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  • Lee Wright, 53lb, Birches, 23.06.18
  • You have to love a good soaking
  • Dan Price, 36lb 6oz, Dunkerque, 23.06.18
  • Michael Oregan, 45lb 8oz, The Poo, 23.06.18
  • Lee Wright, 38lb 8oz, Birches, 23.06.18
  • Harry Grisley, 52lb, The Goo, 23.06.08
  • Gigantica Road Lake pb soaking
  • Richard Stansfield, 43lb, Tea Party, 23.06.18
  • What a week !!!!!!!!

Lee Wright, 53lb, Birches, 23.06.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/06/2018


Things are really heating up on the road lake this week with the spawning well out of the way the carp are getting on the munch. With the temperatures hitting the thirties summer is well under way and the fish are starting to pile the weight back on.

Lee Wright fishing birches was early off the mark with his first fish on Sunday morning with a mid-twenty common in the net the pressure was off. Lee followed this with another mid twenty and a 38lb 08oz mirror on the Monday but the best was yet to come with a new pb common with Moomin at a massive 53lb. Lee fished all three rods at 18 wraps towards the bar fishing zigs during the day and switching over to the bottom on a spinner rig with a cell pop up fished over a bed of Mainline cell and pellet soaked in hemp oil just before last light both methods working for Lee.

Eddie Fryett fished Double Boards his first fish also come on the Sunday with a 46lb common followed by a 36lb and a 41 lb mirror all in the first 24h he was then made to wait till Thursday for his next take with an immaculate 24lb common. Eddie fished two rods at 11 wraps directly at the Goo and his third rod at 17 wraps at the Poo all three rods were fished on the I-QD rig tipped with A2 banoffee Eddie baited up with 2kg of freebies over all three rods per day.

Fred Cox fished Shingles and managed three fish for the week the first being a 32lb 07oz common he then followed this with a 30lb mirror and a low twenty by the end of the week. Fred opted to fish two rods for the week the first was fished at 6 wraps to the left margin and his second 12 wraps towards Tea Party 1 both rods were fished on the Ronnie rig tipped with A2 baits creamy toffee and banoffee pop ups Fred baited up with the throwing stick with 2-3kg per day.

Terry Shuttlewood fished Turtles Corner and struggled to get amongst the bigger fish landing himself 6 fish for the week up to 34lb. Terry fished two rods to the left-hand margin and his third rod was fished at 22 wraps towards the island all three rods were fished on the Ronnie rig with A2 pop ups with 15kg of freebies being introduced over the week.

Dan Price fished Dunkirque and fished all three rods straight out at 18 wraps towards the spindly tree using the Ronnie rig and pink washed out pop ups he spodded over this with 2-3kg of chops and whole boilie per day topping up after each bite. Dan managed four fish for the week with the biggest a lovely looking mirror at 36lb 06oz.

Andrew Price fished Brambles with all three rods placed on the bar at 18 wraps in front of him he opted for the same method as son Dan and fished the Ronnie rig and pink washed out pop ups and baited up with 2-3kg of chopped freebies each day Andrew struggled to get amongst the bigger fish landing himself two mid twenty’s for the week.

Michael Oregan fished The Poo this was his first visit to The Road Lake but I am sure it won’t be the last after smashing his PB with his first fish Pac-man at 45lb 8oz then again 24h later with Nailed a stunning common at 49lb. Michael his first rod at 9 wraps straight out the second was fished at 14 wraps aimed between Shingles and Turtles corner then his final rod was at 16 wraps to the right of Turtles all three rods were fished with the Ronnie rig and yellow Manilla pop ups and baited up with around 5kg of mixed Manilla and krill boilies throughout the day keeping the swim active .

Harry Grisley fished The Goo Harry opted to fish two rods at 9 wraps straight out and his third rod was fished at 5 wraps down the left-hand margin he baited with 30kg of mixed Krill and Manilla boilie over the course of the week this tactic payed of in style for harry with his first fish of the week coming on Tuesday smashing his Pb by over 20lb in the shape of Frankie at 52lb harry went on to follow this up with a mid-twenty and a double all three falling to a Manilla wafter fished on a I-QD rig with a size 2 hook. “To say he was buzzing is an understatement”.

Richard Stansfield fished Tea Party 1 this being his 10thvisit to The Road Lake he wasted no time getting the rods on the spots at 16 wraps straight towards Turtles corner and managed to bag himself a mid-twenty on the first night however after a quick start it seemed the fish had pushed back off his baited spot but Richard stuck with his spot and he was rewarded with a stunning 43lb mirror by the name of Stubby witch fell for a mainline almond white wafter over a bed of Scopex Squid.

Another great week had by all with new Pb’s smashed with some stunning carp why not get yourself over here and give it a go 2019 is filling up fast and it won’t be long before the road Lake produces its first 60 pounder!!!!!!!!