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  • Craig Smith, 53lb, Tea Party 1, 12.518
  • Andrew Mclean, 34lb Common, 12.5.18
  • Brendon Almquest, 44lb, The Poo, 12.518
  • Brendon Almquest, 40lb 4oz, The Poo 12.518
  • Martin Shaw, 41lb, Shingles, 12.5.18
  • Craig Smith, 41lb 8oz, Tea Party, 12.518
  • Craig Smith, 44lb 14oz, Tea Party, 12.518
  • Graham Shaw, 43lb 8oz, Turtle Corner, 12.5.18
  • Craig Smith, 41lb 14oz, Tea Party, 12.518
  • Graham Shaw, 44lb, Turtle Corner, 12.5.18

Craig Smith, 53lb, Tea Party 1, 12.518


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/05/2018

A busy week on the Road Lake once again, with some biblical weather at the beginning of the week. 


Craig smith came out early in the draw and found himself in the ever popular Tea Party 1, where he did not hesitate in getting started. Craig had a 52lb mirror in the shape of ‘Big Mac’ on Sunday, and didn’t look back from there. He also went on to land ‘Hansen’ and ‘Rosebud’ both of whom spun the scales round to over 50lb. Three fifties in a week! These fish were the pick of the bunch from a 64 fish haul, which included seven 40’s, fourteen 30’s, twnty five 20’s and fifteen doubles. Craig’s approach to this session included the use of IQ-D rigs with AS Baits custom TNT Wafter hookbaits. He baited up with 8kg of maize each day with the Spomb, and 8kg a day of AS Baits custom TNT boilies with the throwing stick. Craig fished his rods at 20 wraps towards Turtle Corner and 18 wraps towards the first set of logs on the Turtle tree line. What a fantastic session; great angling Craig.


Graham Shaw decided to fish in Turtle Corner and it didn’t disappoint; smashing his PB twice in a week. He landed a 43lb 8oz Common which goes by the name of ‘Polly’, and another 44lb Mirror. These were backed up by a couple of twenties and a double. Graham put out thirty Spombs a day (10 over each rod) fishing all three rods staggered along the left margin. He switched his presentation between Combi and Ronnie rigs.


Brendon Almquest fished in the Poo, and had quite a productive week. He ended up with seven fish, which included three 40’s, one 30 and three 20’s. Brendon was using IQ D-Rigs with Wafter hookbaits, baiting up with 3kg of AS Baits TNT boilies each day, with another kilo put out after each bite. Rods were all fished at 20 wraps towards Turtle Corner.


Simon Greaves fished in Brambles for the week, and had three fish all around the 20lb mark. Ronnie rigs and IQ D-Rigs were the rig of choice, topped with AS Baits TNT Pop-Ups and Wafters. He regularly fed maize and boilie with the Spomb at 22 wraps towards the island.


Martin Shaw found himself in Shingles and had a great week landing seven fish, including a 40, two 30’s, three 20’s and a double. Martin used Combi-rigs with homemade white wafters. He fished three rods on the same spot which was 20 wraps towards the middle of the margins at the left of Turtles. His bating approach was to feed 4kg of boilie and 5kg of maize at the beginning of the week, topped up daily with 1kg of boilie and maize mix.


Andrew Mclean fished in Billy's and we had yet another PB broken, it was all smiles when he landed a 34lb Common on the Sunday! Andrew used IQ D-Rigs with a variety of hookbaits throughout the week; baiting with 1kg of CC Moore Live System boilie over each rod per day. He backed his Common up with a 36lb 8oz grassy which beat his PB yet again! His rods were fished at 18 wraps in front of the overhanging tree, 20 wraps to the left of the overhanging tree and 11 wraps to the right of the swim in the corner.


Ben Roberts fished in Decoy and landed a 21lb grass carp on Thursday night, using Ronnie rigs and IQ D-Rigs. He baited with 20kg of Mainline Hybrid and 10kg of maize throughout the week, fishing at 14 wraps towards the bund and 18 wraps towards the trees on the far bank.


James Kirk fished in Birches and had a 30 early on in the week, using IQ D-Rigs and zigs. He baited with 20kg of Mainline Hybrid and 20kg of maize throughout the week. James fished Mainline I.B Wafters over the top. Rods were fished at 20 wraps towards the 3 sloping trees on the far margin.


It’s been another fantastic week here at Gigantica with plenty of sunshine and good fishing what more could you ask for.


Tight lines.