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  • Jeff Peak, 40lb 4oz, Turtle Corner 9.6.18
  • Jeff Peak, 36lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Jeff Peak, 33lb, Turtle Corner, 9.6.18
  • Mark Woodward, 33lb, Shingles, 9.6.18
  • Ali Glisson, 42lb, Dunkerque, 9.6.18
  • A soaking after doing your PB
  • A big Kiss before she goes back
  • Ali"s Rig and set up
  • Ali's infused hook baits
  • Ali Glisson, 47lb, Dunkerque, 9.6.18
  • Ali Glisson kissing his PB
  • A birds eye view of the Road Lake

Jeff Peak, 40lb 4oz, Turtle Corner 9.6.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/06/2018

Another week commences on the Road lake with the temperature going up to the high 20’s creating a real summer holiday feel to the week. Evening temperature was a more comfortable 16 degrees, and the lake temperature was up to 18 degrees now, with a steady westerly wind all week.

First up is Jeff Peakfishing in Turtles Corner, he decided to fish all three rods straight out in front at 16 wraps. Jeff was using the Ronnie rig with a Pineapple pop up as his hook bait, and fished over Sticky Baits Krill boilies, he was baiting up after ever fish with a kilo of boilies. It didn’t take Jeff long to land his first Gigantica carp, and what a cracker it was a new 40lb mirror which Jeff got to name, so he called it “Murphys”. He went on to have 9 x 20’s and 3 x 30s.

Mark Woodwardwas set up in Shingles, he was fishing all 3 rods towards the island at 16 wraps and he was baiting every day with 2 kilos of sticky baits Krill boilies, after a few days he saw a few fish crashing down the left hand margin, so he decided to put one of his rods down there, it didn’t take long before mark was into his first fish of the session a 33lb mirror. He also had a 20lb mirror towards the end of the week. Mark had all his fish on the Ronnie Rig with a manila pop up.

Ali Gilssonwent into Dunkerque, he had one rod at 15 wraps straight out in front his other two rods were at 18 wraps towards Tea Party 2, he was baiting each area with a few kilos of Plan B boilies which were infused with Bumble Berry Goo. It didn’t take long before he was into his first fish of the week a small 19lb mirror, it went quiet for the next few days then on Wednesday he goes and lands a cracking 42lb common which turned out to be a new 40lb, so he could get to name it, so he decided to called it “Miss Daisy”, and Smashing his PB by 21lb. The next morning Ali was in again, this time another PB with a 47lb Mirror this was also an unnamed fish so he called it “A-Star” and doing his PB by another 5lb. what a week for Ali he only caught 3 fish but two cracking 40lb carp and smashed his PB twice.

Craig Bondwent into The New Beach, he was fishing one rod up to the left hand margin at 12 wraps and baiting the spot with a few kilo of boilies. After a couple day he was into his first fish of the week a 28lb grass carp, this was caught on a pineapple pop up on a Ronnie Rig.

Please remember that we only allow the pellets that we supply to be used at the lake, these cost 60 € for a 25kg sack and can be reserved by calling us in advance of your trip ready for your arrival.  10kg bags of frozen boilies from Mainline can also be reserved and purchased onsite, again you can call to reserve these too.  We have an onsite tackle shop as well stocking a selection of tackle from Korda that can be purchased during your stay should you need anything whilst at Gigantica.

Lunches are also available to be delivered to your swim each day, these cost 4 € a day and consist of a baguette with a choice of fillings and also come supplied with a drink.  Please see the bailiff onsite to arrange this.  All food, tackle and bait onsite must be paid for in euros and cash only at the lake.