Cooper was so undecided where to go, he changed his mind countless times during the walkround! In the end he chose the Tea Party swim to spend the week, and got straight to work spombing out a mix of boilie and pellet at 18 wraps towards Turtle Corner. Like Sean, Mark’s target for the week was a 30 pounder, and it took less than 24hrs to achieve it. On Sunday he had a 31lb Common and followed this up with a member of the A-Team. The big Mirror known as “Frankie” made his week when he tipped the scales round to 49lb 8oz; slightly down in weight after spawning, but who cares when they look this good. Rigs were simple ready-tied IQ D-Rigs in Size 2 baited with either a snowman or pink wafter hookbait. Mark went from strength to strength, working really hard all week, baiting up to keep the fish continually coming back to his spot. He truly deserved his great result, and the final scores on the doors were seventeen fish, including 3 x 40’s, 5 x 30’s. Well done my son, good angling.


Liam Tredgett dropped into Shingles next door to his mate Sean, and chose to fish straight out in front at 16 wraps with all three rods. Spodding out a 3kg mixture of Mainline Link, Cell and Krill mixed with pellet, Liam, received a bite in the early hours of Sunday morning, and after a dogged fight, slipped the net under the mighty “Pec’s” at 50lb 8oz. How’s your luck; one cast, one bite, one PB! Once he had come back down to planet earth, Liam continued to fish the open water in front. He picked off a couple more fish, including a couple of 30’s to make it a great week all round, ending with six fish.


Alexander Chat went into the Beach, which had been fairly productive the week before. He chose to fish two rods at 23 wraps towards the bund, and one towards Tea Party at 10 wraps. He was casting over to the bund, then going round and baiting up by hand with 5kg of boilie. Terminal tackle consisted of the super efficient running COG leads, and German rigs, utilising Size 2 Korda Kurv’s. The fish were in front of the bund on Saturday and Sunday, and after dropping a couple he got underway with a few fish up to just over 40lb, the best being Arun’s at 43lb. The fish drifted out of the area for a couple of days, then returned with avengance, and Alex’s week got even better. He only went and bagged himself a brace of the A-Team! Big Mac at 49lb 8oz, and on Friday evening he landed Frankie at 50lb 8oz. His final tally was 13 fish, including 1 x 50, 5 x 40’s, 3 x 30’s and three smaller fish.


Kingsley Martin fancied having a go in Brambles, which offers some nice easy fishing, and has a habit of throwing up a few better size fish. Following the advice of the bailiff, he set out his stall fishing all three rods close together at 19 wraps. He baited up with a mixture of Sticky Baits Krill boilie and pellet, with the Spomb, and then topped up periodically with the throwing stick. Rigs for the week, were simple combi-links, with Size 2 Kurv Shank hooks, and he fished Krill wafters as hookbaits. Kings picked up a pretty little Mirror in the early hours of Sunday morning to get the ball rolling, and things just got better and better for the next two days, resulting in him breaking his PB three times! Two 30’s and a forty pound Mirror known as “Diamond Geezer” weighing in at 40lb made it a great trip already. Things then went quiet for Kings, but credit to him, he stuck to his guns, kept putting in the bait and was rewarded in fine style on Friday, when he landed one of the A-Team. The biggest fish of the week “The Nose” graced his net at 52lb, which put the icing on the cake. 


Alex Martin fished next door to his brother in Birches, and fished the same tactical approach. 19 wraps towards Billy’s, and baited with 6kg per day of Sticky Baits Krill and pellet. He was using the German rig, with Krill Wafters or Snowmen as hookbaits. Alex also had a productive Sunday and Monday, taking a PB Common of 33lb, and Arun’s at 41lb 12oz. The midweek period was quiet, before the fish drifted back in on the fresh wind on Friday, giving Alex a couple more bites. He ended the week on a creditable six fish.


Benjamin Chassy fished in the recently productive Dunkerque swim. He dropped onto the going spot, 10 wraps towards Decoy, and baited with 6kg each day of Mainline Link boilie. Using running leads and simple combi rigs, he picked fifteen fish up during the first three days, including Pin Scale at 46lb, and The Tich at 44lb 8oz. The fish had vacated the area for a couple of days, and Benjamin was even considering a move. Andy the bailiff convinced him to stay put, and sure enough, on Friday morning the fish came back. His patience being rewarded with two 30’s and a 41lb Mirror. A great week which ended with eighteen fish, including 4 x 40’s, 6 x 30’s, 5 x 20’s.


Zak Husky was looking for a swim which he could fish a little bit longer in, and plumped for Bacheliers. He made things as simple as possible, and baited in a line from the bank at 21.5 wraps, then fished three rods over the top. Bait was Sticky Baits Krill, mixed with Gigantica pellet, which he applied 8kg per day. Zak flicked a rod straight out, when he got in the swim, and ten minutes later had a 23lb Mirror! Most people hadn’t even unpacked at this point, which just goes to show, that those who are first out, can pick up a quick bonus fish, before the commotion of setting up commences. Rigs for the week were soft coated Braid combi-links, with Size 2 Korda Kurv’s. There were quiet periods in Bacheliers during the week, but by the end, Zak had amassed an eleven fish haul, including a PB Mirror of 44lb 12oz called “Twin Scale” and a PB Common known as “Golden Virginia” at 36lb 8oz. 


Charlie Searle dropped into The Poo; not literally you understand! He fished with a combination of Mainline Link, Cell and Essential Cell mixed with pellet, which he Spombed out at 15 wraps towards Turtle Corner. Hookbaits were either double Link boilie, or Wafters, which he fished on IQ D-Rigs. Charlie used 50kg of bait during the week, but the fish proved to be a bit cagey. He stuck at it through the week, and along with 3 x 20’s, he was well pleased to land a PB 33lb 12oz Mirror one the very last morning. 


It was a brilliant week, with a fantastic bunch of lads. As it does when this occurs, the week simply flew by. Worthy of mention is the tactic of fishing only one spot in your swim. We recommend it, as it comes down purely to maximising, and concentrating the bait. The fish are absolute eating machines at this time of year, and a minimum of 5kg a day is required to hold the fish for any period of time. Those who bait lightly may pick off the odd fish, but will not build a good hit. If you fish three different spots, you are spreading your bait even thinner, which isn’t a good tactic, unless you have an unlimited supply. A combination of Spomb and Throwing Stick to bait up is definitely an edge.


The final tally for the week was a brilliant 120 fish, consisting of 4 x 50’s, 16 x 40’s, 28 x 30’s, 43 x 20’s and a few doubles. Classic hauling in the French sunshine; what could be better.


Until Next Time


Bonne Peche and Tight Lines




Team Gigantica